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Monday, March 31, 2003

Pshew! Back to posting!

No, I did not pull an Ally where I didn't update the website for days. I was informed by E-starr (the people with whom this august web page resides) that they were moving servers and that updating anything on the website was a bad idea.

This weekend was more of the same as always. I painted up a squad of Terminators and they look wonderful. And I got some weird lookin' bump on the inside of my thigh that makes it painful to walk...but I think it's just an irritation rash or some such. I put some talcum powder and anti-biotics on it and it seems to have calmed down for the time being. If it doesn't get better by Wednesday though, I might have to go to the doctor to have it looked at. Lord knows it's weird lookin...

Anyway, um...yeah, only other thing of note is that since July 1, 2002, we've received 1105 workorders. Of that 1100+, all but 8 are done. That's a pretty good completion rate if you ask me. We'll see if that comes in handy with my job thingie on Thursday.

As a final note, my investment portfolio has declined to $581. Still, that's $11 more than I put into it, so I guess that's ok. Hopefully it will start going up again though! That'd be nice....anywho, later!

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Friday, March 28, 2003

So far today has been decent enough. Even though I had to go in at a normal time to go to work, it wasn't TOO awful bad. Problem is the new guy wants to get used to everything and when there's only so much to do, that means a lot of sitting around by yours truly. Oh well, eventually things will be back to normal.

Nothing terribly exciting happened at work other than getting to see a car completely flipped over on 64 this afternoon. That was neat. Other than that, just a standard day of goofing off. I have an appointment to discuss my job next Thursday, that should be interesting. I'll let you guys know how it goes, m'kay?

Mrs. G said the nicest stuff on her web site, so go look! It's the entry before her battle monkey (which apparently most anyone can kick the crap out of...). Don't blink though! You might miss a layout change!

My Chaos Dreads finally arrived from the UK as well. While they're super cool and I'm glad they're here, they might not be painted for a while since the Grey Knights got here first. Ah well, someday they will join my legion of the Ruinous Powers. Anyway, I need to go get something to drink and settle in after a long day, so I'll talk to you all later.

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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Isn't it great when you wait for something for months and can't wait till it arrives and then when it does you're completely satisfied and it was worth the wait? Yeah...good feeling isn't it? That's the feeling I got today when I bought my Grey Knight Terminators, and I don't know that I've ever quite had the same feeling. I know it's really silly to get so worked up about little hunks of metal, but I just think they are some of the most beautiful models that have been crafted recently. I mean, I actually believe they're WORTH the $10 a piece. That's saying a lot as I tend to think a lot of these things are overpriced (especially anymore). Just gorgeous models...if they weren't so expensive, I might even be crazy enough to try and make a full company of Terminators, but shelling out $, not that crazy....yet.

Other than that, not much going on. Mrs. G has been really tired lately, so I'm starting to worry. I don't know if her body is just getting used to a normal schedule again (since she descended into vampirism during Spring Break) or if maybe something is wrong. I'm hoping she's just recovering from her bouts of insomnia over the past few weeks and is becoming a more normal human...well as close of an approximation as she can manage at any rate.

But yeah, the last box of those Terminators's nice to have something not disappoint me...especially after the build-up these guys had. Now I have my obsession with the plastic Cadian Imperial Guardsmen to keep me going (obsession had since 1999, still going strong!). Toodles!

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Jeremiah was a bullfrog. And that's why this entry goes backward in time.

I don't know why but I've been singing that off and on today. The fact that I work with a Jeremy makes it slightly more amusing to me. I guess it's kind of a slow work day, a point illustrated when the majority of the shop (and Technology secretary) were discussing the plans for evacuating the building in the event of a fire (i.e. - jumping out of windows). We weren't doing a preparedness drill, someone just looked out and said "Boy, that's a long drop" and it just kind of flowed from there. The mayhem that just spontaneously occurs out here, I tell ya.

I'd just gotten back from one high school...the one that we look to with a sense of mounting dread most days. I don't know why, but that's just an evil school. I don't think it's so much the's almost like the house in the Amityville Horror. Like you walk in and you just feel "something is not right here". Equipment sent there breaks more, works slower and in general it's just like a bizarre vortex of blahness. Kind of interesting to start the day when I walk into the room and the teacher (who's fairly young and pretty) says that I'm "her Lone Ranger"....take that how you will. Finally cleared up some stuff over there so now we're down to 10 work orders again. I get the feeling that some of the work orders simply will never go away, so you know...

Last night was the realization that Americans are not the most idiotic people in the world. People in other countries make even Bubba redneck look intelligent. Maybe it's just the protesters against this war are just universally stupid? I mean, the idea that protests will actually end a war in a non-election year is moronic to begin with. The idea that people protesting in OTHER COUNTRIES is a special brand of idiot. Then there's this crap about it being all about oil. Now, I realize that the education system is probably crap elsewhere, so they don't know better, but again....that takes a special brand of idiot. For those who don't understand, keep reading. For those that do understand why they're morons for saying that, skip to the paragraph after next.

