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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Well, it means hello and fits.

I know it's been forever ago since I posted...remember what I said about the summer sucking last time? Anywho, just to catch folks up...

Around Memorial Day, my air conditioner's drain pipe sprung a leak, and of course water ended up everywhere. However, this was largely not detectable since my A/C is up in the attic, and a cool house with no strange noises is not exactly a prompt for me to go check on the A/C unit. So of course by the time it manifests itself, all sorts of wall and ceiling junk has gotten wet/damaged. Yay... -_- Fortunately, I pay insurance for a reason, and after a bit of lengthy delay in reviewing my claim, they sent the check promptly. Repairs should be carried out sometime in the next um...yay for that?

At work, things have not sucked as bad as I thought they would...but then again I'm a pessimist...they've still sucked rather well. I've not been drawn into other people's projects as much as I'd feared I might be, but my own have kept me busy enough. Still, it's far from the worst summer I've spent there.

In WoW-related news, the Paladin (termed by fellow guildmates as "SuperPally") reached the lofty rank of 60 about a month or so ago. The trek from 53 to 60 taking...all of a week. Yeah, think I'm getting rather good at that stretch. Now my only problem is which character to work on next. Ah well...c'est la vie. At least I'm not bored yet I suppose.

And now that I've made this brief return, I'm off again! Spending the next 10 days or so visiting my brother down in Rio de Janiero. Should be fun, but then again I'm not someone who really "vacations" well. I inevitably end up bored and just wanting to go home or things go by way too fast. Hopefully this will strike a happy medium. As an added bonus, I'll come home to my house being if by magic pixies.

Anyway, I'm off to finish packing up and heading out. And no, you can't come...the runt ruined it for everyone!

Aloha! Though I might be on from time to time down there...not sure what the Internet situation might be.

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