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Thursday, July 14, 2005

So...been a while, eh?

Well, I figured I'd try a new trend...I wouldn't post until I had something positive to talk about. So, you see about how often really good things happen to Krinny.

Anywho, just got back from my Canananananadian adventure in the Charlottes. A "business trip" that comprised about 30 some odd hours worth of fishing. Rough, rough trip. That's actually not sarcasm, it was rough. Hitting waves in a 20 foot Boston Whaler that's going about 40 knots = not fun for one's knees. Especially as bad off as mine are. Couldn't go out on Monday morning, they just hurt way too much. Plus I'd already caught my limit on salmon, so the only thing left was pulling up halibut from the ocean floor (on a single-action reel...blah). I brought back about 60 pounds of salmon meat, plus got some really cool pictures (i.e. - the ones I'm not in) that I'll probably post up here....sometime.

Also, got my character in WoW to level 60, and that's something of an oddity for me. This is about the 4th MMO I've played in, and yet it's the first one that I had a character at the maximum level. I've also completed the "rare" set for my character, which I must say was an absolute bitch to farm for. No words can truly describe it, but I was fortunate in that I play a low population class, so I could frequently go to the areas that had the items to pray for that 10% chance of a drop. I feel kind of special, since even a month later there's not too many people with their full sets, and many of them have been at this level longer than me.

I just wanted to write a quick blurb to say yes...Krinny is still alive. Hopefully tomorrow or over the weekend I'll do a bit more in-depth post and put up some of my Canada pics.

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