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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Holy Fuck...

Don't get me wrong, that is a very nice looking paint job on a cool model, but there's not a whole terrible lot on there that's truly difficult with the possible exception of that shield. Probably nine or ten hours of painting. I'm not trying to take away from this guy's work, it is lovely...but to get close to $300 US (as it stands currently) for a $15 dollar model? Damn, I'm in the wrong racket...

[edit]Just to put it in perspective, the next most expensive item (There are tons more expensive) is a lot of 250+ different models (including some tanks and other vehicles), the core of about good-sized three armies. 250+ models are LESS than the ONE? Sure, that price on that lot will go up as the auction gets closer to ending, but DAMN....I'd take quantity over quality...of course, I'm weird like that[/edit]

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So, today has been....mildly...interesting.

I overslept this morning....didn't get to work until almost 9AM. However, Tuesdays and Thursdays the city gets an extra half-hour of work out of me because they won't pay overtime for classes. I don't argue because they could want us to go to classes at six at night or something. So between that and not really taking a lunch break, it's a, it's the second time I've overslept in the past 2 1/2 years...not like it's a common occurence. Just too much stuff going on with everything....I really don't want to get into it to protect the guilty, but....yeah. Flash flood is the only thing I can compare that too.

Last night I had ordered a 120GB hard drive and controller card from Best Buy. I've been looking for a new one since I realized I have like, thirty CDs worth of data and like eight or nine (admittedly mediocre) games that aren't even installed. These are games that are ok, and that I could probably get into if I played them more often, but I don't like them enough to hog up limited space. Flip side, I didn't want to REPLACE either of my hard drives....they've both been loyal, and that's *rare* in hard drives anymore. So, this drive has a separate controller, which now gives me 175GBs of hard drive space. My video card's cooling fan was smacking into one of the punch downs which made my computer rattle until I figured out what that was.

However, you know I don't bring up random minutae without a reason. I placed the order for these items last night at as certain events (see above) prevented me from actually *going* to the store. I told them I wanted to pick up the items from the store in Newport News on Jefferson Blvd. About an hour later, I get an email saying "You can't pick them up, they're unavailable" so I think "well, just ship it 2-3 day" which they can't do b/c that increases the shipping charges and that's not "authorized" which would land them in credit card troubles. So I'm thinking "grrrrrr, guess I'll do that tonight..." when my co-worker (who lives within walking distance) said "They must have done a brisk business in that stuff from this weekend then." With this is mind, I go to Best Buy in Newport News on Jefferson...go to the I/O cards...exact card is sitting on the racks...about five of them. Don't see any hard drives readily, so I ask the attendant. He takes me to their real hard drive section. Just reaches down and hands me the *exact* drive I wanted/ordered, a Seagate 120GB Serial ATA hard drive. How many did they have? Like, a DOZEN. Soooo, they have my card....they have my hard drive....both in ready quantities. Why couldn't I pick them up in the store? Granted, the whole process only took me 10 minutes (less than, that's from parking lot to it was more like six or seven) and it didn't alter my plans in any way, it just puzzles me as to why they'd have a feature that doesn't really do anything.

Well, I have a tidbit of work to do now, so you'll have to entertain yourselves for a bit.

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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Soooooooooo, yeah...been a few days, hasn't it? Well, I've been unavoidably detained *cough*Planetside*cough*

Anyway, Thursday saw the Cisco "written" final. I got the second lowest grade in the class...blah. Of course, since there were only two grades our class got (94 and 86) I suppose that also means I got the highest. *grin*

I had a three day weekend, those are always nice. What did I do with this time? Nothing truly productive. When Planetside was down (which was a surprising lot...but eh, it's still beta), I was painting. I figured out that I really only need two more Grey Knight Terminators, but of course it won't stop there. *grin* Got five more of those suckers pretty close to done with three more hot on their heels. I also got the Captain Stern off eBay...woo! I was worried about overpaying for him...but then again, he wasn't released this week. He *might* be released this week (along with other Grey Knight stuff I'm waiting for) but if the UK site is any indication, it might be late May. Oh, the Dreadnought arrived too, so all my eBay work is done. *cheer*

My mom came back from her mother's....oh yay. I know I don't *do* anything when she's gone, but it seems more relaxed when she's away for some reason. I dunno, but dealing with stupid brother's stupidity seemed to put her on edge which makes her difficult to be around. How stupid is my brother? He broke a bone in his foot...four times...months ago. Didn't get it checked out till this week....stupid, especially for a diabetic.

Finally, I cannot say enough about how much fun I'm having with Planetside. It's great, even for n00bs! See, in most games, the more advanced players will just blast the new players to kingdom come and not think twice about it. In Planetside, advanced players really don't do anything better than a brand new one, they can just do more. For example, a level 20 character and a level 1 character both shoot an assault rifle and do the same damage...but the level 20 player in addition to shooting the rifle can probably repair armor, use a rocket launcher, hijack a vehicle, fly a fighter and a dropship AND use a sniper rifle. But, they still do the same amount of damage with all that stuff...really cool.

