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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Wow...what a difference six hours makes...

The Network Administrator got news that his sister (or sister-in-law) is very ill and he had to make a trip to Ohio(!) on short notice. As in, I turned around and he was gone and suddenly I'm the Network Admin. Wee.

Soooo, I've been running around trying to get various projects figured out. Been real fun...lemme tell ya. We had to get a double shipment of Dell computers so at first we were like "Oooooh crap!" because that meant all sorts of festivities. Then we talked to the people who buy Dell computers and found out they were ordering more than was double-shipped. So double shipment became really fast -8 day shipping! Dell's order system has simply become so advanced that they *know* when you'll be ordering machines and have them there before you even order them. "Hey Dell, we didn't order these computers...." " will..." *wink*

Also had to talk to some people about why information wasn't making it's way to us and why things weren't being done that we needed done to do our jobs. We were also miffed that an email asking for those same things three weeks ago had not been responded to. Appears one of the people involved didn't get the email because their mailbox was full while they were on vacation...and the other just didn't read it closely enough to realize that he was supposed to be doing something...joyous. Makes me very glad I'm a net admin now instead of a field tech.

Speaking of, my first major project is getting the warehouse and hooked up to the nearby transportation office using some new 3com Wireless junk. Since I have almost never done any work with wireless, this will be highly entertaining...for someone. Need to grab the bridges tomorrow (learned the hard way that access points don't bridge unless they're made by Apple). That's one neat thing about being the temporary net admin, I don't have to move computers tomorrow...I get to sit ensconsed in my temporary office in my tempoary executive leather chair (which I will get one of mine own...I've been told I get to furnish my workspace with a desk and file cabinets and everything...I'm a real person!). The sucky thing is I now get to work Friday...which would normally be a day off.

Of course, between that and last saturday, I get to take two days without using vacation time...which fit my plans for a trip quite nicely...assuming I'm going to make one. I guess I could take the fact that the days are being provided for me as a sign that this is what I'm supposed to be doing...I suppose. One leg of the trip includes visiting my mom and grandmom (who is recovering from extensive knee surgery) and my grandfather (who turns 80 on Monday). So maybe I should just do it and stop thinking about it...I dunno.

I also get this neat little router doo-hickey that allows network-to-network VPNs. What does that mean to you lay people? Well, it means that this thing will automatically connect to work and allow me to interact with the servers there without ever needing to do more than tell the computer to do something there. Very cool...for those with a lazy streak. What's more, the connection (if I set it up to stay active) is two way, so I can access things on my home computer from work...useful, that. Neat little toy, especially for free, ya know?

Anyway, that's about my day...I'll post more later as it occurs...later taters!

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Since there has been incessant whining from Ally...time for an update!

I'm on Mr. Ulanti in the "big people" I can't be my verbose self. The "small people" meeting follows...wee!

Then lunch...half done!

Haven't decided on my trip yet...for a myriad set of reasons. I dunno. I'm going to leave you guys for a bit.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003 have your weeks gone so far? It's Hump Day you know!

Figured a mid-week update was in order, don't ask why...I just figured. Now that our readership has increased evidently, I'm just beside myself with glee. Really...I'm actually to the left of where you perceive me to be.

Moving right along, I picked up two CDs yesterday at Target...pronounced "Tar Jhay". One was for my CD player, the other for my computer. So far, I'm satisfied with both.

The music CD was Fallen by Evanescence (which is a word somehow related to disappearing...I looked it up at one point and promptly forgot it). Thus far, I like them. Unlike many bands, who play like they just figured out what music should go where through trial and error, Evanescence's music shows a much greater grasp of how music works. Yes, there are rules to's actually very much of a science (as anyone who's suffered through a music theory course can tell you). Their music can really take you on a harmonic journey, as you can feel yourself carried along with the emotion of the song. Their grasp of this idea is about as good as Metallica's, who I've long maintained are experts on the subject of capturing emotion through melodic means instead of lyrical. Metallica's S&M album illustrates this as an entire symphony is able to almost seamlessly integrate into their music and carry it even further. The thing is that Evanescence is a much younger band than Metallica...heck, Metallica as a group is probably about as old if not older than the band members are. If this is the level of development their music is showing at this stage in their careers, then I'd say it bodes well for the future of this group.

