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Friday, May 30, 2003

OMFG! This is TOO funny...however, there are pictures, so it's being shoved behind the cut.


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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Well merf...

My memory really sucks...but I'd forgotten about how much it sucks until I got Mr. Ulanti, who reminds me how much it sucks. I write stuff into him as soon as I hear about it, which is good...woke up this morning to realize we had techs coming from Dell (or a Dell-subsdized operation) AND a staff development dinner tonight. Both things I had completely forgotten about. Which is just sad...but that's why he's worth all that money!

eBooks are the everlasting works of Satan. They make reading easy, accessible and since it's on a screen that doesn't need light to work, comfortable for night-time reading. No lights to turn off or anything when you're done, just shut off the handheld. You can put in bookmarks and all that stuff so you don't forget where you were and turning the page is the flick of a switch on the side. Why is this bad? Because they have cost me almost a hundred dollars since Saturday. It's TOO easy...damn you society of instant gratification! Still, not a bad feature to make use of.

Realized I really don't talk about my friends a whole lot here...which you might infer to mean that I have no friends...other than Ally...who is only nice to me as part of her plea bargain for running that busload of nuns off the road. It's not so much that I don't have friends, it's more that my friends tell me things that I'm sure they wouldn't want blasted across the Internet for anyone in the world to read. Most of my friends have problems of a sensitive nature...and I don't want to betray their trust by blabbing off their secrets to everyone. Sure, most people don't know who I'm refering to, but if I said "The guy who's having to deal with expelling a member accused of sexual assault" then others around them might figure out who I'm talking about.

It's not that I don't want to talk about others, I just don't know where others stand on topics. Ally I know doesn't care what I tell long as it's true. If I told everyone she's a 48DD chest with a 32 inch waist who loves lesbian orgies...she'd be a bit miffed. If I told you that she's a doooooooooorkah, she wouldn't argue. *grin*

Anyway, back to more playing...toodles!

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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Oy...what a day...

After teaching Ally how to be a mini-hacker, I decided that I wasn't going to make it to World's Best today...just too rainy and dreary and I didn't feel like going. Got a bit further on the Grey Knights but really the day was spent playing Planetside and tooling around with the handheld.

I sometimes wonder what the hell developers are thinking. Planetside will let players form groups, also known as squads, to better coordinate and such. Used to be that all the kills a squad made gave the full experience credit to everyone, but they decided that was too much...and really, it was. So their solution was that they'd SHARE the experience. They'd take the raw value of the kill, divide it by 10 and then give a bonus based on the number of people in a squad. What this means is that a kill worth 111 points on your own will now get you 12. I mean, what the fuck?? Why would I EVER waste time in a squad? I fought for an hour or two in a squad, got like 500 points off of kills. I said "damn, this is too little"...left the squad and went fighting on my own...I got the same amount in a few minutes. Sheer idioicy.

Then they take out the ability to train and get a few ranks so you can make a decent character because too many people were exploiting it because there's a bug somewhere. The infuriating part? Nearly every beta tester that saw that said "hey, these things still give XP more than once"...I know I personally filed a report about that a week before release...still broken. That's just stupidity by did that not get to the top of the list of things to fix? *shakes head*

Don't get me wrong, it's a good game...they just need someone like me on their staff to go "Ok fuckers...did you kill off the one brain cell God gave you??" so they'd stop doing stupid things that make this really good game frustrating. I *like* squads, but I'm not going to play for four times as long to get the same stuff! According to Sony's stats, I've managed to account for 184 kills and participated in 7 base captures with my New Conglomerate character (named GreyKnight...hehehe). That's probably not accurate though, as it also lists me as rank 5, when I'm rank 6. Current NC leader on that server has 670 kills I'm a little out of first. *wink*

I'm sleepy now, and I've babbled about video games long enough to ensure just about no female reader will ever be interested in me, so I'm going to go poke some other stuff for a while.

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Friday, May 23, 2003

So yeah...been "busy" I suppose.