Command isn't so fun though, they need a way to issue commands that's not as obtuse as the system they have now. Need to play around with that some more though...but I get the feeling that my place will really be in the trenches more than up the ladder. Anyway, I've blathered enough...back to your daily lives!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

So, what to say, what to say...since there seems to be angry mobs gathering whenever I don't update, I guess I should update more often. I need to minimize the number of angry mobs at my door as per order of the fire marshall, so they gotta go! As for the other four or five mobs...well, hopefully they get hungry and/or bicker among themselves. It's really not the mob I mind, it's just...well, those are perfectly good tomatoes!! That and they never seem to throw them when I have a sandwich in my hand...

Moving on, not a whole hell of a lot to report really. I'm horrible at time management. Now, I'm not bad at it like some people I know when they need to write papers...quite the opposite. I budget too MUCH time for things. Like this week for instance. We drew up a plan to install software in ten labs, examine another bit in an eleventh lab AND work on a fidgety problem in a twelveth. Seems like a full four days of work (we had off on Monday), right? Well, stupid Krinny decides "Ya know, we could make an installer for that one piece I think..." so I spend this morning working on that. I get it to work, and viola! Ten labs done! Ok, so not sucks too badly in three of the labs for the software to be used anyway, but the remainder! And since we've already done the 11th lab...that leaves us with the 12th lab and the final verification of the installer. All in all about 4 hours of work....for the next two days...yeah, I'll be off Friday most likely.

Today was my co-worker's birthday, so I took him (and the DBA and one of the shop monkeys) to lunch at the Thai restaurant. We ordered the "as hot as can be" but it didn't seem as spicy as the "3 star" one I had Saturday. However, a good enough celebration for his 64th birthday...I can't ever think of anything to buy for him as if he wants/needs something, he buys it for himself (which is something I do as well that people complain about). This was the best I could come up with. $43 lunch though, so we're not talking extra cheap! I'm doing that good when I'm that old. Just to put this in the shop P-Cho (the shop monkey) is the oldest guy, and he's 32. Yeah, he's still going strong at twice that age...which is why I don't really let his quirks get to me...I'll probably be taking my meals from a straw and waving a cane at 50...shoot, I already have no memory and complain about kids... *wink*

Planetside has devoured my very soul...well, what was left after Games Workshop finished munching on it (speaking of...I finished 6 more Grey Knights in Power Armor...bringing the total finished to 16). At first I though "hey yeah, this is a cool game...neat idea..." but then I got that ever critical first kill. See, for the first....two, three hours of playing...I was pretty much everyone else's bitch. I was the cannon fodder to get blown away and raise someone else's level. Then I joined the Terran Republic...they have a rifle with FIFTY rounds...since 30 seems to be not enough for me. After I gunned down that one guy, there was no looking back for me. Even now with their servers up, I know I'll be playing into the wee hours of the morning. The great part of all this is...IT'S FREE! YAY! But yeah...the war beckons...and SpaceWolf *demands* to murder the enemies of the Republic (I also found the key for the knife last night)!

Toodles and Noodles!

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Monday, April 21, 2003

It's that time again! Hope you all had a happy Easter. If you didn't, address your complaints to Ally, the Easter Bunny's official Complaints Department (she needed money somehow and *refuses* to take my prostitution or stripper suggestions). It's $15 a complaint (payable through PayPal!) so be aware before you file those complaints...also, there is no guarantee of successful resolution of your complaint. *wink*

So what did I do with my Sunday/Monday? Not a whole heckuva lot. The Easter Bunny gave with both hands, presenting my Chaos fleet with a Planet Killer (very unsubtle name, eh?) and my Grey Knights with a Land Raider. Now, I need to buy some more Boltgun Metal spray paint to get that raider in the right colors. Also, eight more cruisers for the Imperial Navy pulled into dock, so that's happy. One eBayer down, two to go!

I also primered up my Chaos fleet and blacked the bases. Also got the better part of a cruiser painted, looks fairly nice. I even got about six more Grey Knights silver, so now it's just the detail work.

I also got accepted to the Planetside beta. It's part online RPG, part first person-shooter. It's really fun though, as it's a demi-persistent universe (things you do are remembered...but chances are if you leave and come back, stuff you've done might be undone). I was playing that for hours yesterday, and again this morning...but they turned off the servers for maintenance and we're waiting for them to turn them back on. Current time till they're supposed to be up is....negative 2 and half hours. *sigh* It's a really cool game tho, so I don't mind waiting *that* much. Still sucks.

Anyway, I have to take care of a few things so my mom can leave tomorrow. Off to PA for the rest of this week to be with her folks. Yay! So...hope Everybunny had a Hoppy Easter! Later!

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Saturday, April 19, 2003

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo, how's ya'll's Easter weekend been? That good, eh? Well....keep in mind that there's one person who definately had a worse Easter weekend....and a better Easter weekend. That's about as religious as I'm going to get though.

I've been really tired today. I fell asleep last night at like quarter after eleven...and saw this morning when I woke up at 8:30 that I'd actually sent IMs after I thought I fell asleep....which is kind of sad. Then I got up to eat food and played some NCAA 2003 till about noon and went to sleep again until about 5:30.