The other CD was a game for my computer called Sea Dogs me..."Pirates of the Caribbean." Now, just because it has the same style of interface as Sea Dogs had and includes much of the same terminology and setting does NOT make it Sea Dogs 2...says Pirates of the Caribbean right on the box! Ignore that this game came out of left field nearly fully developed shortly after work on Sea Dogs 2 officially stopped. Also pay no attention to the fact that I don't think it has much (if anything) to do with the movie of the same name since it's an open-ended RPG with all sorts of avenues to explore.

Having said that, it's a very enjoyable game, as most everything by Bethesda Softworks is. You die too readily, but that just illustrates the importance of saves (a hallmark of Sea Dogs) and using your head before your sword and gun. Some of it's a bit hinky (I was fighting skeletons last night) but at least most of the strangeness has some sort of basis for it. In the aforementioned example, I was trying to find a ship full of treasure that had been shipwrecked and these skeletons were the crew trying to defend it from petty thieves. Odd, yes...but at least it's logical in an odd way.

I'm going to go play more of that now, so enjoy all the typos and stuff...proofreading is hard!! Take care!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

OK, so today is evidently the day of stupid realizations.

I'm a very hot-blooded person, and by that I refer to the temperature. I always seem to be a few degrees warmer than most people and it takes a lot for me to be cold. This is very nice in the winter, but it sucks giant monkey dong in the summer, especially in "100 degree temperatures plus 100 percent humidity plus working in un-air conditioned buildings" VA. I've always cussed at my fan because the elevation thing doesn't lower enough to make it to the bed at the right angle, just blows air over top of me. I got annoyed enough that I pushed down on it really hard it actually went down the notch to the needed level. It's still hotter than hell, but it's more bearable now. How I did not notice that it wasn't tilted as far down as could be (in like, two years) I'll never know. Hopefully that really WAS a notch and I didn't just smash my fan.

Then I FINALLY got Money to agree with the bank about how much of aforementioned item I have. Seems I'd accidentally added an ATM transaction in June that the bank had no record of. Now, the ONE thing that shows up when it's supposed to is ATM transactions, so a quick click on the delete button and the balances on all my accounts match between the bank and the computer, oh what fun! But since I always refer to Ulanti for my current balances (he knows about all the charges that the bank doesn't know about yet), I feel like I found $40...yay me!

Speaking of money, my stocks have gone down a horrendous amount. Like they've made half to two-thirds as much as they did this time last week. This is a good thing. Why? Because tomorrow (technically) is the day that they take money to buy more shares. When you're buying lower = better. Two of the three stocks are low for the past month, but still higher when last I bought them on the 23rd of June. The third one is about 8 cents below where I bought it at that month. It's also made the least amount of money of the three funds (considering that last bit of If this trend continues, then come the end of the year, the investment allocations may have to be re-examined. Until then, I'll give it a chance to turn itself around. The market is kind of flaky right now.

Anyway, I'm going to go listen to music until I finally fall asleep. You crazy kids have fun!

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Sunday, July 20, 2003

Sooo, yeah...

Ummm, I managed to accomplish exactly jack over shit this weekend...which for me makes it pretty productive. I always start out with these grand plans of great things I'm going to accomplish, and then I never do any of them. It's the thought that counts right? For instance, I've been thinking about cleaning my room since about the end of May...still thinking about it.

I spent a lot of time drinking actually, as I have decided that I do enjoy Guinness Draught. I bought about 20 cans at Farm Fresh at different points over the weekend...think I have 12 or 13 left...and the night is still...well middle-aged.

The only real thing I did was got into a game of Warhammer 40k. A full summary of said game is after the cut for those who are frightfully bored.

Since I've mentioned both Warhammer and my lack of completing projects, it occurs to me I have a fuckton (yes, that's an actual unit of measure) of Games Workshop stuff. I was at World's Best again today to fix a game for the store owner (never hurts to be on their good side) and all I could come up with to buy was a paintbrush. I have every army I currently have an interest in, and most every one of those armies has everything that I really would like to use. The only possible exceptions are my Empire army and Cadian Imperial Guard. Of course, October/November will see the re-release of Epic 40k (big battles with little figures) and the Return of the King game. GW will do it's utmost to take my money I suppose.

