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Friday, November 28, 2003

So yes...

Ally should be back soon!! Like, around Tuesday. Yay! It's been not even a week and I already am going nuts about not being able to talk to her until late at night when I'm half-asleep.

Anyway, the only mentionable thing about Thanksgiving was I saw two of my friends I hadn't seen in years and got to try Wonka bars. They're pretty good, actually. Other than that and watching Drumline, there's nothing to talk about in reference to Thursday.

I bought new carpet and vinyl for the house today. I'm slowly beginning the gradual process of thinking of it as "my" house and not "the house" or "my brother's house". The new carpet is much lighter and the new vinyl is very nice as well. I'm less thrilled about the 4,000 dollar price tag on the installation and such, plus the other thousand I'm going to have to shell out soon to get the inside repainted. On the other hand, it's much easier than doing any of that myself and then it will be done professionally, so...such is life.

I'm debating on whether or not to update the appliances in that house. A new washer/dryer, dishwasher and refridgerator would be nice...I mean, everything in the house is perfectly serviceable but, if I were to price new ones out and then build that into the mortgage (like I'm sort of doing with the carpet/repainting), then not only will it not be as noticeable of an increase in bills ($40 a month as opposed to say $150) but the interest will also be tax-deductible. Like I said, it's not *needed*, but given the choices, it would be a good idea. Like I said, I don't know...any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

I guess that's it for now.

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Monday, November 24, 2003

So yeah...

I don't even know where to begin.

The weekend was great...which just makes the after-weekend that much harder. I really didn't want her to leave, even though I knew from the time she got here that she'd eventually have to go back. God, I can't even begin to imagine what it's like for her, I just hope I wasn't a *total* disappointment to her.

I do know that she may not be online for a very long time (potentially...I suppose there's a chance she might be on tonight...I have no idea), which is greatly depressing. Over the years, I've grown used to exchanging at least some form of communication with her daily and now...who knows? It was hard enough trying to get over not talking to my runt friend after getting used to it over the course of a year...and that was just *one* year (not three) and the runt was being quite mean about it, which if anything made it easier to get used to the idea. This sucks horribly though.

And thinking about it just makes me feel selfish...because everything I have going on is almost trivial (at best) in comparison to what she's having to sort through. Like, yeah...I won't be able to talk to her, but the reason that I can't talk to her is *so* much bigger than the trivial matter of not being able to talk to her. I don't know, I guess it's human nature to focus on things you might be able to influence or things that seem more immediate.

Still don't know if/when I'll be buying/moving into my brother's old house. That would ease some of my worries I think, but there's so much to do! New carpet, wall repairs/painting, furniture cleaned. And that's to say nothing about the simple act of *buying* the house. Moving my brother's stuff out (of the upstairs) and moving my stuff in. I shudder to think about how nested everything in my room is. It doesn't *look* like much, but every available inch of that place is jam-packed full of things. It took four days to get the room clean enough for Ally to visit, and it really isn't that clean, it's just better organized into piles. Getting the stuff out of my room and over to the new house...I don't know, it just seems like it's going to be a big project.

Speaking of, work is dragging by slower than usual today. Feels like it should be closer to noon, but it's only 10:40AM currently. I've only been at work for 2 and a half hours roughly and I already want to go home. This sucks.

[Insert long time pause]

Now an hour later...still don't wanna be here. And the irony of this entire exercise is kind of dawning on me. I don't *have* that big of a readership (if they break double digits, I'd be surprised) and most of them aren't the "stop by daily" types...except the one person who actually would if she had an Internet connection. :/

I don't know...I just don't know.

And if you were looking for anything other than pointless whining, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong website.

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Monday, November 17, 2003

So, my weekend was spent mostly cleaning. The sad part of course being that I got next to nothing actually cleaned. So, just so everybody knows: Krinny is a filthy, filthy pig! As I said to Ally it not so much of a cleaning as it was an archaelogical dig. Seriously! Stuff going waaaaaaaaaay back in there. Why was I undertaking an actual cleaning? So that the house isn't completely horrid when aforementioned Ally comes to visit.

