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Thursday, February 27, 2003

You know that feeling that you get when you finish something that took dedication? Yeah, that's how I feel. After a week of broken saw blades, super glue, a fair amount of cursing and a LOT of resin dust (that's supposedly hazardous to your health) I have cleaned and prepared my Forgeworld tank (temporarily named #70, as it's the 70th tank of this model that they the certificate to prove it!) for primering/assembling/painting. Did it with an overall minimum of damage, the wheels took a massive beating as I think I broke no fewer than six of the sixteen wheels that carry the treads. Fortunately super glue heals all wounds and any errant saw marks will be easy enough to hide.

I got the book with it's rules today as well (rather pricey at a cost of $.50 a page when you do the math) and a battle mat from the WarStore today. Unfortunately it was not the one that I ordered. However, I have often looked at the green mats at the toy store and this one seems to be quite nice, so I have decided to keep it in addition to getting the space one.

Other than that, my life has been pretty bleh...especially with the opposite Only other neat thing to mention I can remember is that the instructor of our Cisco class said we should be able to configure a router to a set configuration (by hand) in six minutes or less to get an A. How long does it take lil ol me? 3 minutes and 21 seconds. I'm just that good. Laterz!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

So yeah, today was odd. I went to this Edulog training (EDUcational LOGistics) and while the majority of it was useless information for us, it was good that we were there to make sure everything worked. It is truly SCARY the amount of information they keep on people and you never really think about. Like I can run a little lookup for every student at Kecoughtan that's Asian (we did that actually) and it will show their names and where they live on a streetmap. That's just Brother syndrome in the extreme for me.

Unfortunately, like I said, most of the stuff was just like "ok...not ever going to care about that..." but during the course of the training I was talking to Antaya's hubby (who is, quite literally, stationed in BFE...really!) and he sent this along. It provided me and the other tech endless amusement. It's also a good way to make money off stupid people.

Cisco went well, got a 100 on the exam and my group (composed of me and one other tech) is so far ahead of the other group (composed of three other techs) it's frightening. They're in the middle of the Chapter 6 labs while we're up to Chapter 9. Our teacher has told us to stop until they catch up. It's also interesting that every class our routers have a new problem (see also: visits from the fuck up fairy) from the other classes that use them, but we also seem to come up with the solution (I'd not be lying if I said the majority of the solutions came from me...but that'd just be bragging then).

I FINALLY FOUND MY EXTRA CHECKS! I had just used the last one for a loan check and needed one to set up my retirement stuff. Yeah, it's weird to think about retirement at the ripe old age of 22, but that's actually when they say is the best time to do it. Mainly because you don't care about the money for about 30 years, giving it tons of time to make money. Here's the part that sold me on the whole process: At an average rate of return of 10% (which, depending on the market can be a lot, or very little)...putting in 3,000 a year from 22 to 29 will yield $942,000 by age 62. You know how much money you get if you put in 3,000 a year from 29 to 62? 900,000 and change. That's a BIG difference both in what you get and what you put in. So, off I go to start that up.

That's all I can think of right now, so that's all you get! hehehe, I hear about three bottles of celebratory wine calling my name, so...later!

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Monday, now yesterday, was severely exhausting. We had to get seven machines set up for training today (Tuesday) and they weren't even in the building until about 1:30PM. Fortunately, though a bit of inspired work, we were actually able to finish at our usual time, albeit without a lunch break. Now I get to spend the today, thursday and friday in classes...wee.

The downside of hauling ass like that is it wears you out, and that makes me tired and so I tend to fall asleep on people in the middle of conversations. Then I wake up and notice it and feel really bad....especially to the people I've done it to on more than one occasion.

[Remainder of entry purged by Order of the Inquisition]

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Sunday, February 23, 2003

So anyway, yesterday was the day that my shiny new toy arrived. Ok, so it's made out of resin so it really isn't that shiny, but you get the idea. It's always been my dream (and yes, I admit that it's a dorky one) to have a Forgeworld Super Heavy tank, and now I do. I'm catching up with all that stuff I wanted to do when I was like...13, 14! Is it worth the (insane) amount of money? Probably not to one of you "normal" people...but I think it's great. Not quite as big as I thought it would be, but I haven't put it together yet either.