Cisco class has started again after our long week break between semesters. Changed from Tuesday & Thursday to Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Seems rougher for some odd reason. But since I evidently don't have to make any trips over the summer, it's ok I suppose. Only 8 chapters, which really bugs me. The others had like twice as that probably means these 8 will be very unpleasant.

Work has been kind of ho hum really. Standard problems, and they're really starting to trickle off as teachers care less and less about them. It's a headache trying to make some people understand that their plans have certain ramifications that must be considered BEFORE doing something...but I have a feeling that's a battle that will never really be won.

Ulanti continues to be a source of joy and mirth as I discover yet more things he can do. I have the movie of Clay from Elimination Online dancing about on there and that is great for red lights...really cuts down on road rage. I'm going to be trying AIM on it next, which would just be for fun really...but if I had a wireless router or access point at home...I could talk to you people online from downstairs! That would rock (r0x the b0x0rz for those who know what that means)! Solve the issue of having to paint but wanting to talk to people at the same time. Ah, the wonders of modern technology.

Speaking of painting...didn't get hardly any done this week. Granted, I probably can field a Space Marine army with Grey Knights...I was just hoping to be able to field a pure Grey Knight army. Alas, rainstorms and such did not allow that. I might...MIGHT get lucky and finish them, but I doubt it. It's only about six or seven models that I have to take from a basecoat...but still. Plastic Cadians come out soon and I'm kind of puzzled by what to do about them. I mean, I've been waiting for them for over a year now...but I've got so MANY projects now, I'm not sure adding another 60 models is the way to go. If you've got any thoughts on the matter...the comments button is right there...go know you want to.

I'm also happy to say I was there at the birth of a new holiday. You'll find out more about that later....we have automatic holiday dispensers to make... *wink*wink* And in the spirit of reciprocation...LUB YOU TOO ALLAYKINS! Soooo yeah...think that's all for now folks. Take care and don't forget to write!

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Sunday, May 18, 2003

Ahhhh, sunday...

It's been a good...four days now, and I'm still fascinated with Mr. Ulanti. Since some of the masses have been unable to figure out what Mr. Ulanti is through inference and actually reading the site...and as a concession to the unfathomable idea of NEW readers...Mr. Ulanti is a Dell Axim X5 Advanced.

It's soooooo nice having my stuff organized in one place. I mean, really! is laziness since I don't do anything else, but it's just damned cool! That whole "can check email with it" and "run the entire network with it" things will no doubt amuse me for a while. Plus the contacts and schedule and money and GAMES are all really cool. *grin* Furthermore, I've discovered I can make programs for it! Yay! Have to play with that this week at work (where we have the software that can do it). Only downside is that I've actually been spending money JUST so I can enter the transaction...of course, it was all stuff I'd have eventually bought ANYWAY...but still!

Think I'm off of PS until the release on the 20th. I dunno if it's worth $13 a month...but I think I'll give the devs till October-ish to prove it. I doubt they'll come out with stuff in May/June as it will be making sure everything still works, but July/August there better be cool stuff dammit!

This saturday there's a Daemonhunters event at World's Best...hopefully I'll finish the 20 or so models for the Grey Knights that I'll need before then. But for now, dinner beckons...toodles!

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Friday, May 16, 2003

Ok...first, this girl is a complete freak! *grin*

Now, what have I been up to for the past few days that I haven't updated? Two major things...PS and Ulanti. Who is this Ulanti I speak of? My new PDA of course! Actually, Mr. Ulanti is a character in a 40k novel who serves as a first officer aboard a Naval he seemed a logical choice for the name of my assistant. This thing is incredible! If you have the money...BUY ONE! I have Microsoft Money on my computer and I can enter a transaction on my PDA and it will be automatically updated when I plug it into the cradle. Sure, it seems like a lazy solution, but having EVERYTHING related to your finances in one place cannot be underemphasized. Especially with pie charts...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....pie charts...