My parents insisted on taking me out, so we went to this Thai restaurant about five minutes away. OMG!! I *LOVE* Thai food. So veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrry spicy...YUM! Only had 3 stars since I wanted to gauge the spiciness, but I shall take my co-worker there on his b-day Wednesday and will get the four star. *grin* It was delicious! Come up (or down...or over....depending on your geographic location relative to me) and I'll take you there!

Also bought up a trio of cruisers for my Chaos's quite impressive considering the short amount of time I've been building it up. It's currently six destoryers, 18 raiders (frigate class vessels), 8 normal cruisers, 4 heavy cruisers, a grand cruiser and three battleships. Plus, I think the Easter Bunny *might* be bringing me a Planet Killer...*grin* Granted, it's nothing compared to the Imperial ARMADA I have...8 destroyers, 10 frigates (I think), 44 cruiser class ships (includes at least 10 Battlecruisers....) and 6 supporting Space Marine elements. Hehehe

Oh! I got to use a gift card to Barnes & Noble I got for 2001. Got not one, not two, but THREE 40k books AND 3 dollars in cash! WOO!

Anyway, it's time to get back to my normal silliness. Hoppy Easter to all of you! Especially carrots!

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Friday, April 18, 2003

Yep, feels like I hardly do any work anymore...the fun of getting near a major break. See, people are lazy...and apparently the people around here are no different. As a general rule, nothing happens on Friday. Of course, that is based solely on the work orders we receive. More likely, Friday is hellish, they just don't tell you until Monday when your work orders magically double. However, with this being a Friday before a week-long break (and back in my day, spring break for the kids was like two days...none of this week garbage...), it would basically take an act of God to get them to put one in. We still got two in before I just said to hell with it...and right on cue one of our teacher's puts on in after everyone has gone. I guess it's better than not putting one in, but it's a little silly to expect people to come running over on a Friday afternoon when you're sure as heck not plannin' on being around when they show up!

Moving on though, this ranks as a most blah day...and by day I mean that past 24 hours I was awake. Yesterday our class was canceled at the last moment (after we were already across the city from where we might be able to work). So we just reviewed a few questions from the various practice exams and then played table soccer for about an hour. My arm hurts now...but as far as work today goes I actually looked at more electrical problems than computer problems. Apparently transportation decided electrical fires are fun yesterday and we had to go make sure the server was ok still (which it is...Dell builds those fuckers to last damnit!) and then to one of the classrooms where somebody had flipped the breaker for the networking equipment in the lab. Boooooooooooooooring.

I did go *all* the way up to Hobbytown and purchased a few more Chaos ships to round out the fleet and actually picked up some brass rods and a drill to put together my Imperial Battleships (which are a pain in the *ass* to assemble) so maybe they'll get done too. I have like three things that are supposed to be coming from eBay that haven't arrived blah. I will just curl up in a little ball and repeat to myself that it's just b/c of April 15th and all those lazy bastiches who don't do their taxes till the last minute and then flooded the postal service. See what happens when you don't do your taxes early? You inconvenience ME...hang your heads in shame! You know who you are!

Probably going to get my hair cut soon, just don't know what parts or how short. It's too hot to keep all of it (and some parts are *real* annoying), but the fact that it has enough weight that it doesn't stick up like some retarded alfalfa sprout has some merit as well. It's supposed to be reasonably cool through Monday, so I have a few days to ponder. That's about all I can come up with to babble on about, so entertain yourselves until I feel like posting again....because I know you find all this *so* entertaining. *cough*

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

So yeah, not a whole heckuva lot going on...just wanted to confirm that for you peoples. *wink*

Ummm, seriously tho, we got paid today! Yay! And I then turned around and paid off one of my two student loans! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That's great! 6000 more to the other loan and I'll be *debt free*...that's such a cool concept, ya know? Ever since I was born I think my family has owed money to someone for something. The concept of not having anything but normal loans, everything I own being *mine* is just too cool for me to really contemplate. I'm almost tempted to pay of the second loan (as I *have* the money, I just choose not to) but that would take my balance too low to be a Premier member at the bank, so I'll put up with it for a while longer. But I could really get used to this "financial solvency" thing. No credit card balance, only one loan (which was recently pointed out to me *finally* accepts online payments), and a fairly good retirement account going with six months of pay in savings...this is a concept I have absolutely no reference for...really uncharted territory for my family in a way. I mean, like a few weeks ago when I had to pay $600 for my car to be wasn't " the HELL am I going to come up with this money??" (like I know some people are still forced to endure....merf...) it was just "eh...ok"...even went out and bought 80 bucks of Grey Knights that day...I mean, wow...I never sat down and thought about it before.

Speaking of toyz, I've gone even *more* insane. See, I *love* Battlefleet Gothic (even though I have yet to play a game....merf again). For one, it's cheap (for Games Workshop) and the models look really COOL. The other side is that it's a really well-thought out game. It's not like Warhammer or 40k where you can try to enact some sort of fluid plan and adjust. EVERYTHING you can't just plan for this turn and the next, you have to think three and four turns down the road. Plus, it's always fun to yell "BRACE FOR IMPACT!" as torpedoes close in on your cruisers. *grin* But at the insistance of the Ally I have started a Chaos fleet (as I have a 10,000 points of Imperial ships plus however many thousands of points of Space Marine ships). Like I don't have *enough* unpainted models, let's get more! BFG tends to be quick to paint, so it's not *as* bad, but still....crazy!

