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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Yay! Power has been restored as of yesterday at about 12:30PM. This news is somewhat tempered by the realization that I'm either having an extreme allergic reaction, or am coming down with a cold....something that makes my nose hurt and run a lot at any rate.

Not a major issue, except I'm supposed to be giving the "State of the Network" address later today at a principals meeting...sniffling just won't do! Bah, stupid nose... other news, went by World's Best yesterday...they had no power, but the plucky bastards were still open! Sadly the things I'm most interested in will not be in stores till next week evidently. Ah well, c'est la vie...anyone wanting to contriubute to the "Buy Krinny Cadian Heavy Weapons Teams" fund should contact me. :) We accept PayPal!

Other than that...not much going on...just gonna put my head down and hope my nose settles down...

Oh, news flash: Allyson Garrick is a gigantic dork.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003 is now into Day 6 of the no-power situation. Granted, it has *just* started Day 6, but the fact that Krinny-kins is beginning to push the week barrier on being in the dark kind of sucks. Dominion appears to be making headway in the grand scheme, but I don't care about the grand scheme...I care about my house!!

To be fair, the number this time yesterday was about 328,000 out in Tidewater, down to about 279,000...that's a lot of thousands. Of course, I'm not ONE of those, but life goes on I suppose.

About half the schools are up now according to my capable assistant, Mr. Ulanti, who has removed the burden of thinking from me (that's a heavy burden you know). At a glance I know when we learned of a school having power and what the state of networks and servers are. Most excellent. Schools are still closed tomorrow, so we're probably going to be closed for the week. I doubt they'll have enough places open on Thursday and even if they are all open on Friday, what's the point? Of course...knowing that something is stupid is a sure fire way to get our city to do it...but it's half our high schools, a third of our middle schools and about two-thirds of our elementary schools are still down. Not the greatest numbers in the world, but a sight better than one high school, a middle school and an elementary...

I also get to feel demi-important as I'm kind of the hub for all this recovery work. I keep the upper bosses informed while coordinating our efforts with those of the Maintenance department and tracking what has and hasn't been done. In a few cases, we've known a school had it's power restored before the Maintenance department, that's how good our flow of information is... *wink*

I'm kind of stuck here until the people upstairs go home, but there's tons of homemade sushi here courtesy of P-Cho's (apparently very bored) wife as well as A/C and lights, so I'm in no hurry either. I don't get paid extra for being here, but they said should I need to take a few hours or day off here and there for various reasons, then it was fine.

Yeah, it's all good till the work day ends....kind of a topsy-turvy situation...anyway, until tomorrow! (or tonight if Dominion figures out how to plug us back in...but I doubt they will)

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Monday, September 22, 2003


Dominion said our power would be restored at 11PM last night....LIES!! All of it!! Wouldn't be so horribly annoying if our NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS didn't have power....but they DO!! We will simply have to kill them.....and move into their house....they probably have nicer things anyway.....don't worry...we kills the means hobbitss......preciousssssssssssssssss.....

Anyway, I'm at work and somewhat enjoying it....being around such long-forgotten things as LIGHTS and AIR CONDITIONING (sort of...main building is off...server room is a nice 64 degrees) and FANS (god have I missed fans...). Listening to music on the car ride in was nice as I get to feel what high speed internet is like again...I won't elaborate on that further for those of our readership stuck with the dialing of the up.

This past weekend, obviously, has been the extreme suck. I think the nights are the worst, as the humidity just makes everything feel you're wrapping a wet towel around you instead of a sheet. That and the fact that your day is effectively over at 8PM as you can't see a damned thing until 7AM. Except those bastards...flauting their powered homes....I hate them so much....

No idea when they will actually restore power to my house...hoping today...but that's been the case for the past four days (roughly). Maybe they meant 11AM-ish *hope*hope*

I must say though, Mr. Ulanti has been Mr. Johnny-on-the-fucking-spot...I mean, I know they're assistants but DAMN, this fucker has been doing everything you can think of....well, short of the services that say an Ally-type figure would provide (no...not those you sickos...well...she can do those too, but that's not what I was referring to *wink*). Alarm clock, flashlight, entertainment, hurricane recovery, you name it and this boy has probably done it. You need to go get yourself one of these things....go! now! must!

Speaking of Ally, sorry about Friday night...the guy at Verizon who was on the bike-powered generator must have fallen asleep, because our phones didn't come back until almost 9AM the next day and then were off and on until Sunday. Didn't MEAN to hang up on you, but Verizon had other thoughts in mind.