Sadly enough, I'm already looking at what new things I need to buy. I was informed recently that the book that contains the rules for my new toy isn't going to be released to stores in the US and must be special ordered from the UK. Well ain't that just ducky? Who knew that one letter of difference could mean so much? So I need to do ANOTHER order from the WarStore (who are actually really good guys and gals) and I'm debating on what else to get to make it worthwhile. I ran across these there and I'm kind of partial to the space one. I have a huge amount of ships for Battlefleet Gothic that I don't photograph because everybody comments on how the backgrounds never look "spacey". Plus, that seems like it'd look really cool for a game (not that I've ever played one).

I'm also being wishy-washy about getting a Chaos Dreadnought as they will be releasing some most impressive ones in March. Only downsides are that these would cost $64 as opposed to $35-40 for the current metal one and that it would take until the middle/end of March to get here by which time the Grey Knights will be sucking the money out of me. Combine that with the fact that I don't see how such a Dreadnought would really fit in with the army, and it's kind of a "meh" situation. Boring paragraph on rules for toyz follows so if you don't care, skip to the next one.

Chaos Dreads are Heavy Support (as opposed to Elites like the Loyalist marines) and I already have five heavy support options (2 Havoc Squads, 2 Predators and a Land Raider) and you're only allowed to field 3 in a game. On the other side of the coin, I have two Imperial Dreadnoughts painted and they're quite impressive when fielded together. That slot difference is huge though as a Dreadnought really isn't more effective than the Predators or the Havocs and only beats out the Land Raider because they are so expensive in game terms. The Imperial Dreadnoughts are matched well with Terminators and Veterans (the other Elite options) so it doesn't hamstring your army to field them. Blah, I'm confused myself so I know I just lost all of moving on.

My Chaos Raider got its new treads in the mail as well, so that's happy. Since I bought the model at a discount, the treads only raised the price to $51, which isn't terrible as the unupgraded model is $45. Basically all these treads do is replace the design with the arrows that symbolize Chaos and (more importantly) make it so you don't have to use Imperial Eagle tracks. That would have bothered me to no end if I'd had to make it those Eagle treads. I know GW can't make a new mold JUST for that model (which would probably have cost them six figures to do such a thing, passing the cost to us) but it was still frightfully annoying as it's saying that in 10,000 years, not a single Chaos Marine thought to scrape off the icon of the very power they were rebelling against. Yes, I realize a universe of demons and psychics and aliens and superhuman warriors requires a certain suspension of belief, but I *do* have my limits. Don't even get me started on the Catachan 5+ armor save when they're wearing wife beaters and parachute pants which is the same as a Cadian in a flak vest with a helmet... *grumble*

Anyway, this has rapidly turned into a toy post, which pretty much summarizes my weekend. I need to go to the store to pick up the latest copy of White Dwarf so I can drool over the upcoming Grey Knight models. Toodles!

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Friday, February 21, 2003

Ahh, Friday. These are the days that are the most fun as I just kind of roam around and do whatever. It's just as well as I work so, so hard every other day of the week. Hey, almost said that with a straight face too. Anyway, I've decided I'm a Games Workshop addict. I have way too many models and yet, I seem to be acquiring more constantly. You have to figure eventually I'll stop simply because there will be nothing more to buy, but that has yet to happen. It'd be easier if I had a girlfriend who took away most of my money so I couldn't spend it (like I used to have at one point...*sigh*) but at least I get something to show for it.

The past few days have been, meh. Yesterday would have been really sucky for it's past significance, but I got an email saying the models I've been waiting for from the UK were shipped, so all was happy. Hopefully I have enough to keep me busy enough to not think for a few...years.

And, for those who don't already know...this is hot...coming August 2003!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Ahhh, another Vendor Visit Day. Today is when Edulog came to install their special software, and since it encompassed lunch, we managed to con the guy into buying us lunch (seriously...we went "well...the last vendor bought us lunch...." which is true!) so it was nice to get a Chinese buffet for free. The bill for 4 people was 26 bucks before anyone accuses us of stealing. I'm sure their software cost considerably more.

There's another piece of software out there at Transportation that's giving us fits right now about letting more than one person using it. Need to poke that one some more. The response from the company thus far has been similar to the mechanic telling you the rattle in the back of your car is caused by the fan in the engine. Ah well...