She's a silly girl, that Ally. She's is almost in a state of panic about coming up here, and putting way to much pressure on herself. If I've learned anything about relationships (admittedly through observation for the most part, but a few first hand) is that forcing anything is going to cause I'm taking the approach of "have fun, don't worry too much and see what happens!" I know that short of her storming off, I'm going to still be friends with her, even if she is somehow concerned that I'll just toss her aside like used I said, she's kind of silly in things like this.

I suppose it makes sense though. When you're in a rut of bad luck, what else do you expect but more bad luck? I know that I'm prone to that type of thinking, so I don't look down on her for it, I just wish I knew what to do to help her calm down and enjoy herself. I think once she gets here and gets into things and sees how they really are, that she'll settle right down and have fun (well....assuming Krinny is more skilled at activity planning than he is at cleaning). Since I'm not an optimist either, that should tell you all something.

First though, I have to worry about the house not being in the best of states (not that it ever is). While I know Ally doesn't really care about a spic and span house, I do think she'd like someplace to sit, which could be a problem if everyone in the house gathers in one place and the cleaning isn't finished. Blah. Of course, the people I live with don't quite get that while we've never met(Ally and I, that is), we've been friends for over 3 years and piddly crap like how clean the house is really doesn't matter anymore...we're too used to each other for trivial things to be important anymore. 'Sides, I always mention that I am a complete and total slob. *wink*

On the PS front (which I discovered that Ally actually checks the stats page! How about the rest of you???), congratulations go to Draconian for advancing to BR11 and gaining the use of Reinforced Armor and to GreyKnight for breaking the 1400 kills mark (due to the "creative" use of a Lightning landing it on the roof of a base...). Next major milestones will probably be the advancement of SpaceWolf to BR17 and his eclipsing of 1800 kills...Draconian will probably make it to BR12 (for the coveted 2nd Implant slot!) before Thanksgiving and DoomEagle will pound through 1100 kills. I might start playing one of my pilot characters more, I haven't decided. I tend to suck at the bizarre PS flight model (more a 3D ground vehicle than true flight can't invert your aircraft, for instance), so maybe not.

Nothing else of real interest other than the shop watching these two women argue in the parking lot. We were hoping that they'd start like...hitting each other or something, but just a lot of angry gesturing and storming about. Neither of them was particularly much to look at, so it's probably for the best.

I'll see if I can come up with more stuff later, but that's all for now folks!

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Friday, November 14, 2003

So...the tale of two Fridays...

The first 5 hours at work literally FLEW by. I mean like, before you knew it, it was already pushing 1:30 and I hadn't even eaten lunch yet. Then, about 1:45, it started to drag like all hell. Feels like the same amount of time has elapsed and it's only 2:35 (when I started).

This morning was fun though, upgrading the big boss to Windows XP and Office 2003 (btw, if you can get your hands on a copy of Office 2k3, I highly recommend it). This was followed by setting up her Mr. Ulanti, although I named her handheld "Mini-Sue" after her secretary. She got the bells and whistles model, which includes pretty much everything I have gotten for Mr. Ulanti WITH the foldable keyboard.

I must say, this keyboard is an engineering marvel for what it does. They must have locked some guy in a closet for three months and threatened his family to get a product that cool. Granted, a keyboard, in my mind, largely defeats the purpose of a handheld, but then this morning I thought of a use for such a thing. When I'm downstairs painting/playing videogames, I could just hook up the keyboard to an A/C adapter (yes, you can charge your handheld on the keyboard...refer to comment about man locked in closet) and throw in the wireless card and use AIM and MSN Messenger down there without the intrusiveness of a laptop or desktop. Why don't I do this? To date, the wireless signal does a piss-poor job of reaching downstairs, although Windows Mobile 2003 seems to be a bit more robust with such things, so the time for re-evaluation may be upon us.

I also got my toy inventory back up to where it was before Ulanti conked out...143 different records, and I'd be surprised if more than a quarter of my toyz are accounted for in that inventory. How do you spell addict again?

