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Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm bored. Now, this in itself is not a news flash, but it's rare that I'm bored to the point of activity (such as blogging). So, I guess I'll jot down random thoughts on various least then it appears like I'm bring productive.

First off, the Obsession Page has been updated. Lot of big numbers there now.

I saw in iTunes that Evanescence has a new album slated for release on Tuesday. I've always liked this group, because they actually understand what "gothic" means. For those who don't know, "gothic" is not dressing in all black and talking about how sucky your life is and how nobody understands your pain. That's more like "emo" and the meeting for that is located just off the ledge of the nearest tall building. Gothic is about big, grandiose things...a strong rooting in the supernatural and other things beyond human understanding as well as a smidge of the universal human theme of suffering and longing (because you can't be human without experiencing that in your life...sorry). Their first album was very much gothic harkened back to the actual Gothic era where humanity was in that turbulent transition between the fear and deprivation of the Dark Ages and the upcoming enlightenment and progress of the Renaissance and I much enjoyed their music. New albums are always a mixed bag for me...oftentimes as the band refines their "sound" they move away from what made them great in the first place, in my opinion. They go down a little cul-de-sac and fizzle out...or they produce music that sounds exactly the same as their first album and people are like "so what?" and they fizzle out. Makes me appreciate the two-edged sword that is new albums and makes me glad my own life is devoid of such pitfalls.

The new Dawn of War expansion hits stores on the 9th, and I'm hoping that a store in the area actually bothers to order a copy of this one rather than telling me "Oh...well, we don't order PC games anymore unless there's pre-orders". I really really really hate ordering from the stores, mainly because I either have to go to the store twice to pre-order it then pick it up, or I go online to then have to go to the store and in my mind...the whole point of going online is to save the gas to go to the store...BUT, if you don't pick it up in the store, you pay extra for shipping AND get your game later since they send it by bulk "we don't care if it gets there" rate. Seriously, I don't know who's in charge of distribution for Electronigamestocolandagges (since most video game stores are now owned by the same company)...but they need to be fired. It's obtuse little systems like that which ensure digital distribution is going to become more and more common and more or less remove the need for the store in the long term. Traditional business can only beat online ones by offering *more* services tailored to the customer. Fail that, and your company is doomed to defeat. If PC games go to the full-digital model, you can beat that console games won't be that far behind. After that...what would that store have to sell?

Yeah, I have way too much time to think about pointless crap I know...but that's what happens when you're unattached. You have nothing if not time...and money apparently. Somehow that balance keeps creeping up, and I look around my house and it certainly isn't because I don't buy stupid crap. Only conclusion I'm left with...

In other news, my memory absolutely sucks lately. Part of the reason there's no new blogs is that I never remember what the hell is going on. Serioiusly. I came into work Monday and could not remember a damned thing I did Friday. Ditto on Tuesday with regards to Monday. I mean, I must be doing SOMETHING because nobody is yelling at me to do anything...but for the life of me I can't recall what it is.

Oh, how'd my birthday go? It was very quiet. My mother had classes on the day of, so they didn't take me out to my birthday dinner till the following Sunday...which was fine. I'd prefer a delayed day of dinner to eating at 8PM at night at the earliest. My gifts consisted of....a self-cleaning litter box. Granted, cleaning Nimmy's litterbox is a chore I despise and avoid, so this is a very practical gift...but it still doesn't quite have the ring to it of "hey, I got a new computer!" or "I bought a new outfit!"...nope..."I got a litterbox! yeah!" Still, all perceptions aside it is pretty handy and it makes yon kitty it's all good I suppose. I'm a pain in the ass to buy gifts for because anything fun that I'd want, I already have. Damn my sense of instant gratification!

Anyway, I'm going to go see if I feel like driving to the toy store to pick up some Night Goblins. They're short, mean, sneaky and insist on dressing in robes. Granted, black robes instead of red ones...but for some odd reason I can't help thinking they remind me of someone I know.....................

On that note, I don't know when I'll be posting again...but hopefully before October 13th when I leave to attend my (younger) cousin's wedding.

Sigh...getting old.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Was doing well for a bit, and then the summer hell kicked in, as expected.

The transition of our eLearning system could certainly have gone better. Unfortunately, it's one of those "out of our hands" my focus has been ways to work around these problems. Really sucks that we're into crunch time as the server with all our content currently won't exist after September and we don't really have a lot of stuff over. More news as it happens there...

Brazil was quite nice, though it is a bit different seeing the country with someone who lives there. As a family visit it was quite lovely, though as a vacation it was a bit odd. I mean, it's nice to go to just places that are nice and good and such, but at the same time if EVERYTHING is great, it starts to lose it's charm. Kind of like that Twilight Zone where the guy gets everything he wants. Still, given that the bad things in Brazil can result in you getting robbed and/or killed, I'll stick with the "everything's great!" itinerary we enjoyed.

Anyway, I'll edit this and add more later and copy it over to MySpace, but my amusement is to follow...

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