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My WoW Characters

Or: "Wow Dude...you need a life"

So here they are...the manifestation of my addictive personality. Sure, it's not drugs or alcohol...but still! Anyway, as a brief overview, starting at the top to from left to right...the number in parentheses is their level as of the picture followed by their various aliases.

For those of you wondering about the alterations to the roster and names, the guild I'm with decided that we were no longer a fit for where we were (a casual guild on a hardcore server) so to make the game suck a lot less we transferred to another server. Some of the names were taken, and there was a limit on slots, so...some people have been left off now. I know, how WILL you get to sleep tonight (probably by reading all of this...)?

Linarra (80 Warrior, a.k.a - Linny, Linnypoo, "that bitch") - Linara was the first of my 60s and upon the release of the expansion the first 70 in all of ATF. In Wrath, she fell a bit behind ending up as I believe my 4th 80. A big thanks Madame Reesey and getting Linny's scrub self into content so she's not embarassingly undergeared despite not having been played in forever.

Sylvartalyna (80 Rogue, a.k.a. - Sylvie, "Goddamn alt who's name I can't spell") - Blizzard, apparently, hates melee classes. In the expansion the list of things to royally dick over anything in melee range is quite extensive, yet the ranged classes remain untouched. Adding to this annoyance is that rogues in particular get shafted by the fact that every creature on the face of the earth seems to be able to inflict a "damage over time" ability that effectively prevents her from using the one great benefit to the rogue class: stealth. The release of the T9 sets made me get off my ass and level her (and ok, the fact that at one time she was dual-wielding fish, because that's just frakkin' awesome). Mmmm...boobies.

Cynnabon (80 Warlock, a.k.a - Cynia) - Poor Cynnabon. For the longest time she sat and waited at 40-43, watching not one, not two, but THREE characters (Sylvie, Selly and Eagle) created after she had hit 40 make it to 60. Warlocks just frustrated me. I seemed to have constant downtime for food/drink like a mage, but without the ability to just create some. Stocking up on a stack of water before I went out to do any quests was just horrible and I shelved her for the longest time. One day after Eagleclaw had reached 60 I decided that she'd been put off for long enough and actually did some research on Warlocks. Turns out a lot of the frustration questing and grinding was simply because I was playing the class entirely wrong. I changed out the talent build for one of the "smart" ones and she's had a pretty smooth ascent since then. One day of leveling resulted in her picking up levels 61 to 64, which isn't exactly "easy" in the grand scheme. She's become an enchanting bot because I just can't sit through DPS queues enough to get her geared out like the rest of them. She's gone from being the best geared to the worst geared as a result. :(

Sellicia (80 Paladin, a.k.a. - Selly Belly, Legionaire Sellius Bellius) - Selicia is the triumph of stupidity over logic. If you've never tried to play a paladin, it is best described as a spectator sport for the first 50 or so levels. You don't really do anything other than point the character at the mob, hit a handful of buttons and wait for the end of the fight. Not like other classes where you usually have to DO something every other second. After watching other paladins tank instances with no difficulty whatsoever, I opted to swap her into a tanking role. The release of dual specializations prompted me to combine her previous healing self with the same overpoweredness that is paladin tanking. I immediately dubbed this "goup-whore spec." She's been ATF's main tank whenever we could afford to spare her from healing...tho I'm much better at getting hit than I am keeping people alive. She's our ICC main tank, and one hell of a bitch to kill. Also, she's a redhead which gives her +5 to awesomeness (a trait she shares with any character where that's an option).

Eagletalon (80 Hunter, a.k.a. - Baby Hunter) - Eagle was my second Alliance hunter and as such she did a lot better than my first ones. She got to make the transfer over my original hunter due to the fact that she was alchemist and I had another leatherworker. I wonder how Silver's doing these days...

Savena (80 Priest, a.k.a. - Saavy) - Saavy was the last of the 70s, priests being horribly infuriating to level. It's a tough call between warriors and priests in the early goings. I buckled down and finished her off before the release of Wrath, and dual specs helps a TON. She was dead last in the race to 80, but again those handy welfare epics have her just shy of top-tier content.