Then one of my bestest friends is going through some stupidity with her ball-n-chain. The shoe is on the other foot for once and now it's my turn to look and not know what to say. I can't say this is a welcome change, but variety is the spice of life I suppose. Probably lean on her tomorrow...

I'm still waiting to be let in There...but I'm not cool enough yet. Anyway, tomorrow is another day.

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Monday, February 17, 2003

Wow, today sucked for so many reasons. First off, I woke up at quarter to five. What the hell? I go to bed at midnight thirty and wake up at 4:45? Second, I had to go to work and put in these new computers...and I hate driving in the rain. At least nobody else was working (being president's day and all) so I made decent time.

Setting up the computers's still going. Computer switchouts are never easy unless everything is done right the first time. Since we were replacing stand-alone Macs with domained PCs, that got real ugly real fast. Add to the mix that most of the people there have very limited experience with Windows and you've got a fun time. I can't blame the people for not knowing Windows, but I do feel for them having to learn a brand new OS just to do their job. However, they fact that their computers are twice the processor speed of my own does much to ensure I don't feel *too* sorry for them. I do find it incredibly hilarious that they have gigabit NICs for a 10 megabit network. For those who aren't computer geeks that's like "Yeah! We have a Ferrari! but all we have are dirt roads and it rains a lot..." Oh yes, the guy who was supposed to come install the software had his flight canceled, so he won't be here till Wednesday. Loverly...especially since my compatriot will be off after tomorrow so I'm more or less the Windows support for the school system and I have to be there for this software install. Woo...

Dealing with my family is always fun...but I do believe I've bored enough people with the details so suffice to say, after working all day at transportation a quiet relaxing evening at home was not in the cards. This is where I miss being able to have that person who always makes you feel better around, even if they really don't do anything. Ally did a remarkable job of filling in, but...I dunno, somethings I guess even the best people can't help with.

Moving out would be an option, but I think that'd be stupid as I'm supposedly getting a substantial raise in June/July (like, potentially doubling my salary...well, first making me salary and then doubling it) so trying to buy a house now seems dumb because later I can buy a house that would be better suited for my needs. At least that's how it seems to me...who knows. Still waiting for that redhead...

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Sunday, February 16, 2003

So anywho, I don't want to get into the bad habit of not posting for almost THREE DAYS (you know who you are...hehehe) so here's a quickie update. I'm making dinner at the moment, so I can't be my usual long-winded self. hehehehe.

About the only thing I'm going to talk about (for now) is how much it would suck to not have work tomorrow. Yes, this is the complete opposite of what you would expect from me, but it really would suck. We have that vendor coming in Tuesday to install software on computers that aren't going to be there if we don't have work tomorrow. That would suck royally as we'd be putting these machines in while they're doing their software. Icky Icky Icky. I dunno, normally I'd love to have a three day weekend, but this seems less than fun. Maybe I'm *gasp* growing up. God I hope not, I heard growing up is a terminal condition. Just in case kiddies, your homework is to go out and find me a nice redheaded girl. Hey, ya never know...might actually work someday.

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Friday, February 14, 2003

Well, as most people know, today is Valentine's Day...generally one of my least favorite days. Mainly because my last true girlfriend and I broke up about a week before. That wouldn't be nearly so sad if it wasn't like, ten years ago. Yeah, there have been plenty of girls in and out since then, but very few that I've actually cared about. I mean, I hesitate to really call something in middle school a "real" relationship, but that was the last relationship I can think of where both parties were there for each other. It wasn't the love of husband and wife per se, but it was the love and mutual respect of two close friends, and I miss that. I don't know what my problem with girls is, but I evidently have one. Whether it's something with me or that I have horrible taste in women and pick ones that are going to end up hurting me or a combination of both, I have yet to figure out. Today seemed like it would be just as crappy of a valentine's day as always, but one of my friends made it ok. At least this year I didn't get any threatening emails...although, I think that's still two or three days from now that I should look for those.

Anyway, if anyone knows a reasonably sane redhead...pass their screename along to me. Happy Valentine's Day to those who have one.

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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Oi, I hate being just sick enough that you know you're not 100%, but not sick enough to stay home. It sucks royal monkey balls...and those are some big balls, it's good to be the king.