Ummm...if I think of anything else, I'll let ya summarize: no power....much the suck...sorry Ally...Ulanti r0xz...

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Friday, September 19, 2003

So, yes...Krinny managed to survive the storm...wee.

What failed to survive the storm was the power lines, as they are currently pinned under some very large trees. Dominion power has not yet seen fit to remove said trees, so I don't know when they plan on restoring power to this area. Until then, all I have is my laptop and dial-up...ugh. I truly pity those who are stuck with dial-up as a way of life. Yeah, it's great for emergencies...but it's not for everyday use. Kinda like Sterno...

Obviously, not knowing when I'll be able to recharge the batteries, I probably won't be on much until power is restored. But I know everyone who reads this site was worried (except Ally, who couldn't care less if I live or die...j/k! <3 <3), so I figured I'd say "Yes! I survived the storm! No! I don't know when I'll be back!"

Given the above and the widespread damage, my birthday has been kind of a let down. I'll hopefully make it up with an appropriately sized spending spree at World's Best in the near future. I believe this coming week is when the Cadian Heavy Weapons Teams and Officers come out....

Anyway, I'll talk to you all later...feel free to call Dominion power and scream "YOU GET KRINNY'S POWER BACK ON RIGHT NOW!!" Of course, they'll have no idea what the hell you're talking about, which will make it entertaining for me. See you soon (I hope)!

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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Ok folks, here's the straight skinny:

Isabell is supposed to hit here in full force this evening. The weatherpeople are predicting that in the early going this area will see category I wind levels, which normally would just be fine, except our ground is so saturated with water right now, the trees are just waiting to fall over. In fact, the leading elements of the storm (which moved in yesterday afternoon) have already brought down on tree on top of a guys house camper and his house. Of course, that was on the Southside...and they're all pansies anyway. As one of our techs quipped, "If someone spits in Norfolk it floods."

We have four large trees in our yards, but hopefully the wind from the south will be blocked by the 100+ foot high landfill (bout time it did something useful) and the wind from the east will....well...blow them east, which is paralell to our house. Sucks to be the neighbors though. Our neighbors to the east have no large trees.

If past storms are any indication, power will be knocked out (that's not a probably, just a question of when and for how long). The last hurricane that came through knocked it out for the better part of a day, but that was a hurricane hitting within two weeks of another I don't know what's going to happen with this one. The storm should hopefully move out tonight, but I've told most of you to not worry unless you hear nothing from me by Sunday. Check comments to see if someone has heard from me after Sunday (assuming there's no journal entry)!

And, of course....Happy (Day Early) Birthday to me...hopefully I'll talk to you all soon.

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Monday, September 15, 2003

Isbella's coming more or less directly over my house according to the latest yeah, that's gonna suck! Don't know if the city is going to tell people they have to leave or that'll be a fun scene of chaos.

I dunno, I don't want to stay in the path of a hurricane, but I'm not sure where the hell I can go. Most of the places I can think of are almost as bad as staying put. I'm also worried about my toyz....dont' want them ending up in the Atlantic...they're damned expensive (read: Ally's car didn't cost that much...and her car wasn't cheap).

I guess if they don't make us leave, I won't...but still, if you people don't hear from me in a couple weeks....ummmm....try to come see if I'm dead or something. That's all I can think about to write about....sooo...yeah! Great Birthday present God! Real nice! Meh...hopefully the storm will just go off to sea...or hit Georgia...either of those are fine. hehehe.

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Friday, September 12, 2003

So yes...busy busy busy...

So much so, I've decided to stop and spend a few moments with you, my loyal readers. Yes, we here at appreciate the time you spend here, and the effort it takes to read these words (or have them read to you, in the case of our SC readership). We would just like to take this time to say "Thank you, for not doing any of the three million other things you could be doing that are probably more important".

So anyway, yesterday was a big day as we (the guys in the Cisco class) finally got a football. I've been saying since we started going to this class (this time last year) that we needed a football and we needed to throw it around before class. Took a year, but I finally convinced the other guys to agree. So I now have a Spalding Infusion football...which is cool because it's one of those dealies where the pump is IN the ball...neat! However, I seem to have done something odd to my left knee, as it no longer wants to really support weight. I can only think of maybe I landed funny jumping up to catch a pass...but the world, may never know. is fairly boring as one would expect being a computer tech. If you don't know that much about the inner workings of a computer, it's quite boring actually. Suffice to say I'm working on some 802.11b stuff (wireless networking to you normal people) and hopefully will be working on Voice-over-IP soon. That I think will be neat. I want to branch out because doing the same thing over and over and over again gets kind of boring. I'm also supposed to talk to the kids at the high school I went to about careers in IT sometime soon as well. That should be...interesting, if for no other reason than to get out of work for half a day.