Ummmm....yeah...this entry killed almost 25 minutes....90 to go! If only I could just write three more entries....*sigh* Sadly, my life just ain't that exciting.

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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Well, early start to the day...up at the butt crack of dawn to wish Madame Allyson a safe trip to get her mother deported...or maybe it was a license renewal...I forget, after she told me that her mom was a resident alien I was too busy calling the National Enquirer about the alien baby that I didn't pay attention.

Ulanti has been upgraded to Windows Mobile 2003! Woo! And I really didn't have *too* many problems with the upgrade...probably due to my silly habit of *reading directions* that so many people seem to gloss over. Yeah, had I not read them, I'd have been royally screwed. All is well and good now and most everything works again...yay! It's only slightly different, but much easier to use for all is well. Just wish I'd known that I'd have to completely blast him anyway...would have saved the reload I did two days ago. Bah...

This time next week Ally will be winging her way up here (hopefully). Yay! Of course, that means frenzied cleaning this weekend. Boooooooooooo. Oh well...c'est la vie. Ummmm...yeah, I'm starting to get hungry (at not even sad) so I'm going to like...rummage for food and/or to you later!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Since I always deliver on my promises, we're going to do a bit of fan mail. On the 10th, Ms. Allyson wrote:

"Well I sure would like to know about backyard astronomy. Any quick tips on how to accurately measure azimuth v inclination??

While I'm at it, when's the best time to plant a rose bush?

Best time of the year to visit a Krin??

What about the weather in Hampton during, say, the 20th to 24th??"

So we will now endeavor to answer them.

1) Beats me, check *wink*
2) 9:43AM
3) There really isn't a *bad* time except the holidays, but with enough advance warning, anytime is good.
4) Partly Cloudy, highs in the low sixties...not sure about the tail end of that though.

Keep em comin' folks!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Yeeeeeeeah, since I have to kill about ten minutes, why not hammer out a post?

Mr. Ulanti conked out again...I think there's something wrong with the backup battery, but since I've changed it since the last time it happened, I'll give it one more go before I start calling Dell. Again, at least I get to update my Inventory program, there were some minor bugs I really wanted to fix. I also ordered some more styli, screen protectors, another 256MB Secure Digital card and Windows Mobile 2003. Here's hoping that it doesn't screw up horribly (like 90% of the early adopters found out it did)!

As a PlanetSide war story, I must speak about the fighting last night, as it's a decent example of how PS is great. When I logged in (as Draconian...who broke 400 kills), the New Conglomerate was beginning something of a sneak attack on Forseral, one of the continents directly connected to the central Terran Republic base (also called a "home" continent, a title it shares with Ishundar and Ceryshen, fyi). They were launching an invasion from not only the neighboring contient of Searhus, but also the caverns beneath the surface. Hence, when Draconian arrived on the continent, the NC had captured two bases and had hacked into four more (10 bases on a continent, generally speaking).

Now, Draconian started at the first base linked to the Sanctuary, or Ogma (Map is viewable at This was about ten minutes before the New Conglomerate seized the three linked facilities around it and began an all-out assault on this last major bastion of Republic strength. The combat was intense, there's no other word for it. There were probably over a hundred soldiers on each side fighting in and around Ogma, and that one base probably accounted for 90% of the entire continent's population. There were NC battletanks everywhere, aircraft strafing and bombing things, desperate Republic defenders lobbing every shell they could lay their hands on at the enemy. Essentially, the Terrans battled the NC to a bloody, bloody stalemate, where dozens of soldiers were being killed every second.

This continued for probably the better part of an hour before the tide began to turn. With the NC forces largely concerned with Ogma, forces had dropped in behind the lines and began seizing the western and northern portions of the continent back. The turning point of the entire battle was when TR special forces managed to break into Caer and seize control of the base, restoring Ogma's link to the rest of the continent. In turn, the Terrans now started cranking out *their* battletanks and from that point on, the NC were on the defensive. About two hours of bloody fighting after it had started, the NC invasion of Forseral ended in total failure.

