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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

OMG! THREE posts in two days! The apocalypse is upon us!

Really, I'm just bored as all hell watching the blue line go across the screen. Today marks the beginning of our grand Directory Services experiment, so I'm installing Panther on 3 iBooks and seeing how it goes. I also have the router with which to connect them all on "different" subnets...well, different logical subnets, they'll be on the same physical network.

Running on little sleep, but that's ok! Adrenaline and all that. Can't wait for lunch! Mmmmm....lunch...

Mr. Ulanti had an unfortunate accident this morning...apparently his backup battery is bad and lost most of the information stored on him during a battery switch. This is only a minor setback though, as I'm psychotic about syncing him up, so the situation will be resolved within 10 minutes of me getting home. None of the files were lost, and I got a whole bunch of programs that I'd been meaning to take off taken off, so not an all around bad thing.

Anyway, Core Combat is *officially* released now, so this should be interesting! But for the time being, I give you....ZOMBOCOM!

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Monday, October 27, 2003

Almost forgot, J of our illustrious shop techs, is now engaged. Now, here's a question for you...should he keep his current name and be Mr. Farries or take his girlfriend's name and be "Mr. Steele". I think he should go for her name, I mean...Mr. Steele, that's pretty cool.

T-Diddy's little brother also started working today. With his addition to the shop, there are now two unmarried people that work in here. Him and me. *sigh*

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Even though it's almost noon (when I started it was anyway), I'm still tired like it's 8AM. I guess that's what no coffee/little restful sleep will do to you. This week promises to be exciting, let me tell you...

First, I need to clean off my desk which since Friday has taken on the appearance of a warzone, and not the winning side. Thrilling! It's mostly paperwork that I need to organize and file, so you KNOW that's going to be a non-stop thrillfest. I think the only event to rival this will be the great Wallpaper Peel-a-thon of 2001!

Second, I have to get started on designing our "cross-platform directory services integration"...God, isn't that a scary amount of IT terms? But seriously, that's what I'm doing...a mammoth project that we hope to be in a position to put into the field by August of 2004...yeah, can we say long-term? I do get to appropriate three laptops (and a router!) to sit on my desk and be "servers" I'll LOOK like I'm really busy...

Thirdly, Core Combat is released Tuesday (or today...we'll have to see) so that will add a new dimension to PlanetSide. I don't know why, but I find this game oddly comforting to play...something about rampant mayhem and destruction, or maybe just the ability to be in control for once? Who knows...I do know that I am one of the damned best snipers the Terran Republic has on Emerald...ph33r krinn4y...he r00lz j00. I always mean to put war stories up here, but then I they'd only be interesting to me I suppose...

Fourthly, Apple is coming in tomorrow to take us to lunch...yay. Chesapeake Bay Burgers...they're yummy. Plus, free food is always welcome.

That's about the only stuff I know about going on...everything else is kind of "blah" right now. I normally try to avoid talking about my friends since I don't know what they do and don't want shared with the general viewing public, so I tend to err on the side of caution. However, the situation on the female front is one that can be likened to that of the Korean War....lots of fighting, lots of to no progress in any direction (remember, the Korean war lasted for four years, and the line that the war ended at after thousands of deaths and suffering? The exact same as where they started). Really puzzling as to what to do...and I know that my lack of a firm desicion is causing consternation among many. I don't WANT to be difficult, but I'd hate to be the reason why anyone ends up in a bad situation.

Wish I could say I'm just blowing things out of proportion in my mind, but anymore I think if anything, I'm down playing things. Anyway, I have a very messy desk and three laptops to set I'll post more later.

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

There was a song that accurately describes how I feel at this moment...and I was going to let that be my Ally-esque post but now I can't find the lyrics and my neck hurts from playing too much PS so I don't really feel like typing them in by hand.

Again, boring week. No plans for the weekend, par for the course, as they say. Hell, it may be a boring life, but at least I'm almost content with it...almost.