Speaking of money, I appear to be getting more of that next paycheck. My boss went down to talk to HR about their lack of letting me know what the hell was going on and found they intended to give me what amounted to a 9% raise. Now, this is 3 times what the department as a whole is getting this year, but a pittance for what the job requires in comparison to my current (or previous I suppose) one (the new job is salaried and includes 24 hour call...those two probably will end up offsetting as I've already been informed I get to work on the 26th...oh yay oh yay). My boss smacked them about and got it to more like a 33% increase, which makes me much happier. Still sucky compared to what the private sector makes, but a very, very good paycheck for where I work. Plus, we've established that I'm not exactly starving at the moment.

So all in all, things seem to be ok...of course, that's life's way of setting you up for a sucker punch, isn't it? Well, we'll see...for those who are truly bored and want to read about Krinny's war effort, feel free.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Well, I suppose I'm back...

I was supposed to have a new job this month, but HR is slower than molasses going uphill in winter, so they haven't gotten my paperwork to me yet...fortunately, I have friends in high places who are going to stomp on people's heads until they do something. Today is also the birthday of my that should be interesting.

My brother's funeral was quite nice...well, nice for a funeral...I would have much rather preferred to not have need of such events myself. Four priests, not too shabby...and some of his friends drove all the way up from VA and served as his pall bearers. Stuff like that just let's you know that people really cared about him...also makes me realize that they'll probably have to pay bums off the street to carry me. *sigh*

Today is payday...which would be MUCH cooler if I was actually paid what I was supposed to be making, but still a cool deal. Spent the early part of this evening trying to get the books to balance. Ulanti says I have less money than the bank I'll go with his numbers as the bank is a little slow (like four or five days on debit transactions). Money says my net value (Money in bank + retirement + valuable possessions - debt of the plastic variety) is quite high, so that's reassuring. I could easily pay off my loans now and be completely debt-free without affecting my premier status at the that will probably be August's project when I get the "new money".

Other things going on in my personal life...well, more correctly my friend's life that for some reason is affecting me a bunch. But I'm getting bored with typing now...just wanted to let all my loyal readers (both of them...and that's being generous...) that I was back ok. Check back later.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Well, things have been...odd.

Most of the past few days really isn't worth remembering...but for there is a viewing tonight and then the funeral up in PA on Friday. When I'll be back, I don't know. Don't know if I'm taking a computer up or not, so this might be the last post for a while.

Figured I'd share one of the few nice-ish stories of the past couple days. My mom watches Crossing Over with John Edward (He's a medium, someone who can converse with the spirits of those who have passed on) a's on Sci-Fi still (I think) and Fox. And the other day he'd been saying how there are no real coincidences. Random weird things happening are actually our loved ones trying to talk to us so don't just shrug if something strikes you as odd...there's probably a reason you feel that way about what just happened.

So anyway, a few days mom had a whole bunch of jewelry sitting on her bookcase/dresser that she kept meaning to put away but just never seemed to have the motivation to do it, especially now. Also there was a whole bunch of papers and stuff she'd brought up from the living room, a fair number of holiday cards in among them. She'd been meaning to put them where they belong for a while too. Anyway, she decided to do something now that my brother was gone to keep her mind occupied and so she started to take the papers down to go through them. Two cards fell out of this stack of papers and landed on the floor next to each other. The first was one she had given to me and forgot to put in my room when she brought them up, the second was an Easter card from her mother (my grandmom...duh). What did they say?

The first said "Son, you are very special" and the second said "Rejoice! For He has risen today"...even if you don't believe that it's anymore than a coincidence, it's still heartbreaking to think about. But that's my brother, trying to remind us that he's still around when he's needed...I gotta go know, I can barely read what I'm to you all later.