Draaci (80 Death Knight) - The release of the latest expansion included the new Death Knight class. Frequent viewers of these collages will remember that Linny and Selly both had sets of the Deathbone gear, so obviously Death Knight was right up my proverbial alley. DKs as a "hero class" actually start at level 55. Since everyone made such fun of me for having the first 70 and the first shaman to 70 in the guild during Burning Crusade I figured starting at 55 would abdicate the first 80 title to someone else, right? Right?! Of course not...as Draaci was the first character in ATF to hit 80. -_- I didn't even play her that hard and I read every quest in Northrend. *sigh* Anyway, she's mainly DPS because squish-tanks are for the loss...but, DPS queue time = 15 minutes, Tank queue times do not exist. Hard to argue with results there, so she has a tank set and spec as well. Looks almost identical too.

Tylista (80 Shaman, a.k.a. - Ty) - Ah Tylista...she's done it all. She was melee DPS, got yelled at for pulling aggro. She was caster DPS, got SCREAMED at for pulling aggro. To quit the bitching of our then normal tanks (you know who you are Dane and Reme), I spec'ed her healer...now everyone bitches because they all die! Sheesh, ya just can't win with some people. Her big claim to fame is when pictures were first circulated, one of my female friends (who's name is being withheld to protect the not-so-innocent...but you can all probably guess if you know which of my friends would make such comments) commented "She's hot...I want to bang her". A good start indeed. She was the third of the 80s, mainly because I needed her jewelcrafting leveled up. She's in this weird sort of limbo where she has ok-ish gear, but can't seem to translate that into performance. Ah well...

Kys (80 Druid, a.k.a. - the dr00dy one, BEAR SMASH) - Since everyone and their mother at one point in ATF had a druid, I figured I was obligated by law to try one. I've not really done much with her other than poke around, but the whole shapeshifting thing is fun. Currently feral, she's spec'ed for mewkitty work (if you know what that means...seek help). With dual specs, she now doubles as a tree as well. She's still working on how to shift into cat AND tree form to use herself as her own scratching post. I gave up on being DPS at 80 because feral DPS requires a college degree and I r not teh smrt enough to keep it going. Druid healing on the other hand...that's for the "One day I'll have my GED...but wait, extended warranty? I can't lose!" crowd. :D /runs away before Reesey kills him

Aderyn (80 Mage) - Aderyn is another one of those characters that fell prey to my dislike of squishes, as she pre-dated both Sylvie and Selly Belly and yet reached 60 well after (think: 8 months or so) than both of them. While mages are kind of annoying with their tendency to die at the drop of a hat (any hat within a six mile radius), watching 3 mages completely wipe out whole groups of mobs inside of an instance designed for five people is really fun. After hitting 70 she was the brokest she's ever been. Couldn't even afford the gryphon flight out of where she was from buying all her fancy doodads and books. Still, when one can carry around a weapon called "The Bringer of Death"...who needs money? She's an arcane mage at 80 because the rotation is 1-1-1, maybe 2 if not 3. Seriously. If you want to be real advanced, you put a macro on button 4 for your cooldowns.

Telanra (80 Warrior) - Taggles asked me nicely (read: threatened my cat) to come play around on her server and hang out with the guild (read: cause havoc) and Krinny of course was more than happy to come over and say "thou" and "forsooth" a lot (read: her drunken escapades are already legendary...guildmate puking his guts up on the bar floor "Is he dead yet? Come on...*nudge with hoof* hurry up"). Haven't really done much since hitting 80 on her and getting the basic gear down. It is fun to cause trouble tho...

Alistara (70 Paladin) - I really just put her here so I can say "See? I have horde characters too..." I am mildly annoyed that she managed to get the "Blue Lightforge" set together without running any given instance more than 4 times. Those of you who have been here before will remember that the shoulders took Sellicia from level 63 to 68 before she finally got them (for the record, that was a disturbing number of Underbog runs...like, I can from memory recite every pull in that damned place...at night, I can still hear the screaming...). I have her on hold for a bit because while she's 70, I want to explore the Horde's Outland content more and I'm just now getting to the parts that are different and not "while your alliance are killing 10 orcs, we want you to kill....10 orcs too...for the same thing".

So that's the "family"...and no, you can't have those minutes of your life back. :P