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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Since the runt "tagged" me, I suppose I'll follow the chain (this is really just because I'm bored and have nothing better to do)...however, because I have that basic level of human decency, I'll not iflict this on anyone else. (haha)

10 things you want to say to people but probably won't:

1) I seriously don't think you understand what it means to be who you are. You can't just toss things out there without thinking about'll end up hurting a lot of people that you care about with what seems to be an off-hand remark. It sucks, but that's the burden you've got now.

2) I've never seen someone so desperate to make themselves unhappy. I wish I knew what I could say or do to make you realize who you are and what you can do and actually have you believe it. What's even worse is that you know you do it, and try to stop but never seem to be able to.

3) Sometimes I think if you weren't around, I'd go absolutely insane and end up talking like you and asking people if they can squeal like pigs. Thanks for being there.

4) Love your sense of humor and your ability to influence people to get things. Sorry about the whole...ya know...killing your character thing.

5) I realize you're sarcastic and evil...but you could be nicer to me. I'm sarcastic and evil and cynical to boot, but I still find time to be supportive and comforting.

6) You really make me feel completely and utterly inadequate. That's a rare thing to be able to do, and I don't mean it in a bad way. I just feel like there's no way on earth I can keep up with you and your many talents. I just know one day I'm going to say "I knew them when..."

7) I've learned to accept you and your insanity, and even value your friendship. I'm not taking anything made out of wool from you though, I know how you got it...

8) Thanks for always listening when I needed someone to talk to. I know you've got 342897 things to do when you're around and you're the mother hen to a bunch of whiney babies...but you handle it well.

9) Some people are born dumb...some are that way through's rare to find someone who combines the two so readily while appearing to be at least functionally intelligent. I'll never understand how you can so readily toss aside something that so many people spend their lives trying to find and then don't even seem bothered that you're doing it.

10) It's nice to know there's someone out there with as short of an attention span but as big of an obsessive complex as me. Now, if only I could match you in actual ability...

Initials - F(C), S, S(Tr), S(Ti), D, G(R), J, C, K, S

A Krinny activities post will follow sometime soon. Last one out...hit the lights...

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Monday, April 10, 2006

So...back to work...wee.

First off, I'd like to welcome Chris "Forty Ounces to Freedom" Fortier to Krinny's MySpace family. We're old high school buddies, and it's cool to see him around again. I hear he's now some fashion of high-powered lawyer who will probably be making more money per day than I'll see in a month. One of the few people I know that I can say they earned that though. And congratulations go out to him on his engagement. Guess all the things Kelly wrote about him in various men's rooms around the country weren't true after all...and don't wonder what else she was doing there...just move along and smile.

Onto other matters, an actual post about something more than trivial crap (well, more than obviously trivial crap at any rate). The runt stopped by this weekend for a day on her way down to NC. I got to meet her daughter, and it was the first time I'd seen her since her last visit about 8 months ago or so. Seems like a long time, but that's about the time frame we average on visits, which really kinda sucks. These times always leave me with such mixed feelings. It's great when she's around and I don't think we've ever NOT had an enjoyable time by the end, but then after one or the other of us has to go, that's it. So it's like "yeah, that was great couple days/hours...ok now it's over, see you in eight months!" I guess that's the real problem with having friends like this over the Internet. You have that natural inclination to be part of their lives, and yet, you can't.

Like flipping through her baby's album and seeing all these people that are such a part of her daily life and get to BE there for most of the time and not really being one of them. I don't think the English language has words to properly describe how much that sucks/hurts...especially since some of those people don't even realize what they have. It's really frustrating because I know it's not really that feasible for either of us to fix that situation (she's got her life up in NY, I've got mine down in VA...not fair to either of us to try and pick up and move), but just because my mind knows it's stupid to think about it doesn't keep me from wanting it. I suppose that this is why lottery tickets still get sold, you logically know it won't happen, but you try anyway.

Krinny's screwed up emotional issues aside, the visit was fun. I got to feed a baby for the first time, and she's a very even-tempered baby (barring stuffy noses...stupid pollen...) and showed that yes, babies do know how to mimic facial expressions. We played stick-your-tongue-out with each other for about ten minutes...which I gather the runt didn't *totally* appreciate me doing while she was trying to burp her, but it wasn't like she was mad about it. Great kid, even if her dad needs to step up a teensy bit more (and by teensy most people would say "a lot"). I think once I got adjusted to the lack of sleep and money, I could probably be a dad. That adjustment period would suck HARD though, so I'm pretty sure I'm not going to actively seek out that path. Good to know that it could be done if needs be though...