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Sunday, July 6, 2003

Whatever faith I might have had in the institution of the church has probably been discarded at this point. That's not to say I don't believe in God or His teachings or anything like that...but I do truly believe that the churches of the modern-day world do a piss-poor job of carrying out His will. People wonder why fewer and fewer people go to church, probably because the church never goes to the people.

Yeah, the day to speak. Still waiting for it all to hit me I guess...not really as upset as one would expect. Sure, there have been a few tears, but I think I cried more when I had to hear stories from a female friend of mine that she knew I didn't want to hear. Something about that just seems wrong...but like I said to another friend last night, but maybe events of the past ten months or so have just deadened me to emotional pain...I'm still hoping that I'm just in shock and the full weight of it all is going to smack me like a freight train soon. I already get accused of being emotionally cold enough.

Everything is still up in the air here. I mean, we don't know anything for a fact beyond my brother is dead. The police were the ones notified, so he's over in Norfolk for an autopsy. No idea when we'll be able to get him, and even less of an idea of what's going to happen after that.

When my family first moved here in 1988...or so...we went to the nearby chuch of Immaculate Conception. We went there for about...six or seven years I think...from third grade up until high school when we moved out to Tabb. Of course, for my brother that was his sophmore year through college...and he never really went with us to church in Tabb.

Of course, we knew very few people in Tabb and most of the ones we did know left when the pastor was transferred. Neither of the current priests at either parish ever gave what one would consider a spiritually satisfying service...I remember with the pastor at ICC we used to time to see how long he'd ramble on about something during his homily (or sermon to you Protestants)...the record was 34 minutes, that's not the service...that's just him talking in addition to everything else. The one in Tabb is much the same (He was called the Reader's Digest pastor as every homily started with a RD style story)...both of their predecessors were the exact opposite which I guess illustrates the differences that one man can make. If only the previous priest at IC would answer...he knew my brother very well and would certainly do the service.

Alas, none of the people we know with these churches is available, what with the 4th of July and vacations and all. However, such things need to get done, so we went to IC to try and see about holding the funeral there...was the logical choice we thought as more people in that parish there were familiar with my brother since that's where he grew up and spent his time recently when he wasn't sick or in the hospital (which, to be honest, wasn't a whole heck of a lot...if at all).

Talking to the pastor though, you'd have thought we were asking to sacrafice a goat on the altar and fling its blood all over the walls. He was insisting that we do it my brother's "community of faith" or at our own. Well, my brother didn't really have one, and we don't either...but more people at IC still know him than ever knew him at St. Kateri's in Tabb (meaning A person knows him...). Kept saying we needed to go where the support was...well, to be honest we, the family, would get a heck of a lot more support from a church in Pennsylvania than we would here. We wanted to have it here because this is where my brother spent the majority of his life...but apparently that's asking too much.

Oh, the pastor said if we wanted to have it at IC, we certainly could...but he "didn't know our son from Adam" and "there's nothing worse than having an empty church for a funeral" referring to the large service area IC has. I mean, what kind of thing is that to say to a mother who just found out less than a day ago that she's lost her eldest son and is in tears? The attitude was, as my mom concisely put it later, "he didn't go here, why should we bother with a ceremony?" Sorry, just figured the church was there to help the people, not the other way around. Silly me...but that's why I don't put a whole lot of faith in these institutions...they're run by humans, and humans are wont to completely screw things up.

Really sad when the reaction you get from an institution that claims to be service-oriented and for the community in general is more shocking to a bereaved mother than finding out her son is dead...just unbelievable.

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Saturday, July 5, 2003

I hate holidays...they suck.

That recaps the 4th. The 5th started well some things I'd been looking for, finished some books I'd be reading...all that. Then around 9:30 or so, I was informed that my brother was found dead in his house...apparently of an insulin overdose. That's all the more I know, but I obviously am not in a posting mood so much...just wanted to do this while it was fresh in my mind...


Douglas Richard Borenstein
Novemeber 6, 1973-July 5, 2003

I'll see you later bro...try to save me seat.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2003

So yeah, today kind of blows.

Woke up late, at like 7:04, remember what I said about no middle ground during the summer? Yeah...more of that.