Saying the US is in there for oil is like saying the basketball players union is arguing for lower wages for NBA players. It doesn't make sense. Sure, if the US conquers Iraq and tries to set up the 51st state there, the argument would hold merit, but the US has no interest in staying there. Do we want to put in a stable, non-terror based government? Yes. Does that mean they'll stay friendly to the US for ever and ever amen? Doubtful. Hell, Europe would probably be part of the Third World if it hadn't been for the US and you see how much they support us fifty years later. Now, factor in that it is FAR from the US's best interest for a stable Middle East. Why wouldn't stability be in our best interests? Look at the Middle East. Oil-rich nations with not a clue on how to do anything other than drill oil and oppress their populations. None of these nations has anything close to a competent military anymore except Iraq and Iran. Iran I think will have taken the hint by its two neighbors being smashed to behave itself (which is something it has been doing). Now, if Iraq were to attack Saudi Arabia, they have no illusions on how much of an ass-kicking they'd take, so they sell their oil cheaper to suck up to America so we send our troops to die. Now, take out this threat. America will still buy the oil, we have no reason to be nice to them....why not sell it for more? Drives the cost of oil up to stabilize that region. As the final nail in this stupid, stupid argument of theirs, look at Alaska. There's more oil under that place then there is in the entire Middle East. It's just such "pristine wilderness" that people object to it being drilled and it's easier to buy it then set up cold-weather rigs. But if we wanted it, we could certainly go out there and get it, bypassing the need for the Middle East. No, getting rid of Saddam is not about oil, it's not about imperialism, it's about removing a horrible leader from his position where he can hurt his own people and stifle their development because it suits his megalomanical needs.

Prior to that I had set up my new paint carousel. Now I can see all my paints at one time and not have to clutter up the table to do so. Made me realize that I had a LOT of some colors. Think there's four bottles of Imperial Purple and four of Boltgun Metal (and that's "like new" bottles....not dried up ones). I also took out my new calvary pistoliers from their blisters and tried to play with them. Another one of those "limited pose deals" where I got six models...possible 3 poses, 5 of one pose and 1 of another. *sigh* Oh well, I got them and my Empire army is about 1500 points of troops now (and I'm looking over at Mrs. G's weakling little 500 points when I say that...)

Before that....well, we're skipping that because I don't particularly care to revisit it.

I got my starmat in yesterday as well. Lot bigger than I had planned on, but it DOES look pretty cool. Now I just need to find a place to set it up and take pictures of my ships...

Finally, we got a new guy at work. He's working with us until we figure out his schedule for rotation amongst the techs. Seems like a nice enough guy, he likes to learn etc. He was tickled pink putting in user accounts yesterday (and today) which is something we usually look to as a major chore (having entered in 3000 or so users) so that was nice. This *is* a complex system to get used to, but hopefully he'll come along quickly enough and not be corrupted by those hideous Macintosh computers. If he does, oh

Think that's enough random mayhem for now...catch ya all later!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Because I'm super-cool just like Ally, I have done a Astro Chart. Because I'm much *nicer* than Ally, you only have to read it if you want to. [more]

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

I hate these stupid stupid commercials on TV about don't do drugs and don't smoke. Oh my God can they be any more annoying? First off I disagree with them on principle but then to make them IDIOTIC on top of that? It's just too much.

First up on the firing squad is the commercials from Truth about smoking. OH MY GOD SHUT UP ALREADY. I don't care what super-secret plots the tobacco companies have. I don't care how many people die a day from cigarette smoking and I'm REALLY annoyed with your idiotic stunts to demonstrate this. YOU'RE STUPID, YOU'RE DOING A STUPID THING. STOP already....TV is mindless enough without your drivel.

In a similar vein is the "Y?" campaign. "Can anyone give us a reason smoking ISN'T stupid?" Can anyone give me a reason that welfare isn't stupid? How about affirmative action? Can anyone give us a reason that you can vote when you're 18 but can't gamble or drink till you're 21? Can anyone explain why we'd stop fighting a war simply because "ooo! look! We can end the war 100 hours after it started!" WITHOUT actually doing anything to achieve our objectives? How about any of them? We're a country built on doing stupid things. God, if we stopped doing stupid things, I think America would cease to exist.

The next offender is our own government, which is nothing new. Their anti-drug campaigns have always been laughable, but DAMN I think the linking terrorists and drugs is a new level of...lunacy. Yes, drug money supports does oil does probably any money that gets to a country that doesn't like us (which currently is the majority of the world). To say that stopping drug use will stop terror is a specious claim at best. Then they come out with this "it's more dangerous than we thought" crap about marijuana. These commercials almost take the cake for being retarded. They imply that marijuana can cause kids to shoot each other! OH MY GOD...LEAVING YOUR GUNS UNLOCKED WHERE YOUR CHILDREN CAN GET THEM DOES THAT YOU RETARDS! It causes car accidents....DRUNK DRIVING, CELL PHONES AND JUST IDIOTS ON THE ROAD PROBABLY CAUSE MORE. It causes teenage pregnancies...NO, STUPID KIDS DO THAT. We want to blame drugs for our own lack of any common's everything's fault but our own lack of intelligence!

See, the real reason I object to these things is not because I'm one of those people who thinks that there's no harm in having fun. I know drugs are dangerous, they can be addictive and a lot of people's lives have been ruined because of drug addiction (both directly and indirectly). The problem is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell people that they can't do something. If you believe in such things, God has been telling us for 6000+ years not to kill each other...we're doing really good on that one, lemme tell you...just turn on the TV and see! So if GOD can't get us to stop doing things, what the hell chance do you think our little government has? Does that stop us from trying? Nope, and the end result is we blow tons and tons of money trying to stop drugs while at the same time artificially inflating the prices of said drugs creating the exact environment that we claim to want to stop. Yes, that's right...DRUG LORDS AND DRUG MONEY ARE CAUSED BY ANTI-DRUG LAWS. It's the EXACT concept that gave rise to the bootleggers and mobsters of the 1920s with Prohibition and all the violence, corruption and murder that revolved around that. GET A FUCKING CLUE AMERICA...STOP WASTING MONEY AND TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO LIVE THEIR LIVES.