I also picked up a copy of GW's magazine for May while boosting my chaos fleet. There are *no* new releases for Warhammer 40k OR BFG next month. That SUCKS! Well, my wallet will appreciate the sorta break, but still! I console myself with the fact that a big worldwide campaign starts in May.

I also had a rare moment of brilliance today. Somehow the guys I work with think I know everything...maybe the shirt I wear that says "I know everything"...but anyway. We were discussing the large number of people who have gotten sick lately (well wishes to runt and carrot!) and someone as a joke went "Oh no! It's SARS!" Of course, nobody remembers what the acronym *really* stands for so as I was walking over they said, "What's SARS stand for?" and I said, without missing a beat, "Sudden Anal Retention Syndrome". I thought that was hilarious...and then we thought about all the people who get snippy when something isn't done *exactly* the way they want it ("Your signature isn't over the line!" or "You should have written out the date..."). We decided from now on when someone was being stupid about insignificant matters, we will simply say "Oh...I'm sorry....didn't know you suffered from SARS".

Anyway, that's enough off-color humor for one night. I gotta be up early for the big boss! Breakfast meetings are cool except for that "wake up early" bit...Toodles and Noodles!

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Monday, April 14, 2003

Now that I have had a chance to rest, I have more interesting stuff to talk about....ok, so nothing I ever do is *interesting*, but I feel like wasting more of your time.

First off, I miss monsoon season now. Yeah, it was dark and wet and bleak...but there was no pollen either! Now, this is puzzling to me. My eyes on any given day are itchy and I'll usually wake up to sneezing fits (like...measured in five and six minutes of non-stop sneezing). Now, this is quite obviously an allergic reaction to the pollen...but, WTF?? I mean, I've lived in this house for like almost five years (I think...) and I'm *fairly* certain there was a spring in all five of those years and I don't remember anything like this. I remember JMU, where my allergies were *hideous*, but there wasn't much about that experience that wasn't hideous...

Moving on, I had to laugh my ass off today at Nam Boy. He's a great guy, don't get me wrong, but I don't think he truly realizes the full scope of what we, as computer techs, can do. See, Nammy (so called b/c he's of Vietnamese descent) started off in this field as a wire puller. Now, that job in many ways is more difficult than being a support tech, as it involves actually DOING something. He kind of shunted over to being a computer tech (as opposed to a network tech). Now, he's learning things about how computers work with what it is he does, but he's kind of behind the power curve on some things (as most of us dyed-in-the-wool computer techs would if we became network techs). However, the most important aspect of our job is the ability to learn. I mean, you can know jack over diddly and be able to do our job *if* you can learn quickly. I guess that's the difference between our Technology department and a lot of other ones. Most places hire skilled people, we hire talented ones.

What is the difference? Well, a skill is something you learn....something you practice and study and work at with determination and discipline. Kind of like if you have a musical instrument and practice and practice and practice to become good at it. Now, talent is something different. Talent is ability to do something. These are rare individuals and some people never discover all of their talents. See, there can be someone who practices an instrument ten hours a day and might *still* not be better than someone who's talented and rarely practices. Is this incredibly frustrating to the person who practices constantly? Yep, but that's the way life is. As for myself, I have a talent for learning...and not just learning but cross-referencing what I know already with what I just learned. That's why I have this seemingly mystical understanding of computers I guess.

But back to our mocking of Nammy. He's working with our transportation department and setting up the Web Query stuff so people can check bus routes via the web (for some reason). Now, this is a project under the control of our DBA (DataBase Administrator for you non-techies) who is an incredibly talented AND skilled individual. However, because he's so good at his job, he is constantly in demand on hundreds of projects. As such he doesn't really work on any but the most critical projects unless you remind him to. So I told Nammy to email him daily until he finished and then joked about how probably annoy the DBA and Nammy would find all his email deleted one of these days. Nammy, trying to be non-chalant, said as long as he had his Yahoo mail, he was fine. I pointed out that our DBA could quite easily keep track of what information he was sending out across the web and could probably very easily get his email password, go in and change it and sign him up for dozens of porn lists to fill up his mailbox so everyone would think he died (since their mails would be returned because he was over quota). Nammy of course thought I was just trying to be cute and scare we walked over to the DBA (with the statement of "Hey C, someone out here doubts your power...") and he not only told Nammy that it was true, he proceeded to show *exactly* how he could do it! The look on Nammy's face was priceless! I guess people never really give much thought to these things, but it was funny....I guess you had to be there...

In other news, I got eight more cruisers to feed my obsession with Battlefleet Gothic! YAY! Also I'm waiting on information to buy a Captain Stern (Grey Knight special character) that isn't supposed to be released for another couple of weeks. We'll see how that goes.

Ummmm....yeah....that's all I can think, talk amongst yourselves until I return!