PS is still fun, despite the fact I do the same things over and over again. We'll see how much longer that lasts...especially with the Dragon Empires beta supposed to start up soon. That looks neat, glad I signed up for that what feels like a year ago. Anyway, I have stuff to see and people to do! Be back sometime later!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

As much as I complain about teachers...they can be cool at times. We asked at about 3PM if they'd be interested in helping with an experiment to make sure that the aforementioned thing worked. Already have three eager volunteers...they trust us that much. *warm fuzzies*

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Normally, you need the government to screw something up. Apparentely, dopey, UPS and the government decided that today was the day for shit to screw up.

Firstly, the network at work was nearly useless as....something really useless. Seems that the city in its finite wisdom had installed a 30 amp circuit in the server room. Well, the breaker finally trips, setting the battery backups in motion. When power gets restored, the UPS's now not only have to keep everything running, they have to recharge their batteries as well. How many amps did it pull with the bare minimum on? 31 amps. The city electricians came in and were like "What the hell...this UPS is rated at 80 amps, why would they put in a 30 amp circuit?" Of course, our DBA had told them when they were designing the building that it was stupid....didn't listen then, look at the results. Naturally, he's doubly upset as it will take them a bunch of time a fix the problem by getting the circuit enlarged. So, you didn't listen, and now you're making his job harder because you didn't listen...I'd be pissed too.

After that, work was ok. Got something we were fiddling with to work we just need to try it in the real system to make sure it stays working. Kind of boring there right now. about idiots. They have to have a signature to drop of an order from Dell, which I'm sure Dell makes them do...good sense. BUT, UPS...unlike it's two main competitors of Airborne Express and FedEx...does NOT let you pick up a package unless you have called beforehand AND you can't pick it up until the next day ASSUMING the geniuses remember to pull it off the truck (which is by no means guaranteed). You stand a decent chance of going there and them not having the package in addition to missing a delivery attempt. So I'm going to take some time and wait for the package at home tomorrow. Of course, they had no qualms about leaving the other box of the I have accessories for my handheld, just no handheld.

And the final...crowning...stupidity of the day is dopey. I come home and going through the normal sorting mail, letting dog out, etc. Then I come upstairs and notice it's very quiet...since my computer is off. So I think "hmm....maybe the power blinked out during the day" but no...clocks are off too. Maybe it's my, it's the whole house. Genius boy apparently had not paid the electric bill...I mean seriously, WHAT THE FUCK? PAY THE GODDAMNED BILLS. If you don't make enough money to pay the bills, I think that's telling you something. What makes the whole episode ludicrous is that I could have paid that bill probably hundreds of times over...but the dumbass didn't say anything. So from 3 till power. Idiocy...of course, being the pragmatist that I am, I took a nap...relying on my subwoofer and printer to awaken me when power was restored. Sure nuff, they did their job.

As a final thought for the day...if you had a broken left foot, would you drive a stick shift?

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Saturday, May 10, 2003

So how are all you folks? Really? That good/bad huh? Interesting...

How am I doing? For the moment, I'm kicking ass...though something will no doubt spoil this. The conference yesterday was really cool as that was the day they gave us all of the neat toys. To recap the loot we made off with: 2 pens (one a light-up pen/stylus for a PDA), a notepad, the slides of the presentations we saw (the include a few sections we didn't get to cover), a bag, a shirt, some training CDs, TWO evaluation versions of Windows 2003 Server (one RC2, one more likely Final Release), a few business cards, a few brochure dealies AND....AND a whole 420 page book about Server 2003. Not a bad deal since the whole thing didn't cost us a damn thing outside of gas money. *grin*

While we were there, the Dell rep has a show this weekend somewhere and Dell had shipped him all sorts of shiny new toys to show off. The laptops are really neat, especially the little one that has a docking thingie that holds the CD-ROM and such devices...when you don't need them, you undock it and you have a machne that's like....tiny. They seem much cooler and much more durable than these POS iBooks they give the kids. Sheesh, those things can't survive a three foot fall without smashing the internals to goo. Yeah yeah, you're not SUPPOSED to drop laptops, but it happens...hell, I've dropped my Dell about three times...twice onto a hard tile floor and once onto hard asphalt....tho I might have done that twice now that I think about it) and that sucker keeps chugging. I've broken one of the bay catches, but that's really just a missing spring.