Now, that's not to say Terran invasions always succeed, nor do our defenses, but that's what PlanetSide is about...grand conflict on a massive scale. The stalwart defense of one base allowing a counter-attack to form that secures ultimate victory in the war...classic.

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Monday, November 10, 2003


It's 3PM on Monday you know where your children are?

Hmmmmm....what's new, what's new.

Oh! I might be buying my brother's old house. I stress *might*...but I've seen some fairly good offers out there. There was one where the monthly payment would only be like $550. Sure, it's a 30 year mortgage, but $550 seems better than $750 most days. Still all those fun things you got to figure out with that though. If anybody is a lending expert, please let me know!

Yeah, I'm still not sure about the size of said house, but...on the flip side, it is mostly furnished already and I know the people who are selling it. Plus, it's easier to have people come over to see me then.

Speaking of, one of my dearest friends says she'll be here next week! YAY! Hehe, I'm seriously happy that she's coming up, and even though we're both worrying like the guy in a hospital waiting room about it...I think she's excited about it too. At least, one would assume so since she's actually doing it. I have a whole slew of dorky activities planned, so we'll see how long she sticks around for. *grin*

The PS saga continues, as is indicated on the stats page. Can you tell I'm pushing that? For those frequent readers, you'll notice Draconian is up to Battle Rank (BR) 10 and is in an outfit now (who turns down an invite from WarB1atch?) one and I'm reunited with my beloved reinforced armor! I'm tired of getting pounded to shreds everytime I don't have my tank...which is like, every base defense.

The new Return of the King game is pretty cool, even if I did beat it before the weekend was over. For some reason, I like the games where you're a whirling dervish of death and mayhem. I *love* the Dynasty Warriors series, and that's nothing but "Go over here, hit attack until nobody is moving, go over there, hit attack until nobody is moving, go over there..." I can still play the game for hours on end and not be bored, I just have one of those easily amused minds I suppose.

Um, that's really about it. I'll post more later...especially if someone requests a particular topic... *motions towards comments section at bottom right of the entry*

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Thursday, November 6, 2003

YES! The new PS statistics page WORKS! Now, the only problem with it is I don't know what PlanetSide really counts as a "kill". For people who caught it yesterday, you'll notice that Draconian has 37 more kills than he had yesterday (he's still on his 40 kills a day pace)....however, I *really* don't remember killing that many people...I remember closer to like...25. I do think that PS counts vehicles as one kill, plus another for each occupant (so a two man buggy would be three kills: 1 for the gunner, 1 for the driver, 1 for the buggie itself), which Draconian is much more proficient at taking down. It may also be counting wall turrets...which is something that any intelligent tanker blows up so as to keep them from shooting him. However, they are fairly easy to get under and shell to pieces, so that's kind of a gray area...

Now with SpaceWolf, who went up by 25, I know those are all good, clean infantry kills. Smacked the absolute crap out of some people as a sniper and then knocked off some Surge/Jackhammer nutcases in a facility...guess they don't get that running really fast in a three foot area really doesn't help dodge bullets...more of an outside thing. GreyKnight also saw some limited action, think he killed three...

Got the new Game's Workshop "Return of the King" game...really neat stuff there. I'll try to remember to post pictures of the Warriors of Minas Tirith after I get some painted (look for that about the time RotK comes out on DVD... *wink*). The new video game for Return of the King comes out today, so I might pick that up on my day off.

Speaking of, Happy Birthday to my brother Doug...hope wherever you are that you're having fun! We all miss you, but we'll see you sooner or later...and don't be offended if I'm hoping more for later...I found a site about my brother for those who didn't know him...The page is very nice...and done by his friend "Twinkie"...yes, that is what people call his face. Like I said, very fitting tribute.