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Wow...I used to believe that, in general, users were intelligent enough people, they just didn't understand all the stuff that was going on around them. Ya know, not their fault...they just didn't *know* the stuff b/c it's not their *job* to know it! If they did, I wouldn't have a job! And this is an attitude held by a good number of techs and most *every* user.

Now, having worked in the field for a few years...that is NOT the case. Sure, that applies to some people, the "they don't know but can learn" crowd....but then again, some people actually *deserve* to be on unemployment/welfare. But for every one of those people who fit into that, there's about five or six (or a hundred in the case of welfare) who DON'T fall into this category. Computers really just require basic thinking skills, which I guess is the problem with our schools...they don't teach you to *think*, they teach you to spit back the "right" answer.

But back to my a for instance, we have teachers who will tell us that Word is not installed on their computers....this one is horribly common occuring probably once or twice a month. Word is a 10MB PROGRAM....what is missing is a 1KB SHORTCUT!! We have *tried* to explain this to NUMEROUS people that these are separate concepts, yet everytime we get the work order "Word is not installed on these computers anymore." GRR! And how many *frickin'* times do we have to explain that "The netlogon service is not running on these machines" is an obtuse way of saying "NETWORK CABLE ISN'T PLUGGED IN!!"?? I must have answered that one about....mmmmm....I don't think they've calculated a number that big. Yes, that is a *stupid* way to say it...but once somebody tells you that this is what it means, why would you ask the same question five times? The answer is still the same!!

I am also fed up with people who drive too slow on the road going home. I understand that the elderly sometimes have problems driving....but if you *must* (meaning you don't feel safe or some such) drive 15 miles under the speed limit on a major yourself (and everyone else) a favor and turn in your license, you're a hazard. Also, if you're stupid enough to try and drink from one of those hug ass coffee mugs while trying to merge onto a 55mph road with a 100 foot merge lane....well, you get the idea....

More ranting to follow...


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Sunday, April 13, 2003

As a sign that I should really not go to bed early as I wake up early, I began to ponder exactly how many people live in this area. See, it's common belief by a lot of the rest of the country that all of VA is kind of podunk...and by that I mean you're ten miles from your nearest neighbor or you're REALLY boonieville and have to drive to the post office to get your mail. *grin* Actually, most of the South except Florida gets that broad prejudice and, if you visit 3/4s of the state of VA, that general assessment is borne out. It *is* a rather sparsely populated region, especially further west. However, there are three regions of VA that are fairly heavily populated.

First is the area of VA around DC, the infamous NoVA (Northern Virginia). Majority of people who live there are somehow related to DC, obviously. This place is traffic HELL...I mean, I've been in a lot of major urban areas on the east Baltimore, Myrtle Beach (counts because you have stupid tourists!), Orlando, Philadelphia and NYC, and NONE of them come CLOSE to the hell that is traffic in NoVA. Roads loop around themselves and tie in a knot it seems...and if you come back a month later, the whole exit scheme on the highways has been changed. There are ten different roads to get to one place, but none of the signs mention that. Scary, scary place...and it's the one stretch of I-95 that we know is going to suck coming back from PA. It's a nice enough place and all, lots of cool stuff, but that traffic makes me run screaming in the opposite put it in perspective, one of my friends who at one point lived in NoVA drove in NYC like it was a walk in the park...and NYC isn't exactly a tiny little burg, ya know?

Then you have the state capital of Richmond and it's attendant counties. This has always been kind of a "meh" region for me. Traffic flows well, they have some neat things to look at and overall you can get stuff that you want. It just, doesn't seem like it has any charm to it. Crime seems really rampant in some regions (as with any city...but here it feels magnified) and all in all it feels like one of those places that's too big for what they've got, but doesn't have the room to expand...kind of like NoVA I guess, but on a smaller scale.

Finally, you have Hampton Roads. You'll never find it on the maps though, it's just a big lumping of a lot of places. It really is a shame too, it's just like NYC was before all the boroughs joined together to make the big city. There are something like 13 or so different communities smashed together in a very small area (If you want to get a rough approximation, get out a map of the US or VA....find the southernmost little penninsula hanging out...go from roughly where the main land mass starts and go to the south eastern corner of VA....that's *roughly* it). According to the census data from 2000, there are 1.5 million people living here. If military personnel and their families are not included in a census, that number is probably closer to 2 million (soldiers have wives and kids you know!). That number might not seem like much, but you have to remember that it's in a fairly compact can probably get from VA Beach (on the beach) to Williamsburg in under an hour assuming nobody has wrecked in the tunnel (which they usually *have* in the summer....stupid tourists). Plus, with so much of the population being affliliated with the military, we seem to get an awful lot of stuff that you don't find in other places. See, so much of the economy is based on the military that they get catered if there's something you really love, it's probably here (or a close approximation thereof). The only downside to this is that they'll never merge into one city...these places are too proud of their heritage to do that. Hampton, for instance, is the oldest English speaking community in the country (that's still around at any rate...). It predates NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Charleston, just about any place in the US you want to name. As a result, they're reluctant to give that up to save money on police and fire, etc. Hence, you get a *lot* of duplication with stores and the like. I think within a fifteen minute driving distance there are 3 Wal-Marts, 2 Targets, 2 K-Marts...three or four Farm Freshes...three major shopping malls (tho one is probably on it's last legs) and innumerable little strip malls. It's really scary to stop and think about sometimes...because I don't even know all the region on this side of the water...and there's *tons* more on the other side (where the cities are even bigger). Traffic is another thing, it moves pretty well in Hampton Roads...sole exceptions being when the cities take it upon themselves to screw the roads up...which Hampton seems to *LOVE* to do now as there are *four* major road construction projects going on right now. Even then though, I can usually get from A to B with a minimum of fuss....just a whole lot more traffic lights (and I *will* have my vengance on the Seldendale drive light...bastich always turns red when I'm driving up to it).

