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Sunday, June 29, 2003


Well, Friday was spent pretty much asleep...think I literally slept more that day than I was awake. Didn't get a damned thing I wanted to get done finished either.

I did pick up a new Defiler on Thursday, and it is a really cool model, just don't know if I'll ever get to it at my current rate of painting. The Seer Council won't be released until this week evidently...that's Games Workshop for you! "Yes, this product will be released in late fact, it will be so late into June that many of you will believe it to be July!" I mean, I understand the magazine being wrong, as it's written two months in advance of the releases, but the website being wrong? I mean, come on, is it THAT hard to change a month? If it is, they really need to improve their system.

Had a game saturday against some Dark Eldar. Unlike normal, I choose my army based on what models I liked, rather than my usual method of picking very effective units. The game ended up being a very close I said to one of my friends earlier, about 86.7% of the army was a grave disappointment. I had six models (SIX!) that did a decent job.

The Predator mowed down Eldar Warriors in droves...think it's gunners accounted for 14 kills, not bad for having it's primary armament shot off in the first turn. The Force Commander really didn't a chance to do a whole heck of a lot, but he brought down a Raider transport with nothing more than a bolter (which is more than most of my anti-tank units did *grumble*grumble*). There was a missile launcher trooper that held out till the end and brought down a Ravager gunship on the last turn (after failing to do the same on the previous three attempts...)...he shined through sheer pluckiness as he should have died twice. Being both plucky and lethal was Veteran Sergeant Marrius...he got gunned down in the first turn, then stood back up (they hit his bionic arm...made him mad)...then he and his squad get driven to the board edge. He's on his own by this point and charges back into the fray and brings down not one but TWO Raiders with his PISTOL. Sure, it's a plasma pistol, but DAMN...think we'll be master-crafting that weapon in the future. The Grey Knight Captain was not as effective as I hoped he would be...his 9 accompanying terminators died shortly after they arrived. The Captain managed to tie up 3 Dark Eldar units in close combat though...which paved the way for the shining role of the Whirlwind artillery. It killed 10 Wyches, 20 some odd Warriors and an Incubi just by lobbing shells in the general direction of the close combat (you're not allowed to target direct-fire weapons at close combat, but you can use guess weapons). Prior to now, the Whirlwind had been a major disappointment...never guessed the ranges right and when I did, it'd always deviate to the point that it'd miss everything entirely. It's performance Saturday may get it a re-evaluation.

I'll post more some time in the future! I swear!! hehehehe...

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

In the words of sayrah: OY!

Looooooooooooooong day...started bright and early at 6:30. I then got up and went to work...moved a few monitors about, played around with some software. Went to Cisco class, played around with some routers and ACLs. We were done our work at 4:30, the other group was STILL working on the first lab. Remember what I said about the instructor telling me to do nothing? That's why.

After getting off of work at 5, I sprinted over to World's Best Comics for the Eye of Terror Battle Tour from Games Workshop. Why they hell did they have it on a weekday? Because the big multi-national company said so. It was cool though, except I couldn't take anything because it was about 110 degrees plus in my car during the day...probably bad for models. Also, the thing ended at 7, so getting there at 5:45 didn't allow me to get IN the game they were playing with the GW stuff.

I was really just going to get some Special Edition Cadians...of course all the shipments are coming from the UK, and US Customs decided to hold them up, so it'll be next week before we actually GET them, but I ordered 3 blisters (the max). The game itself was kinda neat...the good guys won, convincingly, which is cool. The Chaos army had a cool model that defies description...or at least more than I feel like typing.

The Defiler is an awesome model...I was kind of on the fence about them before, but now I think I'll be picking one up tomorrow along with a new Seer Council for my Eldar. That's actually July's Warhammer spending, but I haven't seen anything for next month that really excites me...famous last words though.

Anyway, I'll post more later...too tired to think...toodles!

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Monday, June 23, 2003

Gah! As soon as one problem gets solved, another crops up.

Microsoft, in its finite wisdom, apparently has made it so that Windows XP Professional is not compatible with Gigabit Ethernet cards and Active Directory Domains (the only thing that makes managing these schools possible). Why? Depends on who you ask.

Some blame the NIC's startup sequence (which for some unfathomable reason includes a reset as a part of its initialization), most blame the fact that XP's netlogon service wants to do things before they are good and ready to be done...there is also evidently no way to make it behave properly. Who, exactly, thought that this was a good idea? "Let's sacrafice actual operation for a few seconds faster boot-up! People want to get straight to work every morning!" Shit, most of the people I know would love to blame a 20 second computer delay in their getting started on that TPS report...