Yes, people will get hurt. There's a good possibility that a lot of people will overdose and die and a lot of people could lose loved ones and people they care about. You know what I have to say to you? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ASSHOLE. Don't sit there and bitch about how your friend started using drugs and now is a crackhead...BE A FRIEND AND KEEP THEM SOBER IN THE FIRST PLACE. Be supportive when they need you, go out and do things so you're not bored...hell, if you're strapped for ideas, GO HELP THE HOMELESS. But that's work, and we can't actually GIVE A FUCK about those we care about...we'll let the government do that. We'll let the government do what we should be doing for our family and friends....that's what government's for, right? To do everything that we can't be bothered with. No wonder other countries hate us, we don't even do a damned thing for the people we claim to care about.

For those wondering, smoking falls in the same category...let people do what they want. If some people die...well, Lord knows we've held natural selection up long enough...take care of your own family and friends and you probably won't see too much in the way of problems. Or don't do anything and whine and bitch about it...your choice, but stop wasting money and airwaves with your asinine garbage.

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Well, new BETA files anyway. It's really pathetic how reliant upon that program I've become to tell me what points value my armies of toyz have. See, the game assigns a fairly arbitary value to each model depending on how effective it is in relation to the rest of it's fellows. In this system, the guy carrying a tank-busting weapon costs more "points" than the guy with the club does. By the same token, tanks cost more than infantry. The problem is with all the upgrades and customizations that take place, it gets really confusing really fast. This program helps break it down into nice chunks and keep you from having to do all the math by hand.

The Chaos Codex screwed all that up because there is simply *so* many options for everything. The codex was released back in November-ish of last year and they STILL haven't gotten it completely done yet. As an illustration, the Daemonhunters Codex released early February already is starting to look quite complete.

Problem is that without this program, I have no idea how ludicrous my plans are. I was thinking a Grey Knight army with a Grand Master, 25 Terminators and 60 Grey Knights in Power Armor (3 normal squads, 2 Teleport Attack Squads and a full Purgation squad). I punched these numbers into Army Builder and came back with an army of 3305 points. That's a entire Imperial Guard Army of 110 infantry, 2 Battle Tanks, 1 Artillery piece, 4 APCs, 1 Superheavy tank and 1 bomber is 3529 points. And the Imperial Guard would probably do some heavy hitting against the Grey Knights with those tanks....sure the infantry would drop faster than the stock market, but that's what they're there for. Guardsmen are really just fleshly ablative armor. ;)

In other news, ummm.....the Warstore finally billed me, but nothing yet from Forgeworld. Work orders progess....and I still see nothing on my investment portfolio. Oh yeah, I have an exam should be such fun (kill me now)! I do so love taking tests (kill me)! Shouldn't be too bad, you know...everyone understands routing protocols...EVERYONE!!! DAMN YOU!!! COMPREHEND!!!

Yeah, boredom is a terrible thing. ;) As is giving anyone from South Carolina the ability to post comments evidently, further evidence that boredom is a terrible thing. Anyway I was just thrilled that I got those Army Builder files...I lead such a simple life. Talk to you all later...I have a Grey Knight army to trim down...

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Monday, March 24, 2003

As usual, these guys are hilarious

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Wow...8:30 got here WAY too fast. Feels like I just woke up...

Anyway, it's weird the way banking works. I have two different orders pending on my credit card, and yet neither has been posted. I just find that...GUR...especially since one of them was ordered about this time last week (see also: Chaos Dreadnoughts). They better start posting dammit!! That's how I know when to get indignant when they don't show up dammit!

The bubble finally burst on that retirement account, as it slid all the way down to $ least the money they took out (ON FRIDAY) won't get added till tomorrow, so at least I'll be buying more shares with it. Again, you take out the money...then you do nothing with it...but like I said, in this case at least it worked out to my advantage.

This weekend, as usual was pretty boring to just about anyone but me. Most of it was spent on toyz (ok...have you people noticed a theme yet?) and talking to Ally. I'm am *thrilled* with how the Grey Knights turned out. They look terrific and barely take any time to paint. My Chaos Marines take longer and look less impressive, but I think that's more a tribute to the details on these models than my painting skills.

My arm looks like I went through a freaking war. I took Nimitz on a car ride over the weekend...apparently the last time he was in a kitty carrier was when we took him to the vet to be "snipped" so I guess he had some unpleasant memories as any male of any species would. Overall he was pretty good (for a demon-spawned hellcat) but something tells me that I won't be taking him out for anymore trips. If I ever suggest such a thing again, any and all of you are to beat me....repeatedly. I do crack up when I go outside to start shaking up spray paint and he'll stand up on his back legs and push against the door trying to get the rattle on the other side...he's like seven feet tall when he stands on the couch and does that. He's about one foot tall at all other times...long little bastard...almost a snake.

Speaking of spray paint, OMG is it the greatest invention EVER. I got all the Steel Legion infantry and sentinels (about...60 models all told) primered in about 15 minutes. I also got 10 more Grey Knights basecoated with Boltgun. Did I mention I'm THRILLED with how those models turn out??

I now leave you with the following gem from one of my weeked conversations (order slightly edited to make more sense):

Shannan: and all over a silly boy! balh
Krin: i lost mine's fun
Shannan: it's fun once it's gone, but it's not fun while in the process of losing it
Krin: your head is so much lighter when you don't have that heavy brain to carry around
Shannan: very true
Shannan: but i'm rather attached to my brain, thank you
Shannan: yes, it tends to get me into troubble
Shannan: but still
Krin: lord knows i never actually *used* the only regret is that i didn't get a chance to sell it on eBay

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Pshew! This day has gone by FAST....not that I'm complaining. Don't have much time to post as we're gearing to go out to a couple of the schools and such. I mean, I can't let ALLY be more active than I am...she's a slacker! Anyway, woke up this morning around 5AM which is just on that bubble of too much time, and yet not enough. Of course, where I went to work first, the teacher didn't show up until after it wouldn't have mattered if I overslept a half an hour.