Hurried and got to work at 7:34, which isn't too shabby. Of course, discovered I really didn't need to hurry at all, as we aren't doing a damn thing today. We were SUPPOSED to finish up the room we were in yesterday and move a server at another school to the server room there...between that and the meeting this morning that seemed like a good day.

Well, the guy who's in charge of the server rooms at the various schools had to get the city van he drives serviced, so we wouldn't be able to move the server in the morning. Then, during the meeting, something happened at the school we were at yesterday that severed it's connection to the rest of the city. Now, the things we needed to do at the school involved restarting the machines and having them communicate with servers in the central admin facility. If you can't do that, you're screwed in so many ways. So yeah, nothing could be done there either. All of our other projects are involved affairs that we really don't want to start on while we have other projects still in the middle of being worked on.

Of course, the guy who runs the server rooms has to run over and attend to that, so there's no way we're going to get that server moved now. Thinks it'll be around Tuesday of next week.

The only silver lining is I found out that I get to take a day off since I'll be off on the 4th (which would normally be a work day) due to summer hours. That means I might be able to be off tomorrow, friday, saturday and sunday...nothing like 4 day weekends that don't require the use of vacation time, right? Heck, I might even call people just to call them in the middle of the day...but probably not anyone who lives with mean Waffen SS wannabes...and their cop-gossiping brothers due to the aforementioned two factors. *wink* I had pondered taking thursday off before, but it had always seemed like a dumb idea since I would have had Cisco class in the afternoon. However, our instructor suffered from a heart attack yesterday morning so we have no more classes this week. Now it doesn't seem so stupid...for those who are wondering, the instructor is ok, but you don't have a heart attack and teach class the next day either.

Anyway, I'm sure you people are bored to tears now, so I'll stop tormenting you...

QOTD (well, two days ago, but I never shared it): "I know you want to live a life of doing nothing, but sometimes you have to do something" -J Fair...I believe to his g/f...truly, a brave (foolish) man

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Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Ooooooooooooo! The ever-rare before work post!

This is the time when I hate being on summer schedule, it's really one of those situations where you wake up two hours early, or a half hour late...there's not a real middle ground there.

The other thing I hate about the summer schedule is the cheap bastiches that run the air conditioning in the schools...or I suppose DON'T run the A/C would be a bit more accurate. As soon as kids leave, they shut the whole system down (and when I say that, I mean during the school year too....they'll shut the A/C off at 3PM where my mom works and not turn it on again until 8AM). Now, I do not profess to have any knowledge of power consumption etc., but wouldn't it be easier to air conidition the schools just as a matter of course rather than constantly letting the buildings cool down to then heat back up? Seems like you're making the A/C work extra hard at the beginning when it could just maintain all the time. Doubt anyone has thought to look into that and if they have, they should really publish their findings to show that the school system is saving millions. Somehow, I doubt that.

The major reason I'm mad is that two of the high school server rooms do not have A/C. This defies belief. They won't run the A/C because it means running it for all or at least most of the building (Let's ignore the fact that people actually have to WORK in these buildings during the summer...), So instead of spending a thousand dollars a month on electricity to run the A/C, they'd rather run the risk of frying thirty thousand dollars+ worth of equipment....yes, this is brilliant.

And no, I'm not just bitchy because I had to spend 4 hours in literally 100 degree heat indoors...when I felt how hot the networking equipment was, I was tempted to get some eggs and fry them up....but I didn't have a camera so the moment would have been lost.

So, um...hmmmmm....not a whole lot else has really happened since Sunday. Mmmmmm....nope, not much at all other than my standard feuds with certain people over certain topics (and the award for vagueness goes to....). OH! I'm apparently some form of superman as I'm having in affair with a girl 400 miles away behind her husband's back when he's home most every sayeth the cops the next town over from her. Being as that I've not had the chance to meet her in person (and NOT through lack of trying *cough*) I find that quite the remarkable achievement that she can cheat on her husband with me. Moral issues aside, the fact that I evidently has a 400 mile dick AND the blood to use it is quite reassuring to me. It just sucks when those truckers on the highway run over it....ow!

Anyway, gotta get going to that employment place...I'll talk to you all someday, don't ask when!

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