Anyway, Massah P-Cho has returned from importing his wife from Korea, so it's nice to have him back in the shop to rag on. Before anybody gets the wrong idea, P-Cho is actually *from* Korea (South...or so he claims!), so it's not like he mail ordered her (or so he claims!). I just find it funny that the day after he returns to work from bringing her here, he's shopping for a new mattress. Guess we know what happen to the old one!! Ok, so we really don't, but that won't stop us from making innuendos about it!!!

I finally (FINALLY) fixed Symantec Anti-Virus so that it actually updated the definitions (which hadn't been done since the day after Christmas since the bastard program wouldn't work right). Another one of those "find the damned checkbox and CLICK THAT MOTHER FLUCKER (inside joke) UNTIL IT DON'T CLICK ANYMORE!" Of course, after realizing it was fixed and clapping my paws with barely contained glee for about five minutes, I got the rest of the system up to the 2/12/03 definitions (which went pleasantly fast enough). *checks calendar* yeah, that's good enough for them...especially the school that was still back in October on those things. Yes, we've been that busy that it took me this long to figure it out. On the flip side, had I spent hours and hours looking at this, I'd have been really pissed off at the answer. Our system has yet to be blown up by a virus, so no harm done to this point.

I have a Cisco (no, nothing neat involving pepsi and/or thongs) exam today, which really sucks as I barely remember the material it's on. We're so far beyond the stuff we're being tested on it's sad. It's like chapters 2 and 3 when we're starting chapter 5. Hopefully I won't screw it up, but hey...first time for everything right?

In a brief moment of reflection, it's kinda odd the way life turns out. I started work today at my old middle school and it was kind of odd walking down the halls before school seeing all the kids lining the hallways thinking "Man, doesn't seem like it was terribly long ago that I was one of those" but then I stop and realize that it's been about a decade. Really odd to feel old at the ripe old age of 22, and yet I do sometimes. Maybe working around all these scurrying rugrats is doing that. I sure as hell don't remember girls like that when *I* was in school. Of course, girls never seemed to want to talk to me then (or now...) so I wouldn't be too much surprised if someone told me that *did* look like that. Just kind of odd because I would have laughed if you'd told me then I'd be coming back to that building when I got out of school. Of course, back then I was going to have a gorgeous wife and be planning on kids, so obviously my plans suck.

Quote of the Day goes to T Diddy when he and J Fair were gabbing about all the hot chicks coming to the building to get their city decals. I would always arrive too late to see them so I said "Man! We need to get you a digital camera or something" to which he replies "We got 'nocs (binoculars, for those who don't know)! but...I guess that doesn't do you any good" NOT UNLESS THEY TAKE PICTURES THEY DON'T! But, that's T Diddy for you...the Vinny of the 21st century. Anyway, I'll probably post more in the evening time, unless I get lazy, and then I won't. I'm just that never know what I'll do next!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Damn, I must have been like ASLEEP or something when I looked at those quotes from Dell. Somehow I overlooked the fact that the server did not have an operating system. Can't really blame Dell (even though we never ask for computers without an OS) as it was pretty clearly written. My only defense is that this was done at a point in time when soemone was pulling me through an emotional wringer so I probably wasn't reading stuff as carefully as I could have.

No harm done, just caught me by surprise. Other than that, pretty normal day. Set up the 14 workstations, now we just have to physically put them in. Wee...

And I'm 99% certain now that I'm sick, and not one of those nice diseases where you're puking your guts up and have a fever. Those don't leave any room for doubt that your ass is staying home. I have a very sore throat, a headache and some joint soreness. Really just enough to be annoying. I'm hoping I'll reach that "oh no way in hell I'm going in" state before long. Anyway, that was more or less it...and I'm too sore to keep typing. Someday I'll cover deep thoughts, I swear...

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch. This is probably true, but there are damn sure lunches that I don't have to pay for! Today was Vendor Visit Day at work, which is the term I use to describe when some guy from a company (makes as much per month as I do per year probably) comes to us to examine some sort of major problem and tries to fix it so we don't take our business elsewhere. Could the fact that there's a $3 million purchase of this equipment coming up influenced their arrival? Naaaaaaah.