Networks suck. I hate them...they are nothing but a pain in the ass. I'm told the network would actually run quite well if we'd stop letting users on them. is not to be and the network is forever polluted.

Again, on an up note, my IRA closed the week at 323.42. Today's final should be worth a bit more as they took the $270 monthly payment out. Be really cool if it was $600...but that's just dreaming I'm sure. Anyway, I'll post more about the weekend and such later (should be a short post, not like I DO anything in my spare time).

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Friday, March 21, 2003

Seems to me that I have very expensive hobbies. This realization was really driven home as I was spraying some models with my new Boltgun Metal paint (gotta cut corners somewhere to get some models done, ya know?). See, here's the thing. The models in question are $5 each right of 5 costs 25 dollars, so that's pretty simple math. They'll be slightly (very slightly) cheaper when you can buy just the troopers at $4.50 each, but anyway. $5 metal models that, not surprisingly, are bare metal. So they're all over silver...then you need to glue them...good super glue costing about $2.50. Once you assemble them, you need to primer them, a can costing about $3 at K-Mart. THEN you need to basecoat it Boltgun Metal, which is $8 a can. To actually paint it, you need brushes, and I've found Citadel brushes, while insanely priced, DO work better than the other brushes, so that's $12 in brushes. Then you need 4 different metallic paints at $3.25 5 or so normal paints at $2.25 plus two inks at $1.99. Then, you need some Matte Varnish which is also $8. So to paint a single Grey Knight from scratch (i.e. - you don't have any supplies) is just a little more than $65 dollars. The really sad thing is you're making the models silver in the end...seems silly, doesn't it? But see? That's why I have so many models, it diffuses the cost of paint and brushes and sprays to more reasonable levels...yeah...that's you shush about my buying habits....and you KNOW who you are! Yeah, don't try to play innocent!!

Anyway, onto actual stuff...I spent most of today cleaning out one of our labs via the network, God Bless Telecommuting. But Judas Priest there was a lot of crap there. Yeah, they shouldn't have been able to put it there, so it's kind of on us, but these kids were just dumb...D-U-M DUM!! The computers tag every file with the user who created it, so every file had the person who made it written right on it in plain english. Six hours after I started going through this, I finally get to the last computer. Out of 22 machines, 21 had software on them that shouldn't. The two page list of programs removed from the computers (and the students that they belonged to) was sent to the teacher, what she does with it from there, I don't care.

However, since that took MUCH longer than I planned on, I accomplished little else in terms of work today. Removed MSN from a laptop, and that was really all I could realistically get to since our teachers normally race the kids to the parking lots on Fridays (some teachers do that everyday). So I went to the toy store to try to remedy the problem with my Steel Legion having a lack of poses. Before you accuse me of being obsessive (which I am), I'm not kidding about the lack of poses. There are five poses. I have 10 of pose A, 9 of pose B, 3 of pose C, and NONE of pose D OR E. So I got a few blisters to help offset this deficiency, and noticed they had mispacked a plasma gunner with a Sergeant, so I essentially got a free model. Yay! Still need to get some more though.

Other than that, a ho hum day. Was supposed to talk to one of my friends, but didn't hear anything from her. Oh well, par for the course really. Still wondering where most of my other friends are, but I'll worry about it after seeyas!

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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Soooooooo, I suppose we do good work. We can now count our work orders on one hand. Not that any of you actually CARE, but I'm going to list them anyway! HA! IT'S MY SITE, I MAKE THE RULES!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

1) Synchroneyes acts funny. This one we've had for a while, but it's a fidgety problem that requires two (preferably three or four) people, a lot of time and no students. Since this program is about as non-essential as they come, it's been a fairly low priority to this point. We're looking at investigating early next week.
2) There's a Smartboard that doesn't work. The board needs a special connector to work, and the teacher lost his evidently. We've been trying to make them ourselves, but the guy who made them for us got the black and blue wires back to the drawing board there.
3) A teacher wants shockwave/flash player loaded in a room. This, as a general rule, is not done except in labs that actually have the full Flash program loaded (i.e. - Web Design rooms). Why? Because there really isn't a good justification for it. The teacher wants to use it to access "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" online as an excercise for the kids to get used to SOL testing. Only problem is that it opens the door to all sorts of garbage. Since the teacher can't see 2/3s of her computers easily from her desk, this seems like an overall BAD idea. We need to talk to her department head though, and scheduling is always a pain.
4) Transportation wants anti-virus software loaded. Still waiting for them to actually BUY said software.
5) Teacher put in a work order saying a student doesn't have any files in his home folder. She's right, he doesn't. These are always my favorite problems. The ones caused by stupid users. The computer is set up so that only 2 people can get into his folder to begin with...the Administrators and the student himself. Now, if someone got a hold of an administrator password, they wouldn't stop at deleting one specific student's files, they'd delete ALL the folders, which would cause much more havoc, you know? Most likely what happend is our not-too-bright boy forgot to log off from his TechEd class...or one of his enterprising buddies deleted his files when he wasn't looking. Either way, it's kind of a "sucks to be him" situation. We don't back up these files because they're RAID, they don't *NEED* backups except to guard against stupidity...which is just a losing battle. Smart money says this student never has problems remembering to log off again.

Got my quote on shipping from Forgeworld today too. Twenty five bucks to have my Chaos Dreadnoughts here in a couple of days as opposed to twelve fifty to have them here in 2-3 weeks (more like 3-4 weeks...5-6 with the war). Normally I think RUSH shipping is a gip, getting it there a whole 2 days early at twice the price. But days as opposed to weeks? Well, that's a horse of a different color.