It's easy to overlook this little region because none of the places really stands out on its own, but when taken as a whole, this is probably one of the coolest places to live. We have most everything, traffic flows well enough, you can get to most anywhere else you want to go easily and the weather, while extreme at times, does at least give you all four seasons. Sure, it sucks having insane temperature shifts...but then girls get to have fifty million outfits and actually have a *reason* why they have to have them. I know girls don't care about reasons, but at least that thought can console their significant others who have to shell out five hundred dollars a week in clothes. *wink*

Anyway, I've babbled on long enough now...THIS IS WHY I SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO WAKE UP EARLY!!! Toodles and Noodles!

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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Yeah, not much going on, hence a lack of serious postings.

I am *sick* of that stupid software at the schools. Grrr! Again, it *appears* to be working correctly, we'll see if it *stays* that way.GR!! work issued cell phone is in a state of bustification! That sucks but at least it works still....just some annoying things that need to be inside face is held in place by the case....who's failure to hold the phone caused the bustification in the first place! *sigh* Least I don't have to pay for to be fixed I 'spose.

Stocks are going hiss! Still making money, but not as much and if this keeps up...I won't be.'s a good thing I don't *really* care about the money for another....*checks calendar* twenty or thirty years...hehe.

In other news, my toy obsession deepens as I picked up eight more Terminators because....well....they're just so gosh darn cute! Anyway, I have more to cut out and paint now that rainy season seems to be I'll talk to you later! Toodles and Noodles, Kaboodles!

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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Yay....monsoon continues....merf...

Kind of a boring day at work. We're down to only three work orders and there's not a whole lot to be done about any of them. We're hoping to get rid of one of them over Spring Break, and I *might* get one to go away tomorrow. But yeah, just kind of a tum te tum day.

I made this testing program work at one of the high schools...and this is a program that just baffles me with how stupid the people who wrote it are. Ok, first off, they use a directory off the root of the drive instead of just making temporary files in it's own directory. Now, students really aren't allowed to make too many changes to these computers...mainly b/c when they can they download five tons of crap and waste time and resources. This is not a thought that ever entered into these geniuses heads evidently. So you make this little directory so students can create the temporary files and such and then hide the folder so they can't see big deal right? Well, the programmers of this their finite wisdom...have it so when you run the program, the first thing it does is delete the folder!! OMG! That's like "everytime you start the engine of your car...have it spit out a piston!" How *stupid* can you be? So I have to go around and change it so they can delete what is *in* the folder, but not the folder itself. Not a difficult process, but very annoying.

On the home front, I've decided to start getting the Imperial shipyards cranking out capital ships while the monsoon is limiting painting. I discovered that while I *thought* I had 3 battleships and 3 carriers, I have 4 battleships and only 2 carriers. This has required some re-ordering of the command structure of the fleet and the flagship will now be a Nemesis Fleet Carrier, not the Apocalypse Battleship as planned. Ah well, nothing major...but man this fleet is insane! I have 36 cruiser class ships...that's still a lot! But at least the Gothic's control over the fleet might be broken. I have five of those, more than any other class. It's time for something else! hehe

Ummmmm....yeah, that's about it. IRA funds are going long as they keep goin down until the 23rd and then spark back up, I'll be happy. The Grey Knights should get their reinforcements in terms of heavy weapons this week I *think*...and then it will just be the addition of 10 more Terminators and their Grandmaster. And...oooo! I figured out that my new job that they keep telling me is next to mine (I'll only believe it when I have it in writing of course) should make about half again as much as I do currently. That's nifty! Anyway, off to lay hulls...maybe a girl too *wink*wink* Toodles!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Since work doesn't give me enough to do, I figure I'll rant and rave for a bit while I wait for class time to arrive...hehe.

First, I must say I am damn good at my job. Today I have fixed problems on more than 160 computers...and I really haven't left my desk since 9AM! Amazing what happens when you have a functioning network. I did have four computers that weren't fixed...2 because they weren't on (that helps...and we've *told* them so many times to leave the blasted things on...2 out of 140 actually is a new record for them though) and the other 2 because their network cables didn't go anywhere.

Now, we had the network people look at the EXACT machines that are having problems now and they told us we were crazy. We now had Mr. Ed, the guy who runs the shop and is the school's tech (who isn't too shabby with network stuff), look at it and he said "These wires aren't plugged in and where they go is up top and bundled up in tie wraps." So what that means is that someone playing with them would need to have 1) tie wraps and 2) a very, very good ladder as this thing is mounted up high and the teacher has blocked off access with five tons of crap. The sad part is that it's probably been like this for a month now and the teacher never said anything. Sad, just sad...but the netadmin is kind of...perturbed that the network people are saying one thing and that he's got three techs who have been in that room today saying another. Somewhere along the line, something is getting messed up here.