So anyway, they brought us donuts, always good. We then explained to them what was going on (and when I say we, I mean the other two guys from our group) and we waited around for the network to die. Since that's really boring, we showed them around the new building, etc. and conveniently enough, a switch died before we went to the school. Well, it wasn't the problem we were looking for, so we go over to one of the PC labs (my reason for kinda inviting myself along...hehe, but hey, if you're going to pin this problem on my computers, I'm gonna be there!) and adjust their configuration back to the no worky state. Nothin seems that out of the ordinary, so me, being my brilliant self, hops next door and starts up this piece of software that *I* had said might be causing problems. The error counter starts going up, but nothing happens for a while other than the number gets bigger. So we go to lunch...on their dime...I love Vendor Visit Day. We come back and the switch has sure enough died while we were gone (going by some logs, a few minutes later) and the vendor guy damn near danced a jig that we had broken their equipment as now they can tell the engineers what to look at.

This is the part that I left at (as I'd had *my* free lunch) and went to SAC (School Administration Center...for those perverts out there) and then back to class at Tommy Tech. The sad part about this is the school in question is down the street from my house...SAC is on the other end of the city. So I go from my house, to SAC, to the school, back to SAC, to Tommy Tech (which is on the same street as the school!). Sadly, to do it any other way would have meant missing out on donuts...and you simply don't do that.

Anyway, I have a busy day tomorrow setting up 14 OptiPlex 260Ds. Sounds impressive, huh? It's not really, I'll set up the servers to do most of the work (which really isn't that involved once you know how to do it) and just spin around in my chair really fast. That's what I do most of the day really...though usually I move around the shop on the chair because I can feel like a monkey or something...that and it annoys the hell out of those poor Mac-supporting bastards who actually have to *do* work. Word to the wise: do NOT buy an iBook...sure it's cute, but you look at it the wrong way and something will break on it! If you *must* buy a Mac laptop, first seek mental help, then (assuming your psychosis is uncurable) buy a Powerbook. Of course, I use a Dell.

Oh yeah, think I'm getting sick too. Anyway, later!

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Monday, February 10, 2003

Anyway, calm enough day I suppose. Started off badly enough when my morning commute took FORTY FIVE minutes. Judas priest! I know there are people here who drive an hour to and from where they need to be but 1) They don't live in the same city as their destination and 2) they are most likely insane. See, they get to cover like a real distance in an 45, 50 miles. I covered 7 miles...SEVEN. Gr!! Stupid alert...and damn the city for screwing up every route to work that doesn't go through twenty school zones or by a military's a conspiracy...

Work itself was all right. An illustration in why the hell my job is a pain in the ass and I don't believe the people who go "oh, I could do your job" (which is a lot of our Mac techs really). TWO places, SAME problem, SAME error messages, DIFFERENT causes. Sad part is that it took me as long as it did to figure it out. One was just a share permission was off. One checkbox and it's fixed. The other was caused when some class group names from last year got recycled. The name you see setting up security is different from the one that you see when adding groups. Why? Because Microsoft is evil...and they want you to suffer. Although, to be fair, Microsoft does normally fix the stupid things they do, they just tend to do more stupid things when the fix the first one.

Transportation is going to be ugly, I can tell. Gotta set everything up in a week...and it's just like, blah. Between that and class and bringing another tech up to speed in addition to taking care of everything else...grr! Guess this is why they call it work, eh? Oh yeah, get to work on a big network problem tomorrow, but at least they'll have donuts.

Unfortunately, my throat is starting to bug me...BAH! Just what I need when I can't afford time is to get sick...dammit all! I blame Ally, but that's just because I always blame her. World hunger? Violence? Poverty? Pauly Shore? All her fault. She's got broad shoulders, just pile it on. Lub you Ally! *looks around innocently before running off*

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A'ight yos...ok, I'll stop trying to act ghetto now...too white to pull that one off. Just got in from a gaming I keep forgetting how long 2000 points a side takes when you have 3 people. We started at about 6 and it finished around 11...although we had a few distractions getting started.

So anyway, Saturday turned into a bust. Oh well, stuff happens I guess, it's only a game. If I really really want to play, I have enough to play for weeks and not finish (if I ever painted all of it). Sometimes stuff comes up. Then the day turned pretty lazy which spilled over into Sunday.