Seems like we're going to be at war soon...weeee...all I have to say is thank goodness my eyes suck. Means I'll be one of the last ones drafted if it ever comes to that. I'm not adverse to defending my country, and if someone were to INVADE the US I'd be one of the first ones grabbing a rifle, but this current war I have mixed feelings about. I agree that Saddam is a person who should be removed from power, but I just get the feeling that Bush is pushing this war because he wants a war. I don't think it's the US's business to police the world, because we are not a world government, but the United Nations is obviously more concerned with protecting their own interests than preserving world peace. Tangled tangled web we weave.

Oh, the current total for retirement is currently $316. Not bad for less than two weeks. At least the war is good for something I 'spose.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Wow, I barely did anything today. Kind of a nice change from doing everything. We're getting down to the point that we really don't have too many work orders we can actually work on. I'm sorry, but I can't make Gateway ship parts any faster (though I wish we *could*) and we can't make departments order software any faster (again, though I wish we *could*). So essentially what it boils down to is 25% of our work load is all we can feasibly do anything about. Doesn't really take much to get through them either.

So really I spent today reading posts on Dakka and finally caving in and ordering a pair of Chaos Dreadnoughts. How'd I go from not being sure about one to getting two? I don't know either...but I think Ally is to blame at some point.

Got a 95 on my Cisco test, so that's cool. Of course, when you look at the instructor's notes for the next Chapter (I read over the teacher's should from time to time) it starts off with "This is a grueling, theoretical chapter". Well, that's just a lovely start...of course, if it's a theoretical chapter, does that mean that the test is theoretical?

I'm still waiting for the Grey Knight Terminators to be released, and it feels like a grueling wait. I've been wanting them since the beginning of February, and it seems like they might not be released until the 27th. Of course, GW might pull one of their "we're still new to this calendar thing" like they've done a few times. I remember one thing said it'd be out late September (I think it was) and it was released so late in September that it is was October. I'm hoping that they get these absolutely gorgeous models out on time though...I'd hate to have to hurt them.

Anyway, got a big day tomorrow. Laterz!

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Monday, March 17, 2003


So, it's been an eventful few days...I suppose.

Friday saw the conclusion (we hope) of our transportation adventure. Essentially we gave up on fixing the data and just loaded the original. Don't know what the hell happened, but I don't so much care as long as it's fixed. Plus it took up most of Friday, so I didn't have to do a whole lot.

Saturday began with the Great Computer Challenge at Old Dominion University. Illustrated to me how ridiculous my morning commute is as I made it to ODU, which is...bout 20 miles at least, in 40 minutes which is the same as it sometimes takes me to get to the administration center that is EIGHT miles away (and that's 8 going in the most back assward way, probably less if you could get a straight shot). Didn't do a whole heck of a lot, just fixed one laptop to avoid complications. Got paid for five hours of overtime, so hey...whateva. Also picked up some new storage units for the now gobs and gobs of toyz I had primered that were just sitting out just *begging* for the cats to knock them over. Now they are safely ensconced where it will take dedicated effort to scatter them, not that our cats won't mount that effort but at least they get exercise out of it.

Sunday was...blah. Family sucks, nuff said. Wonder if maybe I should move out now and use any money I gain from a raise in July to invest (more on that later). Spent most of the day watching Dune on Sci-Fi. Interesting little movies that...but after about 10 hours of it, I think I'm good (except, of course, for the new installments today and the next few days).

I took the time on Sunday to break my Steel Legion army out of its blisters. I was scolded mightily by Mrs. G for having had these models in their original packaging for longer than I'd known her. I am not quite thrilled with the poses of these troopers though. Seems Games Workshop didn't do a good job of packing and I ended up with with an awful lot of 2 poses of models. There are six different poses, so this kinda of miffs me a bit. Might need to add a few squads of the missing poses to kind of balance out the look. Also I was scolded for discovering I had 36 Imperial cruisers (34 plastic, 2 metal light cruisers). This doesn't seem so bad except you can only use 18 crusiers max in a game (normally...). Well, maybe the fleet wants to do wargames....have you ever thought of that???

Speaking of Mrs. G, I feel like I kind of landed her in a problem. She got a game (online multiplayer) because it was neat and she wanted to hang out with me, but the people who run this company have evidently discarded their brains (both cells of it) and are causing her no end of trouble and worries (No means no...and cancelled means cancelled). She insists that it's not my fault, but I can't help but feel that way. Kind of like "I wasn't the lesbian who rammed a fourteen inch dildo up your ass...but if you hadn't been on that errand for me, you wouldn't have been there in the first place." Of course, according to her lesbians are omnipresent, so she was going to get it sooner or later...but still...

Between that and other relations with the female species, it was a depressing night.

On the upside though, my retirement account has been started. March 7, 2003 was the date it was offcially opened with $300. As of March 14, 2003, it was worth $300.92! Now, a whole dollar might not seem like a big deal, but consider this, at a bank, $300 would return about a dollar a month or so, not a whole heck of a lot at any rate. From the bank I get $50 every 3 $16 a month...and I have a special rate and it's also five figures earning interest. In essence, this account has already made in a week what savings would in months. That's just damned cool. PLUS, I didn't do *anything* for this money. It's not like work where I actually have to be somewhere to do something, this is Additionally, because it's a Roth IRA and after-tax money...that's *MY* dollar...Uncle Sam gets none of it! Plus it's neat to be able to use stock tickers now....not that they appear to DO anything, but it's still neat.

I've got to head out and fix a high that's all the more I'm going to type for now, more later taters! Toodles and noodles, kaboodles!