In more interesting news, Dell Axim X5s are now $300, not $325. That's more interesting than anything I ever do, so go get one and play with it.

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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Wow...updated Tuesday...I seriously don't remember that...thought I did that like...Monday or Sunday night. Senility is a terrible thing.

We roasted my boss Friday for his 50th birthday, that was great fun. Continued a running gag started at the roast we had for another person's 50th at the beginning of the month. At that one, a retired member of the staff stood up and was talking about the early days when they'd been working here and how they didn't remember "all these young men working here" to which the director of the department stood up and said "I didn't do it! hires all the young men!" and J Fair made the comment to those immediately around him "So you're saying likes young boys?"

So of course, at his proper roast, I start my story with "My first experience with him was as a young boy..." (which isn't true, I was actually hired by our current Assisstant Superintendent, a woman). It was great fun and the priceless quote that came out of it was: "So, it takes a woman on her knees to get your attention?" All I have to say is, yes...that'd get my attention!

My outing today was most successful (a welcome change from recent outings that took three and four attempts to get done). I got gas, money and Kasrkin models in one fell swoop, not used to being that productive. And the Roasted Chicken salads at Wawa are yummy.

Happy Birthday to Chris "Fort" Fortier tomorrow, which is also Yorktown Day for those of you who bother to know US history. This actually is a more important day than the 4th of July, for without Yorktown the events of July 4th would be interesting footnotes in history, not anything of importance. For those who don't know, it's the day that Cornwallis surrendered most of the British forces in America to General Washington, the event that effectively marked the end of the Revolutionary War. This has been your interesting fact for the day.

Oh, PS has some really cool movies out, but they're so huge it's hard to download. The "Shadows of Auraxis" series promised from Malvision looks quite promising as it's shot entirely with in-game footage. For those who always wondered what Planetside was like and why I play it so much, download the Shadows of Auraxis trailer (it's a 12MB Windows Media file...and you'll have to register to download, but it's free) and watch it. Super cool. If you have broadband and can download 106MBs, go to Planetside Universe and get the Sturmgrenadier Training Video. That one is about 7 minutes and shows the aforementioned New Conglomerate outfit attacking a Vanu Sovereignty base. It also has a pretty cool soundtrack with such notables as Ozzy, Evanescence and RATM.

Carry on Citizens, carry on...

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Again, I lead a boring life. All I can say is that wireless networking is fun.

NCAA 2004 for Xbox is worth the investment. Go get it.

I've spent almost $30 on paintbrushes in the past week. Hopefully when I have more energy I will get going on that.

Sunday I purchased a USB headset...little more than I wanted to spend, but I was so ecstatic about finding one of the damned things I bought it anyway. Due to my incredible genius, it functions exactly like I wanted it to, as a "helmet mic" for Planetside while the major sounds of the game are through the speakers (meaning the only thing RIGHT in my ear is my teammates). Also works in There, though I don't think I'll use it much there....some real strange people with ursine derived SNs hang out there...

Anyway, I'll post more later, but three tests in Cisco class have fried what was left of my brain.

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Friday, October 10, 2003

So yes, a new post. Why? I don't know...I mean, it's not like I'm obligated to post...I obviously don't care about traffic since I don't, you know...offer anything useful here. I guess this is more just a vehicle for my own laziness...a cheap cop out to the inevitable question "So what's going on with you?" Now all I have to say is "Go check the website." Marvelously simple.