In other news, I am close to disgusted with "family TV" shows and their writers. They just piss me off...the most recent culprit was 7th Heaven on the WB. Now, I realize that this is a show that's obviously going to try and teach morality, but this...this was just drivel. Normally I don't watch the show, but I was in the middle of doing something for work and didn't feel like changing the channel. The story was, quite blatantly, about smoking. Now again, I'm not advocating smoking, and I'm not disagreeing that in general, smoking isn't the best idea we've come up with. HOWEVER, I'm not going to tell people that they shouldn't TRY smoking if they so desire, as it does provide a relief from stress and occasional change of pace, but at the same time you have to know that smoking three packs a day and craving a cigarette every two minutes is a sign that you have a problem. Everything in moderation.

This show however made me sick. First off, it more or less said "people who smoke are less than human." Just about any mention of smoking was followed by the word "stupid" and it more or less continued on like that. Now, they want to say smoking is bad, then that's their call I suppose, but then two scenes just took away my ability to listen to a word this show said. First, the youngest daughter (Ruthie? I'm not real familiar with the names of the characters) and her friend go to the movies and they afterwards discuss that it's bad to have the "hero" of said movie smoking and drinking because then kids will think that type of behavior is ok and then they'll do it to try and look cool. This in itself isn't a bad thing, b/c it *is* slightly true. Anyway, the kids agree smoking is stupid and move on with life. Fast forward to another scene with them and the boy says he doesn't think smoking is stupid and he does it from time to time with some of his friends. The girl then proceeds to say "I like you, but I don't like smoking and I don't like people who smoke, so I'm not going to hang out with you if you keep smoking" (or something generally to that effect). OMG! I would *smack* my children (making the big assumption that I someday have them) if they ever said something like that. This is teaching children that it's ok to not associate with someone because you don't like what they do.

It's one thing to not want to be around someone WHILE THEY'RE that poses a definite health risk, but to not associate with them in GENERAL because they smoke? no no no no person on this earth is *any* better than any other person...we're all human, you're not allowed to say what is right for anyone other than yourself. Essentially, you are forcing people to choose between your friendship and something they enjoy, which is simply not right. I realize religion is kind of predicated on the idea that there are people who are "above" others, but that's a bunch of crap. If you're a Christian, you'll notice that Jesus went out of his way to show that he was at the very least the equal of the disciples if not the servant of them (remember, he washed his disciples feet shortly before he was killed...since Easter is coming up for those who know it's about more than bunnies).
THAT is the example he wanted to give us, that we are here to help one another, not judge each other. Sadly, most religion has descended into petty name-calling and judging.

The other scene that pissed me off was when a girl burns down someone's house by leaving a cigarette burning in an ash tray. Ok...1) That must be a VERY crappy ash tray to have started a fire... 2) They portray this girl as a selfish idiot who doesn't care about anyone but themselves, which was in general how they characterize smokers throughout the show. This is just sad because they JUST finished saying that children take their examples from what they see on TV and in movies, and we're teaching them it's ok to hate people because they don't live the same way we choose to live our lives.'s just garbage. Ever since Jessica Biehl (sp?) left that show, I've really not been all that interested in it, and it's sad to see how far it's fallen. I'm pretty sure at one point it was a thoughtful show that dealt with serious issues in a reasonable fashion. Now, it's just bunk.

That's my 50 cents...they don't call me a heretic for nothing!

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Monday, April 7, 2003

And the results are in!

I am 87% Evil Genius

I am pure evil. I lie awake at night devising schemes of world domination, and I will not rest until all living souls bend to my will.

Take the Evil Genius Test at

Now, I don't believe this comes as surpise to anybody...but it's nice to have official confirmation. *grin*

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GOOD GOD! I woke up this morning at 7:10, which is 6:10 still by my body's clock, and looked outside and the sky was BLACK. SHEETS of rain, I was walking into the building and I looked like somebody threw a bucket of water on me. Ah well, at least the pollen got washed off my car....probably a few layers of paint too.

So this weekend was actually kind of cool. On Sunday I found this kick ass mod for Battlefield 1942 that turns it into the Coalition Vs., that's fun! Drive around in an Abrams...hop out and lay waste...great time. Made me go out and buy Road to Rome (the official Expansion) and while I was there, they had a copy of NCAA 2003 for 20 bucks! YAY! My disc was played so much, it just wore out (got tired of losing games 117-0 I guess) and it would be $15 plus shipping to get a replacement from addition to taking four weeks. Blah, but now I have a disc and it works and my games are all still there....God bless the Xbox. Krinny Kollege Kontinues its Karnage! *grin*