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Friday, March 14, 2003

Ahhhh, three pains in the ass down...some more to go.

I finally got everything done right for the connection database so we can let other (read: non-technican) people work with it. See the problem always was that the program hooks to a SINGLE server. We have FOUR. To change the address via the program itself you have to go in and change it, then restart the program and THEN work. Since regular people don't know these IP addresses of the top of their head like I do, this is a ricockulous process for just about anyone, even the techs don't have the program installed on our laptops because it was always easier to just remotely go to the server. Alas, we're the only ones who can do that so I've always wanted another way for "normal" people to do that and I just never found the time. Well, now I have! And what's more I get to bill the city for two hours of work already! I'm sorry, but this is one of those HUGE deals for our system...increases the response time of people drastically and reduces lost instructional time...see? I'm already a bureacrat. I just don't get time to play around with stuff anymore, so there are no improvements to the system like this very often. When they give me time to work on my little obsessive projects, things like this come along. Alas...maybe the situation will improve come July.

Secondly, I figured out how DFS (Distributed File System) works and actually got it working on the first try. This is a neat thing for tying places together and I'm thinking it will be good for administration to pass out files to the teachers without the need to email bulky files that the teacher's then forget where they are. Just have a folder they can all get to and they can pull it up themselves at any time. Think I'm going to hold off on actually DOING that until such time as the high schools have been upgraded to T3s...1.544mbps just doesn't cut it for some stuff...bring on the 45mbps! Of course, I know my most loyal reader is probably pouting over her 56kbps (actually, 53kbps...thank you ohsoverymuch FCC) right now.

Thirdly, I FOUND THE #@*()$#&$# PREDATOR PIECE (specfically, the front right reinforced armor plate). Why didn't I spell out any words? Because I've been so pissed off looking for it that I don't think any word truly describes what I felt. However, I found it (cat had knocked it into a bag of sprues....there will be a few summary executions in the morning...) and now the tank is together and (mostly) painted. My plan is to finish off a Havoc squad of four more guys (hopefully this weekend) and the Raptors (only five guys) and then prep a big varnish/basing party where I'll make everyone all nice and purty by finishing 21 marines and 2 tanks! Then I get to start the next batch of models...weeee....

As for the pains in the ass, eh...I'll see if they go away I'm in a decent mood now and don't feel like spoiling it. Later taters!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

One word sums up today: ricockulous (pronounced ree-COCK-u-luss).

Where to start...ok, I start off reading how stupid one of my friend's significant other's is being. He's got this wonderful girl (sure, she's a bit nuts...but I think just about every woman is from time to time....just like guys are all dumb from time to it estrogen poisoning) and he makes these personal verbal attacks and inflicts physical violence upon her. Now, I'm not saying he beats the tar out of her and leaves her all bruised and stuff, but he'll do little things that hurt her...though if he *actually* hurt her badly, I don't think he'd be around to talk about it...but still, you don't lay hands on someone you care about in just don't!

Then dopey (my dad) wanders in asking me if he can borrow some cash (nevermind that he's "borrowed" about 2 grand from me within the past free my ass...then again, things like power, water and car insurance sure are useful). I ask how much and he walks away! Deaf I guess...

The actual WORK day started off talking to the networking people about why the network doesn't work and why they tie up cables too tight. We have a lot of equipment that's been rendered useless by this practice of theirs, no matter how nice it looks visually...just not worth it. These guys aren't so bad, since they're techs. Seems like they heard what we were saying and maybe things will get taken care of, we'll see. That and we got the stinkin' Mac servers to talk to Windows client, which is something my boss has been asking for since I started working there.

Since she'd been waiting so long, I of course move up to provide her access post haste. Then I go to check on how Billy (my co-worker) is doing with some questions he needed to ask one of the department heads. This lead to the covering of various issues and, in fact, to an impromptu three hour meeting with two other people. Now, these people are fine individuals, but sometimes we don't see the same thing the same way. Sometimes with Billy this leads to some friction as he can be very excitable, especially when his blood sugars get low (he's diabetic). However, despite some real "what the bloody 'ell...." statements by the other people, he gets through the meeting ok and was probably one of our more productive ones...assuming any of us remember any of it.

Then we go downstairs while I check a voice mail. It's someone from transportation saying the data that we had to transfer from the training server to the real server (which we *told* them they shouldn't do...they should just view the training environment as completely unrelated and do the same thing to the production one...but noooooo, what do us stupid techs know?) wasn't working. Well, first off, our cell phones are *not* for the public to call us. They are for us (meaning techs) to communicate with other techs. There is an entire DATABASE devoted to nothing BUT communication from the public to Technology. Second, I am *not* the tech that supports them, something we mentioned *many* times when we set them up last night. They didn't even try to contact the person who *does* support them. Sure, he might not have been able to do a damn thing and ended up calling me anyway, but there's a reason we have these things set up. It is not *their* call on how we do things.

After we get back to the shop, we have a work order to install a program on a computer. This, on the surface, doesn't seem like a big thing except the organization that uses this program bought this person a laptop FOR THAT PROGRAM. WHERE is this laptop?? WHY are you not using it??? But, we go and look and turns out we never uninstalled the program from the computer in question in the first place (the laptops came after we had installed it on a machine at each school), so it's *still* on the machine.

