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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Yes! Finally! An update less than a month in the making!

Damn! Really should have thought this through better to have something to actually post...CURSES!

Just so this is on the record...I HATE testing software. HATE IT. With a passion. You have to install it...then make sure it runs...then make sure most of the big buttons work (you can't check EVERYTHING)...then you have to log in as a "normal" user and do it all over again. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough...if it's an older application I have to reboot the machine into that old operating system and check it there!! GRRRRR! Then I have to type up a form about what works and what doesn't on top of that.

Still waiting for my Pirates Limited Edition to come in...which sucks. I was hoping it'd be here by now and that I'd be able to pick it up and be fat dumb and happy as I plundered the Spanish Main. Not yet! I really like this because rather than 3-4 CDs...they're using a single DVD. Marvelous.

Halo 2 is kind of fun, but it reminds me why I'm glad I play PlanetSide. The number of people on that game who think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread simply because they have a decent amount of skill at a *video game* is really annoying and further evidence that this country needs to support post-natal abortions. With PlanetSide, you need a pretty top-notch computer in addition to a great Internet connection and a monthly fee. To play Halo 2, you need a $149 Xbox, a $50 game and you GET 2 months of online play for free. The video card you need to play PlanetSide costs more...but it has the advantage of keeping the idiot children out. That's not to say trash-talk does not go on in PlanetSide, but it's far less offensive and much easier to shut people up.

Anyway, I should probably do that "work" thing they nominally pay me until next time!

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

I'm sure many of you (I don't know why I say many...I'm probably the only one who reads...but anyway) wonder why my posts take months. It's not like any of them are particularly well-crafted essays on the human condition...or even all that amusing most times. Surely it can't be that hard to create crap?

Well, I'm lazy...and using Firefox means I have to go *into* Greymatter to type. Not something that occurs to me very often...anyway.

Parents have fled from their old house...I believe all their stuff is at the new place, and almost all of my stuff (minus a desk and maybe a few other minor things) are at my house. My house now resembles a warehouse where I cannot even move about inside easily. I have a walkway to the upstairs that allows me easy access to my room, but outside of really good place to be. Hopefully with the long Thanksgiving weekend I'll have a chance to get that put away. Was thinking about making a trip out to see a friend of mine over the holiday...but after thinking about it yesterday afternoon, I've decided it just isn't worth even thinking about anymore. Better to just take care of the house and that way I can have people over...

Other than that...just a bunch of pointless crap that nobody cares about, much as everything about Krinny falls into that category.

Oh, and Halo 2 is pretty neat.

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