A lot of stuff has gone on recently, but the majority of it is work-related and, as a consequence, incredibly boring to anyone who's not in IT. Verizon took us out to lunch on Wednesday, and I do enjoy eating at the Surfrider (both for the food and the...ummm....well, serving wenches is a bit undignified, so waitresses will do). Truth be told, if any of you guys were to come visit, I might have to take you there...the Cheasepeake Bay Burger is the best (unless of course, you don't like quality crab cakes atop a which case for shaaaaaame). Only downside to the place is there's no sound dampening, so it's REALLY LOUD. But did I mention I love Vendor Visit Days? Think I might have also wesealed a celluar card for one Mr. Ulanti to "try out" and see if it's something worth investing in. *wink*

If you didn't figure out from the cryptic reference in my last post, I have acquired Cadian Heavy Weapons teams. They're evidently a very hot item as World's Best has none (and they had other things released at the same time, so I'm inclined to say they had them at one point) and I know I personally bought 2/3s of Jersey's stock in such items. The kit is a modellers dream as it gives you fifteen heavy weapons. The catch? They only give you six crew members (need two per weapon technically) and three tripods and three bipods (different ones used for different weapons).

The Krinny el cheapo solution? The missile launchers (hehehe, funny a game it's said you're supposed to call them rocket launchers...if you say missile launcher then 9 times out of 10 you'll miss, as missile contains the word "miss"...rockets always hit ) look fine if you attach them to a standing Cadian soldier. I'm still working out how to make the one guy hold the *ridiculously* oversized missile and his own lasgun without looking TOO stupid. I also plan to get some Forgeworld Mortar bunkers and try to combine them with some normal troopers. Of course, I may decide mortars are completely useless and not waste the time on them, well just have to see. So far as the other weapons go, they'll help make some cool terrain if I ever reach that point.

One of my brother's friends is coming home this weekend, so maybe I'll have someone to go out and have dinner with...or at least someone "in the flesh" around, which would be a nice change. Most of my friends (even ones from high school and college) all live hours away and coordinating schedules is a pain in the ass. The people I miss the most are naturally those who are farthest away, but c'est la vie.

I'm looking over more ways to blow money, so I'll let you people get back to your business now.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2003



This weekend wasn't very restful as we drove up to PA for my grandmother's 75th birthday. That wasn't a bad thing, but spending 1/4 of one's weekend in a car is kind of...sucky. I then had my model clippers in my jacket which I promptly left at work the next day...d'oh!

Useless fact of the day: it takes a half an hour to strip a Cadian Heavy Weapons team box from unassembled to empty sprues.

I might post more later, but that's all for now kiddos...

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Thursday, October 2, 2003

Ah...where to start, where to start...

Yes, it's been a week since I I so often say: deal with it. If you people paid me better, I might post more regularly (though I guarantee you that you would all be horribly, horribly least more so than you are now at any rate).

Work has been kind of...meh. Thanks to various and sundry reasons, the guys who have taken over day to day support of Windows have fallen massively behind where they would like to be, and the vast majority of the blame actually rests on other people who decided they knew how to do things better and left us to clean it up. Still, since they don't realize that such things really aren't my job anymore (the work in my current position keeps me occupied) I get to hear about it. Ah well, I just try to shield the guys (who are busting absolute ASS) from the whining.

Cisco class is finally winding down, as I think we only have a chapter or two remaining. Ended my slump of 70s and 80s with a resounding perfect score yesterday (closest score was 81). We have another week of that class thanks to Isabell...woo.

Speaking of, 12 month employees of the school system make out like freakin' bandits! The kids and teachers need to make up 6 days of school...and the dates they picked were all days that 12 monthers had to work anyway, so there's no loss to us. AND for those who were at work while schools were closed, there's supposedly going to be more money involved...yay!

I also got a new, an actual desk, not a glorified workbench. This will look nice in the office I suppose I will someday have. You know you've made it when you have a I'm a desk jockey! Yay! It is really cool though and I have a place to tack things all you girls send me pictures! Preferably of you looking good in some sort of wholesome situation! (Note this is one of the few times I don't ask for scandalous take advantage of it!)

And we should also have Cadian Officers and Heavy Weapons teams out today....yay! Off to go blow insane amounts of money! *grin* Yes, I'm an addict...but at least I have something to show for it!

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