And if you're setting up Active Directory and major group policies at your house over Gigabit're psycho...please seal yourself in a padded room.

Blah, I'd just like to SOLVE a problem and not have a HUGE GIGANTIC FUCKING MONSTER rear its ugly head to replace the one just solved. I mean, this is a titanic problem if it can't be resolved. EVERY machine you can buy from Dell has a Gigabit Ethernet NIC...and XP is the system that is recommended. If we go around and install 2000 (which evidently WORKS...fucking morons), that's 118 installs of Win2K. Fuck, XP is 2 years newer than Windows should work BETTER, not incredibly WORSE! Way to take the pooch and screw it in the ass...great work there.

I probably wouldn't be AS pissed if the article detailing this problem was dated like...May or even late April on the outside. IT'S FROM FUCKING JANUARY!! None of your multi-million dollar programmers have figured out how to fix this damned problem in FIVE months? Are you TRYING to lose your market? It's not like Gigabit is going's a hell of a lot more common than 64-bit processors which Microsoft has an operating system to interact with...we can focus on something that won't be widespread for another year or two....while we ignore our major product AND one of the more common (actually, most common) network technologies in the world. Brilliant...just fucking brilliant. While we're at it, how about we ask GE to produce lightbulbs that don't work in lamps that run on electricity! Seems to be the accepted business practice now...

I'll email Rusty in the morning and see if he has any brilliant ideas. He's a server engineer with Dell, so if anyone knows a solution, it will be those guys. Dell (hopefully) to the rescue!

It's really funny on TV...the WB has apparently become as stupid as Microsoft...the audio and video is not synced up watching one of those badly dubbed oriental movies except everyone is speaking English. Anyway, off to rant some more...

And if I made any spelling errors...the spelling correction fairy can suck she is well aware of.

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I'm sure that the spelling correction fairy (a.k.a. - Ally) is as we speak going over this with her freakish and obsessive spell I'll make extra sure to try and spell everything right. Don't want an unhappy spelling correction fairy...they do mean dey make yer grammer un-right. (translated into the native language of Podunkia) *wink*

So anyway, CompUSA sucks...Veo is ok...and Dell of course rules all. CompUSA actually isn't all bad...but still, I'm mad at them for carrying older items. I bought a little digital camera for Mr. Ulanti, but turns out they had redesigned the camera to make it fit the Dell Axims...something the old camera didn't do. However, CompUSA doesn't have these, they have the older that's why they suck. Veo is ok...yeah, they could have done a better job of distinguishing that there were some differences and only certain cameras will work with certain handhelds, but at least they sent an email saying that they would glady exchange the one I have for the one that works. As my co-worker is fond of saying in such situations, the true measure of a company is what they do when something is wrong. Dell is Dell...they exist in some God-like plane above the comprehension of us mere mortals...really!

Actually, I like Dell because they *normally* care more about making a customer happy than they necessarily do about making a profit. Making a profit is nice, yes...but they understand that a happy customer is more likely to buy from them in the future, which yields even MORE profit. Nice to see at least one company remembers that. Now, I'm not saying Dell is PERFECT, but they're probably one of the best companies out there to work with. Certainly better than a certain un-named computer company with an unhealthy obsession with bovines and in my opinion better than the fruity computer company. Of course, there are days when I find the fruit-based computer company doing better, but in general...Dell rules j00 all! Hehehehehe...people tell me I should ask them about kick-backs since I've sold about a million dollars of Dell products...will need to investigate that.

Ummmmm, other than playing video games, I didn't do much else this weekend other than vary between homicidal rage and crushing depression...the crappiest mood swing ever. This Wednesday is another event at World's Best...since there's some special edition Cadians in the mix, I might have to see about taking time off for this...sad and pathetic, I know...

Anyway, I just finished downloading the ungodly huge file I was waiting I'll have to get back to work now. Toodles and Noodles, Kaboodles!

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Sunday, June 22, 2003

Oh for fuck's sake...

I had this post all typed up but then Internet Explorer decided to be a godamned fucking retard and died. As if I wasn't pissed enough already about various manufacturers' stupidity...nay IDIOCY...I'm REALLY pissed now...

I'll post later...assuming I don't drive off the nearest bridge in an effort to take as many motorists with me as I can....

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Saturday, June 21, 2003

Wow...I'm almost as bad of an updater as Ally is...except she at least had medical problems to blame. Me? Eh, I'm more or less just too lazy.

