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Friday, May 12, 2006

Just wanted to toss a quick image up to catalog the progress of my WoW illness.

This has been a big week for me, I love/hate E3 week (Electronic Entertainment Expo for those lamers out there that don't know...). I hate the month previous where NOTHING newsworthy about gaming comes out because "we're saving it for E3"...but then I love this deulge of cool stuff just flooding out.

The Nintendo "Wii"-tardedly named console, for instance. Wasn't real big on it before, but the controller has become very intriguing. The idea that while playing a football game you could have to make a throwing motion, or the prospect of LucasArts making a lightsaber-based game around it's motion sensor...that's just cool. Plus it gets a bit more activity into gaming, which I think is a good direction to head in.

For those who haven't heard, the new Alliance race for WoW was announced. I have to say I'm surprised. Most people in ATF are as well...we're so used to Mal'Ganis and Blizzard's quite visible Horde favortism we expected the Alliance race to be as stupid and half-assed as they could possibly make them. Amazingly, they made something that is very much on the same level for "coolness" if not quite on the same level for looks. Oh, and yes Blizzard favors the Horde...heavily. On most servers where the Horde are badly outnumbered it's not clear...but when the Horde have a population advantage it's "WTF were these guys smoking when they designed this?"

Still, the expansion looks like it'll be fun, which is good news for me. It'll be fun when we're all rolling Blood Elves and ATF can go questing and such as a group like at release. Right now there's so many characters scattered across so many levels that it's sometimes hard for us to all hang out...and that's sad.

Oh well, fun times ahead!

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Monday, May 8, 2006

Thank you all for attending today, we'll be discussing the activities of one Krinny D. Sath over the weekend and then opening the floor to some brief questions.

First off, since my last posting I've knocked out my two WoW sub-goals. I have a full-fledged alchemist and finished off my last rare set (see?). Yay for that I suppose. We also spent a great deal of time on Sunday beating the crap out of people in the Hinterlands region (yes, it's actually called the Hinterlands). It started out as a bit of rogue-on-rogue action (Rogues do it from behind (>^(O_O) hehe...) and eventually inflated to us smacking about every little Hordeling for a total of about five hours in two sittings.

Just as a brief explanation for those who don't know, Mal'Ganis is a PvP server. This means it's one of the places where the complete dregs of society gather. There's no understanding, no friendship...hell, there's not even a basic level of human decency. If someone can be an asshole to you, chances are they probably will be. This is especially fun if you're Alliance on MG as you're outnumbered roughly 2 to if you're getting grief, chances are you can leave or...leave. The Horde largely don't have experience with this as they've got loads of people bored and sitting around. Such was the case at the start in the Hinterlands as the rogue goes crying to a bunch of people because all our Horde are crybabies at heart. It was quite satisfying to crush them all like the ants they are. ^_^ 71 honor kills, plus tons that didn't register. Granted, there was nothing honorable at all about most of those...but hey, Blizzard never said it was the "fair play" system.

Also, I've declared myself the official Guild Pimp. Observe me on my throne...or something...

In this "real life" that some of you strange people insist on living in, I'm finally done with my spring classes! Yay! Got a 94 in my programming class, largely because I didn't do an assignment. I didn't like it, it smelled burning. Plus we hit Krinny's infamous law of diminishing returns. Roughly stated, when further effort will fail to produce any improvement, I cease applying effort. A 94 counts the same as a why waste the hour or so to do the assignment to end up exactly the same place as before?

Summer is looking like pure hell though. Way too much stuff having to get done in way too short a time frame...thanks IS!

Next, from the "look! Someone with more time on their hands than me!" file, the following two movies courtesy of Google Video. If your computer can't run it, you suck and that's sad. Watch the first movie first. The 2nd movie is the trailer for the movie they're releasing in June. Sound is needed to enjoy them fully, as one expects from these new-fangled things. Apparently the era of the silent movie is over...who knew?

Awesome stuff...but damn, too much time on their hands.

Now, for some brief questions....yes, you in the front...

"What about new of a tax increase?"

We've often told the citizens of Krinland that such things might be needed to defray the cost of services that the government provides. Next...

"What's your response to allegations of indecent behaviors with minors?"

I assure you that anyone involved in indecent behaviors is of the proper age to be doing so. Next question...

"What about the weapons we've seen being stockpiled?"

No comment.

"Why did we really go to war in Iraq?"


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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Trailer from the new Dawn of War expansion...yummy. Fall 2006 didn't really seem that far away until now....

If you can't run Google Video a computer that doesn't suck.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Quick update...and end to the madness, as exhibited by my new toy. Yay! I did it! Now let's never do something so stupid again! Seriously...collecting about 7000 pieces of runecloth (at an average drop rate of 2 every four mobs that might drop it) SEEMED like a good idea...but yeah, not really.


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Monday, May 1, 2006

As promised, the Krinny activity report...such as it is. Ya know, I think there are orders of monastic monks that pattern themselves on my lifestyle. the Krinnonian Sect or some such...would I make that stuff up?