That's all for now folks.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2003

As previously advertised...Planetside War Stories!! This page will be linked under "Dissent" for future viewing. I'll also add more characters as playing time warrants (a character I create just to try out the new vehicle or some such probably won't be added...but ones I like playing will be!). Draconian is the new kid on the block, going back to...ummm...Saturday. SpaceWolf was created fairly early on, but really wasn't played until August time frame. DoomEagle was July through August and GreyKnight is from May 21st (the day after launch) through July when the outfit kind of disappeared. Now I log in about once every couple of months just to see.

Yeah...not my most productive day. The big boss wanted to discuss handhelds such as the talented Mr. Ulanti, so I spent a few hours going over the pluses and minuses of the various things. Then the boss decided she was hungry and offered to take me and the secratary out to, you don't question that, you just go! So, after that, I add a trusted site to a laptop's Internet Explorer and send an email. That summarizes my work from 8AM to 2PM...and I'll be off tomorrow and the next day and then all weekend (tomorrow would have been my brother's 30th...for those who don't know :/).

I do hate the sucks. It should *not* be 71 degrees forecasted for November 13th...just, not right. I demand my money back.

Anyway, just wanted to show off my new toy...carry on.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Well...I *meant* to type this Monday, but that day went by shockingly fast. Not that I'm complaining, because some days lately have been dragging so slowly...

I look like...ultra-productive right now. Currently on my desk is a router (Cisco 3640), three iBooks, a Dell Latitude C610 and a Latitude C840. It's all a clever illusion though! Mwahahahaha.

Actually, this Open Directory stuff, which accounts for the router and iBooks, is really starting to tick me off. Windows is much simpler...nuff said. The C610 is our "golden" Oracle image from last year that I'm updating for cloning and distribution to students later this month. The 840? That's my normal laptop. If I really wanted to, I could add a Powerbook G4 (the 12" variety) to the mix as well. Truly, the amount of technology that is being wasted right now is astonishing. Plus, I think I'll actually need a few C610s before long, oh the mirth.

Ugh, it must have been really warm last night, because I know I didn't get to sleep until at least 5AM...I have no recollection of falling asleep, but that's normal, isn't it? Now, staying up till 5AM may be ok for certain unmentioned Allys but not so much when you have to be awake at 7AM. Plus, I'm supposed to be speaking to a class at my old high school. Joyous. I'm a motivational speaker already...isn't that like a passage into a whole other phase of life?

Started a new character on PlanetSide over the weekend....more for aggression venting than anything else. Plus, I wanted to have a vehicle driver, something I don't have in my other characters, who are infantry to the core. Since I promised boring PS minutae, here we go. There are four armor classes in PS: Standard, Agile, Reinforced and MAX. Standards and Agiles can pilot any vehicle, while reinforceds are limited to open topped vehicles (like buggies and ATVs). My favorite vehicle since Beta has always been the Lightning though, as it's one of the few vehicles that has effective weaponry that's one man only. The big battle tanks are two and three man operations...and I hate having my success limited to the ability of the guy in the turret to shoot straight (which is evidently a rare skill). After a few abortive attempts with the tank's use...I think I've got the tactics fairly well established. Last night was quite the fight, and I think the only times I got killed was when I'd get ambushed by gunships or if a whole mess of infantry swarmed towards me with decimators. Not much you can do there since you're in a light tank.

How effective has Krinny been? Well, I created this character Saturday night, only played him a bit then...and then a decent amount of time Sunday and a lot last night....3 days, 121 confirmed enemy kills. Not a bad ratio. SpaceWolf, who is on the same server, has been actively played since....August or so? We'll say 90 days. In 90 days, SpaceWolf has accounted for 1744. Do the math and currently Draconian (the Lightning driver) is on a pace for twice the kills. I do believe I've figured something out. *grin* Plus, there *is* that god-like feeling as you gun infantry down with a 75mm cannon...well, god-like until you see a Vanguard and you're running as fast as your little treads will carry you from that monster 120mm, then you feel more like a scared little girl. *wink*

Yes yes, there are tons more serious things going on right now...but as sleep-deprived as my mind is, I'm happy to remember where I work right now. Maybe more later...after sleeping....

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