Some neat toyz are out...might have to pick that stuff up today after work. The General's Compendium looks like a really neat sourcebook, and I love books. There's also some Tau Pathfinders with Rail Rifles...nothing beats enourmous guns held by little guys. I still love the description on eBayer put on his description of a Tau Broadside Suit (they have the larger rail guns...) and said "Guaranteed to make your opponent question his manhood". The big hit is going to be in the next few months as all the Cadian stuff is released. Can't wait!

So that more or less summarizes things for the moment, I'll keep you posted on any new developments.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Busy as all hell, sums it up nicely.

However, in the course of some conversations with friends, I've managed to update the hobby section of this website (only took months...). It's under the =I= at the left. Not promising the fonts all look the way they're supposed to, but the pages are there. If you find something amiss or don't like it, please fire off an email to our Official Complaint Department. They will be more than happy to help you.

Carry on...

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Sunday, September 7, 2003

Ok...nothing of any true interest happened except for one little tidbit...

I know some of the readers of this site put some special significance on dreams. This morning, as some are aware, I did not sleep well...waking up a couple of times with a general feeling of severe sadness and being upset. I normally associate this with nightmares, but I normally don't have them. Basically, the dream involved me and someone who is not well loved by the readers here (well, other than me). We were wandering around some building during a storm, and there was just a feeling that there was something bad going on...though I never really figured out what.

I woke up to be safely in my room...but it just left me with an odd feeling. Well, in conversation later that day, I found out that the person in my dream was in a severe state of emotional distress. Now, I'm not going to go into why she was upset (mainly due to the major idiot in her life...and no, not me for once), but I do find it incredibly...creepy...that I had these bad dreams about her at the same time. For those who put anything special on that, that's a very strange bond...and one that causes me a bit of concern. Here's hoping it's just coincidence.

As I said, that's the only interesting thing going on...

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Saturday, September 6, 2003

Despite comments from the peanut gallery, the blog will go on. We've also dispatched some jack-booted stormtroopers to keep the peace in the aforementioned peanut gallery.

The saga of the A/C appears to be over. Why? Well, mainly because they replaced EVERY SINGLE piece of the A/C system...kind of makes it impossible for it to not work unless they missed something a tennis ball in the hose or something. The final bill ended up being like half of what I paid for the car in the first place, but it really became one of those equations where putting more money in was dumb, but going 3/4 of the way and then stopping was even dumber. At least it works and I console myself that not having to pay for labor probably saved me $500+ (yes, it took them that long to get the damned thing fixed). The antenna mast was replaced, but the motor isn't 100% so it doesn't go all the way down still...but it goes further down, so now all the segments are in one place...not perfect, but you have to try a hell of a lot harder to break six segments than you do to break one.

Let's see...what else, what else...I'm working on a new hobby page to go up here, nothing terribly exciting. Got some new shelves out in the hall so I moved a lot of toy boxes out there, enabling me to actually see the floor in my room now. Got some more toyz primered and started work on the rest of the platoon of Cadians.

Only 12 more shopping days till my birthday! Go out and get me something nice! I highly recommend going here for all your Krinny-present needs. The only one exempted from this is Ally, since everyday I talk to her feels like a present. Yeah...that should get me out of a bit of trouble in the future...or at least make her forget that I still haven't sent her present to her... *wink*

I could tell more boring work stories, but I have a feeling I bore you people enough, so today you get a reprieve...carry on.

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Yeah, I know I don't update as often as you like...oh well, it's my can go get your own site...or design a new layout for yours if you have one.

So yeah, first week of the kids back in school. Wee...damned little monsters. I'm trying to move further and further away from being the main Windows support guy as I really want to get into making other things work. Right now there's a big debate on the Macintosh side of the house on whether or not to allow teachers control over the city laptops (and desktops) they're issued for work use. Long, boring debate for those not into technology, so ask me if you really want to know.

Yeah, I'm I'm not typing anything!

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