However, the rep also had the coolest little PocketPC. This is light years ahead of my loyal and hard-working Palm Vx that I've had for 2 years now. When you start it up, it gives you a complete summary of both the palm and your activities for the day and you get things like Word and Excel and schtuff. Obviously, I had to have one of these. So I shop around because they're damned expensive and I see for what I'm getting, they're not outrageous. Plus, they have the second highest rating at ZDNet...the con behind the one rated highest? Too expensive and not enough features for the price. So the .4 difference in rating wasn't worth it. Plus, if I don't like it I have a month to return it. I order this last night and Dell has already shipped the Pocket PC itself out to me...should be here Tuesday or Wednesday...that's efficiency. My case and wireless card and charge will be a bit delayed, but they're just neat additions anyway...not REQUIRED to work. I'll let you all know how that goes.

Anyway, I've pissed half this day away already, so I'm off to see the wizard! Talk to you all later.

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Thursday, May 8, 2003's the deal. God decided he wanted to run an experiment on how well alarm clocks function if he cuts the power to a house. The answer? Not very well at all.

So I wake up at 7:15 to discover that P-Cho had jotted down the wrong address and had gone to the wrong place. Being pragmatic though, he just went on without me. Of course, this leaves me in the position of needing to get to Virginia Beach (to a building I've never been to no less) in forty-five minutes...this is a 40 mile drive, that includes a tunnel which nearly always have bad rush hour. Fuuuuuuuuun, right? More or less...actually, I got to the building on the first try at about 8:20, which means I missed the choice of breakfast food and the introductions, but arrived right on time for the actual material. Of course, leaving at 7:25 and arriving at 8:20 left me quite upset as I've left for and arrived at a building in the city I live in at the same times.

The seminar itself was pretty cool. Learned more ways to be! After tomorrow, I should have a fairly good list of why we need to shell out the 10 G's to get this software, not that they question me anyway, I just want reasons.

Coming back was funny though. I-64 West (at the tunnel mainly) is a nightmare at the best of times, so I didn't really feel like taking it at rush hour. P-Cho and Nammy went that way though. I took I-64 East (which actually heads west at this point...don't think about that too hard or your head will explode) and the Monitor-Merrimac tunnel. Long story (made longer by STUPID rubberneckers....DRIVE YOUR DAMNED CAR!! DON'T STARE AT THE FLASHY LIGHTS YOU RETARDED FUCKS < /delayed road rage >) turned short is that I was back in town before these guys even got to the tunnel...mahvelous.

I'm done with boring recaps of my you can consider this waste of your time concluded.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2003


Gah, we only had four work orders, but then the work order database died so no new work orders could come in. Driving to a school to say "You guys have any problems?" is kind of useless and our teachers will get it in their heads that it's ok to email us/wait for us to come around instead of filing work orders. So, I've pretty much been sitting here all day doing a whole lotta nothin.

See, the bad thing about it is that our shop is not exactly guys you want sitting around with nothing to do. We tend to wander around aimlessly and oogle all the hot chicks that come into the building. There was a mighty fine one today too...but I digress. We can't do anything as we have to update what we've done (mainly so we don't forget). In the shop that's doubly important as they don't want to order parts and they certainly don't want to get the wrong machine with the parts. So, we just, kinda...chill.

Got to talk to a friend I haven't seen in a long time, so that's good. Her life has been a little bit busy, and she's already into things that I don't think I want to think about for a few more years, but...good for her, she seems to have things (relatively) under control.

Yep, really bored and the day's only half over. I'm glad I get to be at training for the next two days...not looking forward to the "leave at 6AM" part though...oh well, free food is free food. I'm going to distract myself some other way to you all later.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Yeah, I'm pretty bored right now, so I figured I'd do an update since I meant to do one yesterday and didn't.

I caught up on ol' Vinny's blog, even though he doesn't write long-winded entries like I do (and he has banners! ewwww!) but that's one of the guys I was in a suite with for my year at college. I take pride in the fact that he's called Vinny more or less because I decided it to be so. Conversation went "So yeah Vinny....wait, that's not your name, is it? I'm sorry....what is it really?" and he responded with his "real" name and I said ", you look like a Vinny" and everyone generally agreed. Hence, he became Vinny.

