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Friday, March 26, 2004

Kind of sad news...

Man, I remember beta testing E&B, and now it's gone...or will be soon. Kind of crummy, but then again that game stagnated quickly. Didn't matter what you did, it just kind of leveled off after a while and there was never that motivation to keep going. It was a really cool game, and I played it for about six months, but in the end it just wasn't captivating enough.

Hope PlanetSide doesn't go under too...they're almost a year old now, and I still love playing it, but I wonder if other players are getting bored. Time will tell I guess.

Yeah...that it for now, just killing the time until I have to take a new computer out to one of the elementary schools and then go home (slightly early...shhhhh! hehe). But really what's the point in driving back downtown to then turn around ten minutes later to drive back over where I just was? That no makey with the yeah...not doing that.

I've been in a very moody state for the past few weeks...last night I was really mad...and now I'm very sad. Wish I could get positive emotions in the mix.

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Ok...yeah...while since updated, eh?

Well, you should know by know I don't do anything interesting. Some really interesting times debating with my immediate supervisor about various political summarize it, I shall quote the Family Guy (which I've been watching a lot more of lately...):

"Look at me Lois! I'm the two symbols of the Republican party! An elephant and a white guy who hates change"

While I'm on the topic of politics, I really hate these people who say we need to pull our troops out of Iraq. Do these people NOT understand that this is why other countries hate us? Sure, they dislike us for sticking our noses where they may or may not belong, but then when we DO go somewhere, we don't finish things and leave them worse than they were! I'd be willing to bet that less than 5% of the Iraqis actively want the Americans out, and yet because we're losing our troops, we're going to let these bullies murder hundreds, if not thousands of their fellow Iraqis? That's the problem, we have no issues with people killing each other, so long as no American is getting killed. It's sickening...and while I understand that these people want their sons/husbands/uncles/fathers/etc. back, bringing them back to send them out into an even worse situation later (look what happened in '91 and compare that to now) is an even greater disservice. These people volunteered, and being in the military was never a cakewalk. It's part of the risk that goes along with being a military family. Nobody forced them to join, they did so of their own free-will...and I for one believe that they are doing this nation proud. Much support to the men and women overseas...come home safe, but come home with the job done.

Anyway, Monday is my usual posting we'll see what happens then. I'll have a massive update of toy wants (Easter is coming you lazy people who never sent me anything!) have no fear!

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Saturday, March 6, 2004

No real news...just annoucing that I have created a toy wishlist for your Krinny-present-buying needs.

That is all....

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Tuesday, March 2, 2004

It's Tuesday! Yes it know it WANT it to be Tuesday. Don't lie to me! I can see it in your eyes. STOP YOUR FILTHY LIES YOU WANT IT TO BE TUESDAY! you really want it to be Friday. I can't blame you, but I WILL!

Psychotic episodes aside, let's go over a few things.

1) My knee spontaneously ruptured on Saturday. Don't know what happened, but I looked at my knee and the whole top of it was covered in blood. Looked like a scrape or something but...I didn't scrape it on anything. I'm used to wounds appearing without my knowledge when I'm drunk, but I hadn't been drinking. It was very odd...and it's painful to change from sitting to standing now, so that kinda sucks...takes a while for the band-aid to adjust.

2) Mr. Ulanti is the greatest invention ever. I'm tweaking my database further to allow pictures! If it wasn't so highly customized to what *I* want and Mr. Ulanti's unique file structure, I'd post this out on the web for people. was not meant to be. If only they'd make a version of Army Builder for the handheld...

3) Games Workshop is still cool, but I grow weary of having to start a list of things that they need to replace for me. I mean really, is it THAT hard to count to 8? Those seem to be the boxes with the most mistakes. 8 horse bodies should mean 8 horse heads...but NO! It means 6...I mean really, what knight worth his salt is going to forget his horse's HEAD.

4) Cox is an appropriately named company. They are billing me full price this month even though it's supposed to be half off till May. They will be receiving a phone call about this.

5) All the other utilities are in my name now. Yay.

6) I made $40 yesterday in stocks. How cool is that? Just sitting on my ass, and I get money. Why didn't somebody tell me about this system sooner? Can't wait till I retire now (which will hopefully be around 40...I've said if my stocks ever reach 3 million dollars, I don't care how old I am, I'm retiring and living off of the interest...even at 2% interest that's $60,000 annually :D). Off of my IRA, I'm eligible to retire at 30 (that's when I owe no taxes on my gains), so here's hoping! Eligible to retire from the state at full benefits at 50....GO IRA GO!!!

7) Finally had a session of near pure Zen last night as a Planetside fighter pilot (From 7PM to 12AM! :O). It was glorious. Went up 2 battle ranks, and racked up an impressive number of kills. Still need to work on the "not flying into trees" aspect of it...and I still suck at air-to-air, but I'm getting the hang of ground attack runs. Blasted many vehicles. Still trying to decide what to do with the 5 certifcations that character has, as I can do pretty much anything with them. We will have to see where I go with that.

Was recruited into a new outfit (created 2/28/04) which is odd for me, because both of the outfits I care about were day one outfits (created 5/20/03). New experience not being in such a storied group. Anyway, due to the fact that I was racking up insane experience with the vehicle kills, I've actually earned more outfit points than everyone but the outfit leader and one other person. Even outpaced the guy who recruited me. I find this humorous.

While on the topic of outfits, I really wish I could catch the guy who's in charge of the outfit GreyKnight is in. He doesn't really seem to be doing anything with it, and I'd like to try and revive it. It is a Day One outfit, it was on the leaderboards until about August when people started leaving. Besides, who wants to waste a name like 47th Mechanized Guards?

8) Tycho of Penny Arcade has forever cemented himself as the coolest person on earth. Why? First, he's one of the guys who does Penny Arcade, the best web comic. ever. Second, HE HAS NECRONS! :D Not only does he have and play Warhammer 40,000, HE MENTIONS IT IN A NEWS POST! Joyous!

9) Due to snow and Hurricane Isabell, I have to work this Saturday. Can we say "massive suckage"? 'Democrats' No no...not gigantic idiots...try again..."massive suckage" 'Republicans' Damnit NO! NOT flaming retards..."massive suckage" 'Linux' Eh...close enough...

10) We're probably going to switch to Dell printers (after some strange Xerox stuff and shameless lobbying by yours truly), so that'll be fun. Still trying to get Dell to give me something for free other than a pen. You generate a million dollars in business for a company, you'd think they could give you a free MP3 player...

Ten points is enough for I'll tag this one onto the end: GO HERE DAILY!

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