Of course, this week has been a little too hectic for me to really post very much. Wokring 7:30-5:30 when you've gotten used to 8-4:30 for the past 9 months is trickier than it seems. Usually got home from work this week bone tired...and it was literally work-sleep-work. So let us get to the recap for those who care about such things.

Tuesday we moved out all the Dell computers in the warehouse that we knew had homes (which was really all the new ones but one...which we can't remember where it goes to save our lives). That was 118 computers. How do I know? 236 boxes were moved...each weighing 40 pounds. Simple math says that since I handled about every box to put it on a cart, that's close to 5 tons of equipment moved. Of course, we find out AFTER we've already done a great deal that we were SUPPOSED to be at training for Apple...but hey, we tried. I still think moving 5 tons of equipment with 4 people and 2 carts to 4 schools in 3 trips between 8 and 2 is damned impressive, don't you? Cisco was funny that day as the instructor told me not to do a damn thing but sit there and watch...apparently he's noticed that any group I'm in lets me do the work and they don't learn anything. Since I work so much faster than everyone else, I've been demi-moved up to a low-grade TA. The look on Nam Boy's face when he tried to figure out why I wasn't in a lab group was hilarious.

Wednesday I expected to catch hell for missing the training that we didn't know we were to be at (we knew OF the training, but not of our expected attendance). Surprisingly enough though, not a word was really said about it as our boss had a critical job we needed to do that many people's future employment depended on. It revolved around installing some web-based testing software onto a lab of machines...we also got their server upgraded to 2003 while we there though in hindsight, we should have done the server second (nearly ran out of time). As it was though, the software went in without a problem. I had to take one just to make sure everything would function properly and scored a 480 (out of a possible 500 I'm lead to believe). Only missed 3 questions out of 90, and they were all English...since my mom is an English teacher, it is obviously her fault. *wink*

Thursday was the big day when we got to go to Norfolk and see alllllllll the shiny new toys. I got to see my co-workers GPS for his Ulanti-clone. Very cool if you're EVER going someplace you haven't been before (which with as big as Hampton Roads is, can be quite often...I'm sure some people are stuck doing it on a near daily basis). I might have to look into one of these as I have to drive up to Pennsylvania in August and while I know the general route since I've navigated it many times (Rt.17 to Rt. 301 to I-95 to I-76 to the PA turnpike, etc.) but it's a different kettle of fish when you have to drive up there on your own with nobody looking out for highway markers for you. Of course, someone could come here to go up with me that would elliminate my need for a Ulanti-based navigation system... *cough*

I also want a Dell Laser printer...I don't print a whole hell of a lot, but I want the printer to work the first time when I do tell it to print after letting it rest for 5 or 6 months. Plus, the laser can printer larger things faster, neater, and with less changing of ink than my inkjets. Sure, the toner is like... *cough* three times the cost, but it's three to six thousand pages per cartridge instead of a few they don't dry up since it's already powder. The one I'd want would be $364...which isn't THAT bad for a laser printer. Lord knows, we have laser printers that are measured in thousands of dollars at work, and this one isn't *that* far behind them in capabilties. Well, it can't be networked, but hey...who am I ever going to want to share it with? It's less than Mr. Ulanti, but I don't see it being quite as versatile. Who knows though, gotta order something with that GPS....

Friday was the day I went for the interview for my new job. Might seem a little cocky to say it's "my" new job...but when two out of the three people on the selection commitee tell you it is, it probably is. Now, there might be someone from outside the system who was just awesome, but I doubt it. Won't hear anything from HR about it until July though, and they don't want to tell anyone who they're picking for fear of offending people at bad times (Our network admin AND our DBA will be out of the state next in Florida, the other in California...this could be me in a few years!! Ladies get your bids in now *wink*). Overall the interview went well, and I still fit into my suit, which is always a plus. Really need to get in shape...well, a shape other than spherical.

Anyway, I'm sure you're tired of reading the daily minutae that is my life, so I'm going to go see if they fixed what they broke in Planetside. Take care everybody! And girls: SHOW US YOUR BOOBS! *grin*

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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

So yeah...

As you might have figured out by day didn't really start on that much of an upbeat note. At least I wasn't alone though...both of the other Dell Axims were acting oddly and my co-worker's laptop froze in the middle of a service pack install, which caused the system to not work while we repaired the OS.

