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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Indeed, back to the once a month posting schedule.

Christmas was ok...except for the annual 12 hours in a car that accompany such things. If there was a way to cut that out entirely, it'd be loverly.

Nothing terribly fantastic for Christmas...I bought myself a new computer technically for Christmas...and got some nice surround sound speakers for it for official X-Mas (What? I have a card that will do 5.1 sound now....). Also a Terrel Owens jersey (now that he's out injured) and a bit of one of those Wireless stereo Apple thingies...

Could have been worse I guess. One thing that couldn't get much worse is the situation with the runt...and the fact that I'm mentioning such things here where I usually avoid talking about anything serious should be an indiciation. Poor timing all around, I suppose.

Bleh, I don't really feel like typing anymore. Hope your holidays were better...mine, from an emotional standpoint, sucked as usual.

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