I had a lot of stuff I actually wanted to do today, but didn't seem to get around to doing most of it. I would get a little bit done, but then get bored. It sucks having no attention span sometimes. I did get the new mounts on the Predators and cussed for a bit about forgeworld as I now need to heat and repair one of the doors for the other Predator. As much as they charge for this stuff, you'd think it'd be 100% perfect everytime, c'est la vie I suppose. About the only thing I accomplished like i wanted was making it to World's Best for the aforementioned game. I'll delve into that now, so if you have no interest, skip to the paragraph after next.

We had it set up as a three way battle of 2,000 points a side between Necrons, Imperial Guard (Cityfighting, for those that means anything to) and Black Widow Space Marines (a variant on the Blood Angels). Strictly speaking, I lost as my army was forced to phase out (rule for the Necrons when they lose 3/4 of their core troops is they just vanish) but in terms of general ass-whomping my guys definately were a strong second if not first. I hesitate to put them near first though as they got whomped as much as they whomped. Kudos definately go to the Black Widows who won the game pretty much on any basis you want to compare. Highlights of the game: the phantom shooting phase of the Black Widows where they failed to hit just about everything, the Death Company Chaplain and Eversor assassin more or less single-handedly taking out the whole Necron army, the Necron Destroyers living up to their name and putting most of the Imperial Guard army in flight, and, the true highlight, the Imperial Guards reinforcements of Deathwatch Space Marines (real badasses) worth about 500+ points dropping down, killing a Heavy Destroyer and then being annhilated the following turn by some very angry Necrons. The truly funny part, the Hive Gangers (about 90 or so points) destroyed two Wraiths (worth 82 points) and the Deathwatch for all their might succeeded in killing one unit worth 90 points. After the game they said it was a well-fought game and that it was about the best use of Necrons they'd really ever faced (though from the way they talked that wasn't saying much). Till the end they Necron's gave good accounting of themselves, but they just don't have the stuff to crack that pesky marine armor.

Anyway, all in all a decent enough weekend. I'm damned tired though, standing for that amount of time really wears on you, especially with the emotional aspect of playing a game like Warhammer. It doesn't seem like much, but it's really frustrating when you get everything right where you want it, and then the dice stab you in the back. Bastard dice...that's all they are. Toodles and Noodles, Kaboodles!

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Friday, February 7, 2003

The purveyors of all that is evil

Ok, so they're not *totally* evil...and they aren't lead by the Dark Prince...but, they have to be run by Satan's first cousin or something. Why do I say that about this company? BECAUSE THEY TAKE TO MUCH OF MY MONEY...ok, they don't hold a gun to my head or anything, but the rat bastards keep producing models that are better and better so I keep buying them....the bastiches!

As I said, the "Battle Wagon" rolled in today. This is basically a van that Games Workshop (hereafter refered to as GW or GDubbs) stocks full of miscelanous pieces of models for people to buy for any variety of reason. They also sell Forgeworld accessories for their stuff which makes it one of three places in the whole of the US you can actually walk away with Forgeworld gear (normally you wait for a month or so to have it shipped from the UK). They also usually show off some upcoming releases (the last time they were in town that I made it, they showed off the Tau...which is when I realized I'd probably be starting one of those armies). This time, they showed off the Grey Knights, especially the ones in Terminator armor. things are fucking amazing (you hear that Ally?? *FUCKING* amazing)! I would have probably sold most of you into slavery for a boxed set...ok, maybe just organ harvesting...but still. It's really sad that I can look at a boxed set and go "Oh crap...I'm going to buy one of those". At least these sets will come out AFTER pay day, so that's good.

As far as actual gaming goes, no luck. I *did* manage to set up some games for Saturday AND Sunday. For me, this is about as close to a great weekend as it gets. About the only way it gets better would be if someone got me a gorgeous red-head as a present...female red-head since I know a lot of smart-asses swing by here. If someone would actually do that for me, I'll be their best friend forever!! Really! Anyway, I'm dog tired now, so I'm not going to type anymore (if you haven't noticed "short post" is not included in my lexicon). I'll see if I can let you know how the games go, if I play. Adios amigos!