Outside of these hiccups though, we DID manage to get a lab of computers kind of pulled out and one of the four high school servers upgraded, so that's good. Of course, trying to call a certain dorkass I know didn't pan out as her phone went straight to that was not so good. I'm sure I'll hear some story about it when she returns...just sucks for the time being.

I shall have to console myself with my new Misty Mate...a little personal air cooler dealie...pretty cool really. Go get one for yourself! Off just look for "Misty Mate". If you're really bored...there's a Krinny Kommnetary....


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Monday, June 16, 2003

Hey hey...

I'm up early as crap, so I figured I'd write a long overdue post. I hate having those dreams that depress the fuck out of you...I had one where I was back in high school, and everything seemed like it was wide open, you know? All sorts of adventures...everything. But then it was like I was looking backwards and knowing that it'd never be that way again...and for some odd reason it made me think that so many of those possibilities were never explored, never even thought about. I think that's why I'm usually unhappy, because it seems like so many great opportunities have slipped by me because I didn't try or didn't speak up...of course, I can think of a few times that I did try and came crashing down in a big ball of fire on top of a peasant village...

Depressing dreams aside, I had a decent enough weekend. Wednesday started my Quest for the Cadians...those new plastics I made reference to many moons ago. Took a damned long time to get a hold of them, but I now have three boxes. They look quite lovely painted up in my color scheme...I shall have to get pictures for you people.

We're also on summer schedule at work now, which is kind of "meh" work from 7:30-5:30, but you only work 4 days. Only problem is you're tired as hell when you finish. Now, I luck out a little bit in that Cisco class ends at the point where we're not going to make it back to work in time to do anything productive. To head back to SAC (School Administration Center, for those not into acronyms) at rush hour would probably take about 20-25 minutes...I would know, it's the same route I have to take in the morning. Chances are, we'll get there just in time to pack up, assuming we even get that far with traffic. Seems stupid, no? So there's a silver lining in that I only have to do the horribly long hours on Monday.

Looking ahead, we'll be moving 100+ computers tomorrow...and Thursday we have a "new technology seminar" in Norfolk. What are we going to? Basically a new toy fair thrown by Dell and Microsoft and Intel...hey, it's a free breakfast and lunch...and I don't really have to work that day. Plus, we get to see all the new toys so we know what to blow money on come July 1. Coincidentally, that might be when I start my new job, but I'll tell you guys more about that as I find it out.

Ummmmm.....yeah, think that recaps things nicely....I'm going to try and clear this wave of depression off before I have to go to work. I'll talk to you all later.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Why are people such morons? I mean...really...not knowing everything I can understand, but there are just somethings that should be readily evident.

For example, if you're flying somebody in to train you on something, would you make sure that everything that person needed would be ready? Most of you probably would...especially if you were paying them a bunch of money. Well, some of our people don't think that...didn't start checking around until last week. Now, last week they were more or less told that they could not use classroom labs so long as students were in school. That's key...they didn't say "in the lab"...they said "in the school". Big difference...but these people don't seem to read English well when it doesn't suit them...grrr.

So now they're uppity about having to cancel this training as it's a $200 fee. However, they expect Technology to provide the people to move and then set up the equipment for 2 days and then move the entire setup so they can do their next training somewhere else. They're miffed about a $200 fee for not planning, but expect Technology to fork over $1000 in payroll for the time that we'd be doing this stuff (it'd be 2 days work for three, that's about right). Plus, the equipment they're using (and the labs) aren't even THEIRS. Let's see what is considered more for a system that cost around $40,000...or testing for a system that has cost close to a MILLION dollars (what's cool is, I oversaw the spending of most of that *grin* how many people my age can say they did that?) . Nevermind that the latter group is the group that actually purchased the equipment in question in the first place.

THEN we have the situation of just...lack of spatial relations. We have tables that have CPU holders under the table. Tend to work fairly well. However, the teacher put them on can you put a holder on wrong? Attach it to the wrong side of the table leg. Instead of being on the OUTSIDE, where it's out of the way...they're on the INSIDE right about where most people like to keep things under their knees. I think they did it to make room for the partitions they want to install between the tables...which is idiotic in and of itself. We have tried and failed to make the people who want this understand that the cables have to be pulled OUT of the tables before something can go in between them...the idea that network cables GO somewhere seems to be eluding them.