Saturday like I said, I went out with my bro and his g/f to a "gentleman's club" called the Katt. It wasn't a sleazy club and the girls still had the equivalent of a bikini on, but it just didn't do much for me. Any girl that was cute my brother had to ruin (since he was customer of the month this time last year)..."Oh, she's married...I know her husband" or "Why would you have boobs that big if you're a lesbian?" SHUT UP!! I'm having difficulty enjoying this and you're not making it easier!! The place *did* have most excellent cheese fries...which is probably the one redeeming factor. Plus, how many times do you get to chat with a guy named Twinkie? Ok, his name is Jason, but everyone calls him Twinkie...give you an idea, he's been dieting for two months and he's DOWN to 260. The truly sad thing is I go to a strip club, and I come home with toyz....WHAT THE HELL?? I was actually happier about that then I was about watching girls wave their bodies around for four hours... (For those who are wondering, World's Best is literally down the street...I was completely unaware of this... *adds "Good Location" to the benefits of World's Best*

Anyway, I'm wasting city time here, so I'll talk to you all later!

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Sunday, April 6, 2003


Yes, I realize that's an accomplishment that year olds take for granted, but for me that's big news! I'd almost given up on ever successfully doing that being as it's been the better part of twenty three years...hehe. But the method has been established! Vickery is mine!! the pills work any faster for imbibing them correctly? I'll post some about last night work ta do...

*wanders away sniffling and sneezing from allergies*

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Saturday, April 5, 2003

Since there have been complaints lodged by a certain Allyson Garrick, who shall remain nameless, it's time for an update!

Where to start, where to start...hmmmmm. Lot of stuff has happened, but I'll just discuss the things that actually have a conclusion.

Well, my interview on Thursday was interesting. I was veeeeeery careful to avoid words like "unpack" and "move" and "assemble" and focused on words like "plan" and "integrate" and "analyze" and the like. Like I said, I think it went fairly well. Then we had class and got the information for our performance final on how we need to set up these five routers. I dunno what the deal is with the groups though, like J Fair technically has the lowest test average (and I have the highest... *cough*), yet the two of us are always way ahead of the other group. For example, we had to calculate specific subnets, print up what we were going to use (so the teach could make sure we had the right ones) and then print up a diagram with all the IP addresses. Well, we finished about the time they got their first part done. It's not like I do all the work, I made J Fair do all the stuff to, and he seems to get it very well to. Very odd...maybe we're just that good...

Anyway, Friday I got to take my car in for service. Oh yay, oh yay. It all started Wednesday when my car wouldn't idle after class. Now, my car is effectively my job, as I can't get to the schools without it, so that means its continued operation is non-optional. So I take it to the shop to have a normal servicing, the filters, oil change, etc. and have them clean out the idle sensor/valve that had gotten stuck earlier. Well, of course, in the process of doing this, they discover the water pump is leaking and probably should be replaced (again, the non-optional bit...and during the summer...coolant in the engine *is* useful) and that a valve has gone bad. So might as well have them do that while it's there since it sure beats having the pump go when I'm on the road. Oh, and the A/C probably needed servicing. Final damage? $600...okay, $598, but that's damned close enough! And NOW, it seems like my spedometer might be telling me I'm going 5 miles faster than I'm really doing (i.e. - says I'm doin 45 when I'm really doing 40). While that might not get me a speeding ticket, it's sure gonna piss off anyone behind me. *sigh* Need to make sure and see if T-diddy's bro knows how to re-calibrate them.

My leg bump is *finally* getting smaller and hurting less. This is a merry happy thing, as band-aids there are painful and don't stick well as the muscles move too much. Whether this means my leg is better or just going to need amputation, who knows? For now it's a good thing.

On the toy front, I got a dozen Grey Knights in Power Armor in blisters, again cleaning out my favorite toy store of their supply of them. I'm starting to think I should warn them about when I'm buying stuff as I seem to buy up everything a lot and nobody gets any more for the rest of the week (I've cleaned them out like this on different models many times). I'm sure they don't care so long as the product is moving, but I feel bad for those poor (slower) bastards after me. Especially since this is the only store in the area that actually gets new stuff every week (for my reviews of toy stores in the area, see after the cut).

Today was pretty calm, just talking to my friends mostly. Also got gas and glue (interesting combo, no?) so I should be set for a bit on both of those counts. My bro called and asked if I wanted to go out with him and his girl, so I'll probably be leaving soon enough.

Anyway, think that's all for right now...if you *really* care about toy stores...keep on readin...


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Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Ah, tame day at work...gotta love those.

I have my reclassification interview tomorrow, wee. I have no idea what I'm going to say, I just hope I don't end up babbling like an idiot like I do here. What? I don't babble like an idiot? Oh stop! You're too kind...

Anyway, got an invitation to my friend's wedding at the beginning of May. Kind of weird to think about a buddy of mine being tied to the old ball and chain. I mean...geez! Especially this guy, I mean, most of my memories of him somehow involve you get the idea. Now I need to come up with a present and/or a guest. Any suggestions? *wink*

Got an Empire soldier painted up last night but I don't know if i'm sold on the color scheme. It's like Ice Blue and Fortress Grey...but it's just kind of...I dunno. Guess I need to paint up a few ranks to see how it looks en masse.

Moving on, I need to get a few things done for work...and then prepare for that interview, so I'll see if I can post some more later. Until then!

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