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So anyway, I'm trying to get into the habit of posting everyday because so much stuff happens, I forget stuff. We're talking a memory span of 4 hours or less in most cases. Senility is just so much fun! Moving on though, today was pretty chill. Went to a couple o' the schools, set up some printers...jury-rigged some fan housings ("My computer makes a noise when I get it up to 800MHz on the highway...") etc. Normal dork stuff. Gotta order a hard drive for a computer at some point, but that's a pretty simple process with Dell. "Yo, your computer says it needs a new drive" "Ok, here ya go"...wonderful, the fact that I can press three buttons and tell whether or not a drive is phyisically good is wunderval in and of itself. If you have any influence over what computers your place of employ buys, go Dell.

Speaking of Dell, we got to unload the last (that I know about) shipment today. I'll miss the loading dock, because it was just a fun place. Almost made me wish I was in the trucking industry where you have forklifts hauling stuff everywhere. They must be such industrious places. Of course, being lazy and weak (compared to the behemoths that do this stuff for a living) I'd probably be canned in a week.

The toy wagon (Battle wagon is its "official" designation) is in town today, information that reached me yesterday....God Bless the Postal Service. So I've got a pair of armies loaded into the back of the car on the odd chance that some other dork brings one of his. I really haven't played in over two and a half months, but at least these guys won't have the "standard gray camoflague" (read: dust) that the displayed models have. I'm lazy, so they've been in carrying cases that long. I'm still pissed that I forgot the Land Raider, but I'll live I guess. How you forget something the size of your HEAD, I don't know, but I found a way. For more info on toyz, click the button marked =I= and it will take you to what I've gotten done for here. I don't know when I'll be home, but whenever I do get home, I'll probably babble on about what games (if any) I played. Till then, toodles!

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Thursday, February 6, 2003

It's a good thing I don't own guns. That was going to be the title of this post, but I want that to be plainly visible. THREE incredibly stupid incidents within TWO HOURS of each other. That's a stupid incident every 45 minutes! Let's run down them, shall we?

1) We have a department getting some new computers to go with some updated software (the previous software being from somewhere around 1990 or so). Now, the invoice has all 14 of them being delivered to the main office building. This is brilliant because NONE of the machines are going into there. They are going into a building ACROSS THE COMPLEX from the warehouse. Why not deliver it to the building itself? They have no space, seriously. They would have to put them in closets but they can't because they've been converted into offices where people have two computers (and I am *not* kidding). Moving on, the head shop honcho has been told that 7 would need to be in the office for when they did the training on the new software. Talking to the department members though, they will be installing the software at the site mid-February and not training until sometime in MARCH. What the bloody ' with this headache fresh in my mind we move on to...

2) The aforementioned meeting. The software itself was mahvelous. LIGHT YEARS beyond what they're using now. I enjoyed the presentation (especially our nice female girls...rawr!) and the software is *very* cool, and I don't even like this stuff. There were petty concerns expressed about people being able to put whatever transaction date but it's almost like "you know, at some point you get that piece of paper from the bank that says what you have and if those numbers don't add up, THEN you know to go back into their records..." but that's not my call so I just kept my mouth shut. HOWEVER, after the meeting (which ended at 3:40, see previous post about class time), a woman starts asking questions about a previous problem which has been explained to her numerous times that we are *not* going to attend to because the problem is *not* with the portion supported by us. This prompted a tirade about "I thought we were on the same team" etc. etc. which made me want to say "And buying software that Technology didn't recommend and that the ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDANT advised you against buying is really being a team player?" Of course, I'm far too politic when it comes to work so I explained a simple procedure in IE (File -> Print) to verify whether or not the problem was ours. If it prints, it's not...if it doesn't, at least part of it is. Fair enough in my opinion.

3) During the above conversation, my partner gets a voicemail on his cell phone from the head of ANOTHER department saying they had a show that evening and they needed some computers to work off the network (our system is tight with the network, which is DAMNED lucky for them). They have known about this for a WEEK and they just NOW at 3:45 are pondering what's going to happen in three hours? One of the teachers involved (a great guy, and I would not mind doing this for him b/c I know he'd do the same for me if I asked the equivalent of him) said the other teachers (who had the real problem, he just got stuck dealing with it...I feel for him) must have assumed that their stuff would work like it did last year (YOUR COMPUTERS WERE WHITE LAST YEAR!! NOW THEY'RE BLACK!! DIFFERENT!!). You should never assume because it makes an ASS out of U and ME. So I got to spend about 40 minutes after I got out of class (which is a half-hour beyond my normal work time ANYWAY) fixing these machines from home so they can do their show. Like I said, they're damn lucky I'm good at my job or they'd be in the creek with their paddle seven miles upstream...the teacher I was talking to summarized it best with the following comment (not an exact quote, but close):

"I have the tech on the phone right now and he's getting them to do what we need....but about ten minutes ago, tonight wasn't going to happen."