Billy calls her to ask if she checked it and she was complaining that...and I'm quite serious...THE ICON WASN'T ON THE DESKTOP. Because, you know, the Start Menu is just *so* hard to work. Even my mom, who is not a computer guru especially on the Windows side, knows how to do this one! I find it inexcusable that a teacher who works IN A COMPUTER LAB finds this process too difficult. Then Billy asks the very pertinent question of if these kids have logins to get on the computer. We don't have generic ones and we issue them to the individuals we have information for (it's a security/accountablility issue). Of course, they don't have a login among them. So Billy, undoubtedly getting annoyed by the sheer lunacy here, says to hold and hands the phone to me saying that the students don't have passwords. The teacher maintains that he said that "they don't have any DAMN passwords" and gets all huffy about it. Ok, here's my take:

1) The comment was not directed at the teacher
2) The comment was not ABOUT the teacher...I mean, he didn't say "This damn idiot doesn't know what the hell they're doing" (which would have been an accurate assessment)

So she demands he be put back on the phone and yells at him and then HANGS UP. OMFG, are you a MORON? (Ok, we may have already established that this is the case) YOU DO NOT PISS OFF SUPPORT PEOPLE WHERE YOU WORK, YOU'RE NOT BUYING THINGS. When you buy a product, you expect a level of service because you're paying your own good money. This is a wholly separate reality from the IT support you get at work. You are PAID to be there, you are not paying. Do I mean that we can be asses and tell people to screw off? No...but you would be amazed how we can legitimately shove a work order so far down that we never get to it. We currently have 85+ machines that need to be prepared for summer, we have new server software we *must* to test before summer, and we have mission-critical programs that we can busy ourselves with and that's just the TIP of our workload. If we really want to, we can avoid a low-priority work order for MONTHS, especially one that's tantamount to "I'm too lazy to use the start menu" which I have always thought as fairly lazy to begin with.

Some people are just unbelievable. Especially since their overall boss is our overall boss, and our boss knows exactly how much the work we do is worth (i.e. - they pay the two of us about $50,000 to get the work that can cost other companies probably a good portion of a million dollars a year to get), so it's probably not a good idea to get snippy since you're really not going to make much headway going up the chain of leadership. ESPECIALLY since you're being the dumbass...even if what you claim WAS said (and I'm not entirely certain it was, I wasn't paying attention...see aforementioned work load for why) since you were *just* as rude if not more so.

So, now we adjust our travel plans to go to a different school instead, since we now only have about an hour left for work (he comes in an hour early, and I didn't have a lunch...since I was in that meeting). Funny how that works, huh? Well, the teacher we were going to see to install software for had gotten called away because her children were sick...ok, not like there's any help for that. So we try to install a new scanner, but the damned thing doesn't work out of the box! The carriage doesn't move...and we did it exactly as we have done the other three scanners just like this one that have worked flawlessly. To top it off, there's something stuck to the bottom of the glass, so it'd affect every scan with this bizarre mark. So back in the box, and back to the company we bought it from. No sense in putting up with that from a thing we just took out of the box, ya know?

About the only highlight of the day was one of my bosses gave me this neat Dell pen that has a gel grip and light's up when you click it three times. Very pretty pen for free. And the gel grip makes it extra fancy...

But yes, to sum up: ricockulous.

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Monday, March 10, 2003

Almost forgot to mention...the word for this week (and many more until I get bored with it) is: "Casey" Enjoy!

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So, today has been interesting and it's only halfway through...yay! (Kill me now...)

To start, I must say the guys at Infogrames really know their audience. I was poking around Master of Orion 3 last night (my new game) and noticed a very convenient option that I don't know why more games don't incorporate. AN ALARM CLOCK. That's right, a little reminder that you should stop playing and go find a girl for a few hours (and yes, that applies to you female reader(s) as well). These games are highly addictive and you can really not notice the time going by. I remember playing Civilization 3 (another of their products) and often wondering "Hey, where'd those two days go?"

Work so far has been humorous...but not always in a good way. It starts off with me not getting if I'm not incoherent enough in the morning. Second, the Network Admin...I dunno...he looked freakin' STONED in the meeting this morning or something. You know the look, just sitting there with a blank look and a half smile. I guess he doesn't function well without coffee either.

Then I'm working on this damned laptop....grrrrr....suffice to say it is being more of a pain in the ass than most of the girls I know put together and doubled. The most upsetting thing though was one of the other techs asked if I was married because I'm "filling out like guys usually do after they're married." So he's saying I'm fat!! And to top it all off, I don't get sex out of it like married men do! Ooooo, someone's gonna pay for this ripoff!

Funny moment of the day goes to T-Diddy, who is on some sort of high-protein diet. He was nuking his hard-boiled eggs and went to talk to P-Cho about something. Then he walks back to the microwave and the instant he touches the handle, you hear this dull *THUD!* from that region. As I'm sure you can imagine, one of the eggs had exploded, making a wonderful mess and causing me to laugh for a good five minutes at Thad. Like I told him, his mother must have stepped on a black cat's tail walking under a ladder while smashing a mirror when she had him.

I'll post later if anything more interesting happens, but since it never does....later!

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Sunday, March 9, 2003

Heh, today has been a slack, though not completely unproductive day. Just enough successful work to make you feel like you actually DID something when in reality, you didn't. Don't know if that makes any sense, but it does to me.

Started off trying to straighten out my room this morning. For those of you who have never been around me, saying I'm messy and unorganized is like saying those hypersonic jets sure do go fast. My room had just gotten to the point where I was unable to travel around it, so I set about at least clearing the floorspace. I think all the HAZMAT teams got home safely, so that was all well and good.

I then went out to get some superglue gel and a set of pliers. First I figured I'd go get cash, but then I get there and the ATM is closed. Loverly, so then I go to K-Mart, and lo and behold, they're out of the glue I was looking for. Next stop? The new Wal-Mart I haven't been to yet. On a lovely Sunday afternoon, that place is packed! I'm one of those people who, when the weather is nice at least, will park at the first spot rather than waste twenty minutes trying to find a close one. Of course, it's easy to forget the distance you can cover in a car is a lot quicker than on foot, even at parking lot speeds. Had I known how far I'd end up parking, I'd have brought a lunch and made sure I had a Sherpa or two. At least they had what I was looking for, and I picked up a video game besides. If nothing else, the car has a full tank of gas ($1.49! yeah!).