That ties in to the desicion that my co-worker and I have arrived at, we need to stop looking out for people. If they want to do something stupid, let them do it...sure, we might have a bit more work to do, but hopefully they'll figure out after they fall flat on their faces that maybe we know what we're talking about. And, in fairness, maybe we don't know what we're talking about and everything will turn out fine...either way, we're not going to explain things to them fifty million times and HOPE they comprehend. If it'll work, we'll do it...if it doesn't work, we won't...I'm getting tired of explaining that there are THREE things that MUST be present BEFORE we'll install a computer. Those are 1) Space (you'd think that'd be obvious, but no), 2) Power (again, you'd think...) 3) Network (ok, that one someone might need to be told, but 30+ times?). If those aren't there, we won't do it. Simple enough...

On a slightly happier note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SAYRAH! Of course, I don't think she reads this blog/knows it exists...but, can't have everything. I need to have a discussion with my all three of them remind of day so far went like this:

Woke up at 1AM -
Desktop: It's Sayrah's birthday!
Me: Thank you Desktop

On the Drive to work-
Mr. Ulanti: It's Sayrah's birthday!
Me: Thank you Mr. Ulanti...I know that...

At work:
Laptop: It's Sayrah's birthday!

Ok, so I just click dismiss and went on with life...but it's like having an electronic wife/mother...just nag nag nag until you remember. But that's all I have time for I'll catch ya'lls later!

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Friday, June 6, 2003

Ahhh, I love Research Days.

Now, I can hear most of you saying "What the FUCK is a Research Day?" so I'll elaborate. I have a co-worker who I work with most everyday. He is part-time and does not work on Fridays. So on Fridays when there really aren't any work orders to play with, I will spend the time reading manuals or tinkering around with development tools or any number of nerdly activities that being in the shop is not very conducive to. Mainly because I want to run and show everybody my latest I simply make it so nobody is around.

Unfortunately, we usually have some sort of work that must be done on Friday, so Research Days have been fewer and much shorter than they used to be. About a year ago, it was every Friday from April through the end of school and it was usually about 11 or 12 before something REALLY bad happened...sometimes absolutely nothing would happen. Today was a big success though. You can read more about it on the other side of the cut, or just move along quietly.

I got the new Eye of Terror Codex yesterday, as well as the 2nd volume of the Liber Chaotica (Book of Chaos *wink*). The EoT codex has been an interesting read so far...and the campaign promises to be fun. Next thursday the plastic Cadians (not Canadians) are released...and I've been waiting since...ummm...August of 2000 for these, which makes them second only to Space Hulk...which I wanted in 1992-93 and didn't buy until 1999. I lead a sad and pathetic life...of which there is....

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Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Oh thing I *did* forget in the earlier entry...but it really deserves it's own entry anyway:


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Nothing major going on here...just checking in. Getting my resume together for a new job with the school I'll let you know how all that goes. But yeah...busy busy busy.

Bloodmoon, a Morrowind expansion, comes out tomorrow...and I've got my copy reserved already. That game is freaking huge...but it's really cool graphics and a pretty engaging experience. Before you go off and call me dorky for that, I'll draw attention to the fact that our Cisco instructor not only has his copy reserved...he has a character he's been building up in ANTICIPATION of this ha! Bigger dorks than me exist!

Ummm...Planetside hangs on by a narrow thread...there's something oddly satisfying about putting shotgun rounds into people's backs and watching them I don't get sent to jail for doing that in PS... *whistles innocently*

I'll post about toyz you've been warned... *grin*

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Sunday, June 1, 2003

I don't know why, but I this feeling of intense anger at the moment...

Like, break boards of wood on my head anger...not some simple "oh, I'm upset" anger. The really troubling thing is that I don't know why I feel so hostile at the moment. I have a feeling that if I was actually to talk to someone, I'd be just as likely to yell at them as to say hello.

I'm beginning to think that Planetside may be reaching the limit of it's entertainment value. I said I'd give the developers some time to prove that the money they want is worth it, but now I'm not so sure. The new features, while intriguing, really don't interest me that much, especially since the new stuff is focused on aircraft and their flight model sucks (like, I don't think it's possible to invert your aircraft...what the hell?). I guess I'm more getting sick of the people...people suck...I hate them all...except my readers...obviously if you know about this site, you're cool.

Well, I suppose there might be some readers I'd sooner punch than look at...but we'll just pretend they don't exist. Lord knows that's how I get through my daily life. Someone said I have a negative attitude, and right now, I'd be inclined to agree with that assessment.

Maybe I'll be happier tomorrow...think I'm going to go buy some new toyz, just to buy them...especially now. Otherwise, I have a feeling that people are going to get go before I snap at you.

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