Nothing really interesting going on. If you want a cool projector, pick up a Dell 3200MP...only $2000, but that's like the coolest projector I've ever seen. Worth the money, go buy me one!

Planetside is getting wiped, meaning any character advancements will cease to be. That's ok I guess, the two characters I played a lot were so similar it's scary. Maybe this time I'll branch out more and try different things. Finally bit the bullet and actually ordered it so I can play once the beta is over. Even if some parts of it have become annoying, I'll give it a good run post-beta (which is expected to crash a lot and be stupid) to see if it's worth hanging onto. Lord knows I've spent more money on things that have occupied me less. Also ordered an expansion for Medieval Total War and the Diablo II battlechest. I really like Diablo II and figure that I should probably give my friend his CDs back, so I'll need to have my own sooner or later.

Anyway, I'll talk to you later.

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Saturday, May 3, 2003

Dante's Inferno Test

I only took this because I am a social Lemming and Ally did it first. For our next trick, we'll do something else. Here's how I stack up:

The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to Purgatory!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very High
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)High
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Very Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Low
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Very Low

Take the Dante's Divine Comedy Inferno Test

Of course, this test sent Ally straight to hell (only level 2 though, which is really the first level as Purgatory and Limbo are not a part of hell...7 deadly sins, 7 holy virtues...7 levels of Heaven and Hell....7 being the perfect number evidently). I'll put it a good word for her and anyone else that needs it!

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Thursday, May 1, 2003

Well, as I was saying, Dell is paying for a Microsoft class on the new Server 2003 operating system. I see this as a convenient way to get out of 2 days of work, get 4 free meals and learn something that I have to learn about anyway. Three birds, one stone.

I am soooooooooo close to filling out my Grey Knights it's scary! I just need a few more Terminators and maybe a handful of power armored ones. Then, the painting shall commence! There's no WH40k releases next month and no Warhammer Fantasy ones I'm interested in, so my finances might get a much overdue break.

Planetside still kicks ass. They need to pick a timer configuration, for sure, but it's still cool. I picked up the skill for flying the ground attack aircraft so now I can finally stop being shot to hell on the ground by them! That brings my skill set (for SpaceWolf) to Medium Assault (assault rifle), Anti-Vehicle (rocket launcher), Sniper (take a guess), Reinforced Armor (good for firefights) and Reaver (the aforementioned attack aircraft). Assuming I get to BR20 (the max) with this character, I think I'll get Hacking (for the third time) and Engineering (which will be useful for patching holes in my aircraft). Great game...if you like first person shooters (especially if you liked the Tribes games) this is a definite buy. Don't know if they'll be able to fix all the issues before May 19th (the release date) but here's hoping!

Anyway, that's all for now....move along, move along.

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Oooooooooo! The ever rare CISCO post!

Yeah, I'm *technically* in class right now...waiting for the Asian Conspiracy to finish up their performance final. Is there really any reason for me to be here? Not that I know of...other than I didn't feel like sitting at work. *wink* Maybe the instructor will tell me something important that I needed to know.

I got to Level 9 in Curveball! This is a big deal for the shop as I'm the first one of our intrepid band to make it that far. Yes, we do need more to do at work...hehe.

Also got an inadvertant discount on toyz today. I laid out everything I wanted to buy and he rang it up as $88. Well, that didn't sit right in my head, but I didn't mention it because this guy seems to get annoyed when I question him. When I got a long red light though I did the math and came up with $115. Little bit of difference there. Think he forgot to ring up three of the blisters, but hey...they were on the counter in plain sight the whole time, not like I snuck them into the bag or anything. I've overpaid there before, so it'll all even out. They didn't have the box set I was looking for though so blah...oh well, got a month and a half before I *must* find one.

Ooooo! I'm going to get to go to a free Microsoft course next week. Dat's fun (for me)!

Anyway, more on that later....P-Cho is whining for the computer to play curveball. *wink*

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