This was followed by another round of primering when I got home, this time a set of models that I'd had for, quite literally, years. And now I'm preparing to install my new game and play that till the time comes to go to bed perhaps.

Oh, and I discovered where my obsession with red heads comes from, but that's for me to know and you to find out! I'll probably post more later, but if not...don't be disappointed (for like the ONE person who actually reads this other than me).

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Saturday, March 8, 2003

Yes, indeed Thursday was the big day. So big in fact, that it absorbed the day formerly known as Friday. That's right all you inhabitants of Krinland...Friday is dead! Long live Thuriday!

Anyway, Thursday was the usual stuff. Work, class, toy shopping. BUT they had the new Daemonhunters (and yes, that it spelled correctly, shame on you for not knowing limey English!) codex and models. The new Grey Knights just r0x your s0x, I tell ya! Gorgeous.

Then on Thuriday, I woke up late for reasons still unexplained, but the coughing and sneezing fits prompted me to say "Ya know, a half day would be good...." so I left work about noon or so. I then stopped to pick up some more spray primer (two cans) and decided to clear out the local toy store's supply of Grey Knights. I gave people 24 hours to claim some for their own...I feel no pity....hehehehehe. They'll probably have more soon...and hopefully in blister form so I can bulk up the five squads I already have. Those terminators....mmmmmmmmmmm.....

Anyway, I woke up this morning after a dream that I don't know how to wasn't a bad dream in and of itself, but...I don't know. Very confusing. I then went to paint for an hour or so and then fell back asleep for a few more hours. Then woke up and painted till I started my standard convos with friends and decided to start this entry.

I am quite pleased with the progress on the Chaos Predator. If I could ever sit down and focus on it, would probably finish it in short order. It's truly staggering when I stop and look at what I have primered to paint. See, I noticed that I would lose interest in a project, then switch to something else and be real into it, then falter and go back to something else. Only problem was I didn't have much primered so my options were limited. As part of my new policy to combat my attention deficit (inability to focus on a big project at any rate), I'm trying to have lots of different models ready for me to paint in case I get bored. Problem is, primering is highly dependent on the weather so I tend to prepare models to be primered (as that can be done by the computer) and then primer when the weather is good. This has lead to about 200 models being READY to paint and about six actually BEING painted. So I'll have to remedy that after tomorrow, I think I'll have enough ready after tomorrow to be good for a long time.

If any of the above is incorrect, it's Ally's blame her. Toodles and Noodles!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Ah, another Vendor Visit Day...though I didn't know that until about ten minutes before I saw the vendor. Dunno if I was not informed or simply am having a senior moment and don't remember it. Either way, not fun. He was done to install the software I mentioned earlier, and also questioned why we were doing it NOW and not when it was more convenient. This is especially true since, as he pointed out, that the new software is very different from what they were used to. Software went in without much ado, so all is well and I got a free lunch at CiCi's.

Today was absolutely gorgeous, and I got a whole bunch primered. To be detailed, 24 Fire Warriors, 19 Halberdiers, 8 Knights and 4 Gun Drones. How many of you cared about that? Absolutely zero, I'm sure, but it will be on the final, so you better learn it!

Unfortunately, shortly after I finished this around six or so...I fell asleep and just now work up....funny how that works. But tomorrow will be the big day, hopefully! I'll tell you if it is or not tomorrow. Laterz!

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Monday, March 3, 2003

Wow...been a few days since I posted...I feel as lazy as a girl who goes to USC that lives in Springfield with a last name starting with G. *wink*

This weekend was, as usual, pretty tame. If you haven't figured out by now, I lead a pretty boring life. I used to have a decent enough life, but as tiring, confusing and ultimately upsetting that was, I think I'm just fine in my little niche for now. Moving on though...

Outside of some primering of Empire soldiers and starting work on Chaos Predator, all I really did was talk to Ally and watch movies. That was a lot more fun than watching the movie alone, but of course, B movies are always kinda entertaining just for sheer wackiness.

Today was kind of bleh. We were informed they are installing AutoCAD in a few labs sometime this week. Loverly. WHY are we doing it at the midway point of 3rd nine weeks? What's wrong with the summer or, if it must be done NOW, Spring Break? Be easier for everyone involved, but they never ask me. On an up note, I got Macintosh clients communicating correctly with a Windows to convince these people it is in their best intrest to just use what we have set up in the high school rather than re-invent the wheel. Should be fun.

I have also come to the conclusion that the human race is a stagnant species. What do I mean? That we, as a species, are not advancing. We have stifled evolution to the point that we cease to evolve. Sure, might not seem like a big deal since we've more or less conquered every part of the word we care about. The only part that worries me is that we *can't* be at the pinnacle of evolution...and if you're not going up, you're going down. There are so many things we still can't do that we have to have things left to develop...we are not a perfect species.

However, we have eliminated our main sources of advancement. We have no adverse climates to adapt to, we have no pressing need to develop greater intelligence, we have no natural predators, and we strive to not fight amongst ourselves. There is no conflict for our species, hence, there is no motivating force to adapt. Now, as individuals, I think we have some shining examples of people who have adapted to a variety of problems, but as a species, I see us sinking back. It seems like every year people get that little bit dumber, a little bit less self-reliant and more...sheeplike. I just think that the gene-pool is getting a little murky...pity we don't have a good way of clearing it up yet. Oh well, either I'm wrong, or I'm right....funny how that works, ain't it? Later.

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