I'm just that damn good. Laterz

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So, driving into work this morning it occurs to me that I have a meeting at 2:00PM to see some new accounting software demo-ed. This SUCKS because I have a class at the other end of the city at 3:00PM and it takes about a half an hour to drive there. We're probably going to have an exam today (despite the fact that half the class won't be there most likely) so who knows how I'll fit into that? Oh well, it's mostly techs from the city and the instructor is really cool, so it'll probably work out, I just hate remembering stuff like that. Why don't I just skip the meeting and go to class since my attendance is not expected? Because this software is to replace the most god awful program I've ever seen and I want to make sure the geniuses that bought it in the first place don't have another visit from the F***-up fairy. When you have SEVEN DIFFERENT people tell you that a program isn't good anymore and won't work well, why would you still buy the bad one? grrrr....

In other news, we have about 48 computers coming in tomorrow afternoon, again this sucks because that means we have to wait around for the truckers to show up (Friday is my lazy[er] day, so I usually don't stay all that long beyond when the schools let out). If it's the guy we normally get driving it's ok, because he's actually pretty cool. That and he can back a tractor trailer around a curve on a sidewalk without even breaking a sweat. Damned impressive that. If we get some other jackhole though, ye gods knows. At least this time we don't have to unload the two tons of computer equipment by hand...I'll recount the horror stories of the summer of 2001 some other time though.

And don't you hate it when you sit down and you plan out your money for the next while and decide "Yeah, I can make that big purchase" and then the next week something comes along and rips those plans to shreds? sucks, you know it. Had everything nice and planned out, bought myself some fancy toyz with my tax refund (and I thought I was being very good in that I only spent half of my refunds instead of buying everything I wanted and blowing it all) then it comes along that I have to shell out over 1400 bucks in the next three days. Ain't that just ducky?? I suppose I'm better off that most in that I actually HAVE that kind of money on hand to spend and not be sent to the poor house, but it doesn't suck any less for that!! GRRR! I HATE STUPID PEOPLE!! Well, mostly just particular stupid people, but that's another story...

*sigh* Another boring day in the life of Krinny, what can I say? I evidently need to pattern myself more closely after our DBA (DataBase Administrator, for those non-ITers out there) since he gets to order all sorts of cool toys... *grumbles about iPods w/20GB HDs and 16MB USB keychains*

OMG...another visit from the f***-up fairy! OMG...I will have to see if I can type this up later because I don't have the time now. On an up note though, our trucker buddy said he'd try to get to us as quickly as he can (he likes us! he really likes us!) so maybe I won't need to be here very long. Really sad, I started typing this at 11 AM and now it's almost time for the 2PM meeting...long ass update though, so it's all good. See yas around!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2003 this is what the site is going to look like. Considering that the last one lasted from October of 1998, I'd imagine I'm going to keep this one for a while at least.

I'm not done updating all the pages, so some of the links don't go anywhere just yet. Deal with it, I'm lazy. Hopefully by the weekend I'll have this site where I want it to be and I can work on making the improvments I've been putting off for the past few months.

Anyway, I'll deal with more "real life" stuff in later posts. For now, feel free to nose around and see what I haven't fixed yet.

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I'm basically just screwing around with greymatter, getting the feel for it and what not. After about five years, I finally got my website transfered to somewhere interesting and, at the urgings of one AG, started a blog...just like everyone else in the known world. What can I say? I'm just a social lemming. Anyway, I'm currently just goofing off and seeing how this works out and all. AG, the ever talented, is still working on the layout for the site, so most of you will undoubtedly be reading this well after it was written (assuming that anyone reads it at all). Moving right along though, I'll post more if/when AG completes the site and all the pages and stuff get hooked up. Till then, ummm...this will be the only post. ;) Unless I get bored...

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