A lot of learning went on for the runt as well. For example, she learned that iPods are not a "useless waste of money" after all. I think the concept that eluded her was "smaller than walkman/discman, but holds more than an entire computer"...sure you can get a discman and CD-R for like $20, but then if you don't like a song on it anymore you have to re-burn the CD, assuming you can. iPod you just remove it from the playlist and call it a day...and this doesn't cover the ability to have movies at your disposal as well (seriously, our sysadmin ripped an entire DVD to mp4...looks just fine on an iPod at 1GB). Also, she learned the clearly obvious truth that Red vs. Blue is the greatest of all-time. I know I mentioned them once a few years ago...they still kick ass.

It also was the runt's first time playing WoW, and for a complete and utter newbie who didn't have the luxury of even a manual, she did pretty well...getting to level 6 in a fairly normal amount of time once you take out the time spent attending to the baby. It's a pity she doesn't have access to a computer that could actually run WoW at home, I think she'd probably be pretty good once she got the tricks down (playing on someone else's computer running around 100 custom addons isn't exactly the best thing for a first-timer). She seemed to enjoy it, to the point that she actually took my WoW CDs in case one of the machines she can get to at home can run it, and looked like she enjoyed it for more than just making the character...even if that did seem to be her primary interest. If I didn't effectively live on WoW during the week (and most of the weekend), I'd let her play on my account, but since she could kick me off in the middle of a 45 minute Baron...yeah, I can see the conflicts that'd arise from here. I'd get her an account of her own if she wanted...but if she doesn't have regular access to a machine she can play on, that's money on an account I'd rather not spend (granted, if you can manage 8 hours a month it's the same cost per hour of entertainment as most the bar on "regular access" isn't real high). With that in mind, if anyone has an old, workable computer lying around that's got a P4 and a gig of RAM, lemme know. She needed a new computer 4 years you can imagine how festive it is now. I have my old Dell that's essentially just taking up space now, but I'm not too sure that one of the hard drives and the video card are long for this world (hence my replacement computer). Maybe I'll bug our Dell rep and see if he can cut me a deal on one...something to do at any rate. I haven't asked for anything in a loooooooong time.. ;)

Speaking of WoW, Friday was great for my hunter, Sunday sucked absolute balls. My hunter got the infamous Finkle's Skinner and their rare set chest (completely removing the need for me to go to UBRS and use the damned skinner... /sigh). Fate also got a really cool drop in the form of an item for a piece of epic armor, so that's exciting too. She puts in a lot of time for the guild and basically lets me play characters other than my warrior in the guild, so it's good to see nice things happen for her. Sunday...gah, that was horrendous. I don't know what was up with us but we had a group of five people who just could NOT hit the right buttons. It was very, very sad.

In other news, I snagged a copy of Twilight Imperium, Third Edition on Thursday. Back when I got my WoW board game, I noticed the company made this one and it looked really cool. I went around to the various stores that might have such a thing...nobody did. Thursday I finally made it to the toy store (where I haven't been in over a month if memory serves) and what should they happen to have sitting on their shelves (this time)? Yep...of course, the fancy had struck me so many months ago I completely forgot that it was the game I wanted back then. It wasn't until I saw the manufacturer's logo at checkout that the bell was rung and I went "Oh yeah...", so I guess it's a good sign that I thought it was a cool-looking game twice. Still haven't even opened it yet though. Too busy cleaning, being visited and doing the work I should have been doing but didn't because of the first two.

Speaking of the toy store, I really wish I could get back into painting. I think that was a nice outlet for me, but I just lack the patience/motivation to do it anymore. My brain finally caught up with me in that I'm not really buying that many new toyz, but I think a lot of what I did turned out pretty well. I think I'll make an effort at some point to paint more Tau since they're the current new releases. I think the squad I had looked pretty cool, and they're not hard to paint. More news on that as the situation progresses.

Real quick hugs go out to Sarah and Susan and Erin and Raads and "Ray" and the rest of the RS crew that I still keep up with. RS wasn't the same as ATF, ATF is much closer-knit due to its smaller size, but without friends like you all in RS I'm not sure I'd have been able to get into a group like that and stay with it. Probably would have been one of the many people in WoW who gets depressed in the end-game about "nothing to do" instead of someone who logs in to hang out with their friends and not stress too much (note: TOO much) over virtual things. <3 you all.

Big post, so that's all for me. Krinny-as-Charles-Dickens...away!

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Monday, April 3, 2006

Yeah...I've made an executive Krinny desicion...I'm actually going to try to POST this year. Even if there's nothing to talk about (NOTE: this will undoubtedly be the norm...if you're looking for action or excitment, you're at ENTIRELY the wrong blog). Seriously, seeing posts on the blog that stretch back till 2004 because it shows the most recent 14 entries is just...sad.