Anywho, what has Krinny done for the past week? If you're nerd like I suspect you are...a lot. First off, last week we conquered the Blizzard-imposed nonsense in their new quest line in WoW (as viewable here). This touched off a lot of pointless drama in the guild, for reasons I'm still not entirely sure about. People felt like they were being excluded from all these runs despite the clear statement beforehand that the group was to practice as hard as they could together to get this down. I dunno, I guess people agree to things without pondering their full ramifications and then complain when it occurs to them? Wouldn't be the first time. Fortunately, we're not complete babies like a lot of groups and once the general ranting back and forth was done, we went back to business as usual. Also, getting to the new stuff is a lot more fun and the new stuff for rogues looks quite nice (as viewable here).

I'm at another crossroads with WoW where I'm kind of...out of goals? Like there's plenty of stuff still in the game to do, but I don't know what I want to do now. Like I started wanting to get a character to the max level. Done. I wanted to get the full rare set for said character. Done. Wanted to get another character to 60. Done...twice. Wanted to get the rare set there. Nearly piece to go. Wanted to have every profession represented to the max skill. Nearly done as well...this week should see the last of them. Have a character of every class. Done. So now what? Do I bring up yet another character? If so, which? Do I just poke about farming for money/materials? I realize it's an entirely goofy thing to think about, but I find having stupid things to think about is much better than always pondering "serious" issues. At least here if I screw up, nobody's running away crying...I just have to try something else.

Speaking of people crying and screw-ups, yeah...some people out there REALLY need to get a freakin' clue. Seriously. It's one thing to be oblivious to how big of a jerkass you're being...but when you've been told NUMEROUS TIMES to YOUR FACE that you're being a dipwad, you either need to stop being a dipwad or stop associating with that person who feels you're treating them like a dipwad. By the same token, if you consistently have to tell someone they're a dipwad and they're hurting you...GET RID OF THEM, DON'T CONTINUE TO LET THEM HURT YOU. Just because you love someone does not always mean they're healthy for you. I love drawn/melted butter, it's great with crab and vegetables...this does not it is a good thing for me to have constantly. Yes, it will suck in the short-term, but doesn't it pretty much suck already? At least with them gone you'd be making progress towards a healthy (and hopefully happy) life. I know I've needed (and will undoubtedly need again) to be on the receiving end of that lecture...but it's true. Love shouldn't be something that causes you pain day in and day out...and love isn't something that another person uses to get what they is about caring for someone else more than you care about yourself. When it's returned in kind, it's a beautiful and joyous thing...when it's not or it's abused for selfish ends, it's the most horrible thing on the earth.

/hop off of soap box

Now that that's out of the way, back to pointless minutae! I replaced my paint brushes over the weekend. Most of the ones I used were showing their age to begin with, and I'm fairly sure by now they're in pretty bad shape. Figured rather than try and struggle through with brushes that don't hold a point or have bits of paint stuck in them, I'd just get bunches of new ones. We'll see how it goes...

My psychology course is done now, and my computer one will wrap up this week. If I do well on the final in my computer course, I'm pretty sure I get an A regardless of anything else I do. Kind of handy. Somehow in my psychology class I managed a 100 average. I'm not kidding either. Highest grade in the class (go figure, being the highest grade POSSIBLE) but it was kind of funny. Our teacher gave us all randomly generated ID numbers, and he'd just send out everyone's grades all together (since you could only "see" your own). Throughout the semester there was always one student who was that little bit ahead of me because I'd really farked up one of the quizzes. However on the final grade he dropped our lowest assignment which boosted my quiz/homework average up a goodly bit. After trailing them the whole semester I pulled into the lead over this fellow who scored a 99.7% for their final average. All I can say to this is...IN YOUR FACE STUDENT 11539! IN YOUR FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! I have also discovered, as scary as it may seem, that I'm probably the most "normal" person in my various social circles. This probably explains why I always feel like an outsider, because I've always quipped that the normal people are the biggest freaks of all. Guess I was right!

Speaking of freakish things, I was cruising the Internet on Saturday looking for some videos to watch. As I said I'm kind of listless in WoW and figured I'd try this "music video" thing I vaguely remember from my youth. Wow...some really weird stuff out there. I don't know how some of these sites got tied together, but daaaaaaamn. I made the foolish mistake of thinking that music would lead to music to music...but no! Weirdest crap I have personally found. Like this minute long clip from a Japanese (or at least Asian) game show that has three women on it, one of them being "teased" by this weird brush-on-bike-chain device and the other two faking it (you can really only see the top half of the women from the contestant's perspective). The goal of this game appears to be guessing which one's cavorting is real. I'm still not sure if it's the scariest thing I've seen or the most brilliant game show idea ever...or both. Suffice to say, my opinion of "Japan is weird" was reinforced here. Sadly, I didn't think to bookmark it in my scurrying to other places so I can't share it with you...Google might be able to help there if you're really curious.

Anyway, it's almost time to go so I'll cut this one If something else tickles my fancy to post, I will do so at that time. Later!

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