First off, a few work rants. One, Dell is somewhat annoying me at this point. We've got a bunch of units with "known will be faulty" parts. Dell, to their credit, is trying to pro-actively replace them BEFORE they fail, so cool beans. However, since our techs will be doing the work, Dell is going to reimburse us for that time...except they only pay electronicly as of this year and our bank accounts are controlled by the City Treasurer, so the likelihood of getting it set up can be equated to a situation involving ice cubes and their ability to stay frozen in HELL. Just annoying that it's taking the amount of time it has (we were supposed to GET the parts by now) for something so minor. It's $3k...just give us credit with Dell FFS...not like we don't order that much from them on a regular basis...send us a 40" TV for the shop and we'll call it even, k?

On another topic...I really hate how people will read a little bit about technology and immediately start off asking about a really dumb idea. I guess someone (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) noticed a bunch of commericials on TV about game development and thought we should maybe look into doing these things (gotta boost enrollment...and *I* would have taken a class about making games back in high school). They read up about things like "computer farms" and "rendering" and wanted to know if we could do it. kill....rising. Ok, there's a reason that those development studios out there spend millions of dollars...because their development isn't cheap. Secondly, none of your staff that'd be working with the kids has anywhere near the level of expertise to do any of the things that'd require a radically different setup like a rendering farm...a single machine is fine for the little models they'd be doing. If a teacher did know how to do something super that'd require that sort of kit, they sure as hell wouldn't be working for the chickenfeed pay they get here when they could be making three times as much in the private sector (not that this is an accomplishment, mind you...our teacher pay sucks...almost as bad as our IT pay). Finally, THE KIDS ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL! God! Leave something for colleges to teach them to justify their ever-bloating tutition fees. Get the kids involved in modding if you MUST go down this route. It's much simpler, easier to get results out of without massive hardware investments and still teaches the kids how to work together on a project and a lot of the "concept" work behind development. Hell, if they do a good enough mod it'll 1) get played on the Internet, which will be a pride thing for the kids and 2) help start building a portfolio of work for when they do go out job-hunting. The aborted "Apple Catcher 3D" game or whatever silly game they could reasonably develop in an instructional setting will probably pale in comparison.

/rant off

So aaaaaaaaaaaanywho...the recent WoW patch was a mixed bag in my estimation. Some features, very nice...the XP-to-gold at 60 is most helpful, as is the "pick where you're going and you'll travel there without stopping" flights. Granted, the flights aren't shorter, but now on some of the longer ones you can safely go somewhere else and make dinner rather than nursing your character through four shorter flights. Handy, in a somewhat odd way.

On the disappointing note is the armor upgrade quest. It starts out decently enough, requiring the gathering of various items and the investment of a decent amount of money. Then, they throw an arbitrary challenge your way...engage one of the medium-difficulty bosses of the end-game in 45 minutes...when a traditional method would normally take an hour and a half. Yes, there's something to be said for a challenge, but this is a bit over the top. Our first attempt at even clearing the place failed horribly due solely to the classes we had at our disposal. We then cleared the place on Friday, but it took an excessively long time (more than twice what we're alotted). This all makes it very "meh". This quest would be fine if it was the end of the chain, but it's pretty much right at the beginning. There's also no alternate MUST do this. Of course people are saying "Oh, it's supposed to be're getting epic items" but the raiders I've spoken to and my own experiences with raiding say that this quest alone is harder than anyone who raids MC has had to go through outside of the last boss. The kick in the teeth? The items in MC are STILL better than these. Blizzard dropped the ball on that aspect and it really still sends the "join a raid guild or GTFO" attitude they were supposed to be reversing with this content. Oh well.

I've decided that only the rogue will be pursuing that content at this point. Just way too much money and materials in total to do it on multiple ones. Maybe on the freak chance that I get bored waiting for the expansion, I'll do it with the warrior. Really the only reason I'm putting up with it on the rogue is because the new set looks so cool. Also, the rogue is done with Shadowcraft, much to Stoke's delight (he's been 60 longer than my warrior...still needs his chest piece which my rogue got their first run in UBRS...hehe)...only notable thing there was friday was 3 set pieces in less than 24 hours. Crazy.

Oblivion = really cool. Xbox 360 losing the read randomly = really not. I'll probably snag the PC version of the game just for the construction set.

Moving off of video games (and yes Seanny B, I know about GalCiv2...but thanks for the thought), I need to do some housecleaning. Actually, I'll stop lying and say I need to finish putting away stuff from when I moved in, but in addition I need to clean the house. Motivation, as always, remains at an all-time low. It'll get done I'm sure...someday.

Well, that's all I feel like rambling about at the moment. One day I will master the art of the short post...right now, "any post" is what I'm going for.

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