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11/22/2005 Archived Entry: "Just a LITTLE lazy..."

Since the fish won't SHUT UP about me not posting, I suppose I'll do one. MAKE THE FISH STOP SCREAMING! /cry! My pockets hurt...

Ahhhhhhhh, the silence of the fish...

Ok, random inside joke insanity aside. Just how HAS Krinny been? Ok, folks...if you've known about this site enough to actually come here now you know damn well that nothing of true interest happens to me. This is mainly do the fact that I live my life in a manner that can be likened to that of a monastic monk with a computer and broadband. However, a brief summary of Krinny's thoughts I suppose are in order.

Wow, Philly sucks this year. I realize their main star was injured and they suspended their second star and they've had a rash of nasty injuries to start off the year, but damn. It's not so much a Super Bowl hangover as it is a drive-by knocking you out. I suppose it's nice to know at this point that your team is going no where, takes a lot of the pressure off of Sundays. So this is what it's like to be a Redskins fan...

I recently attended my cousin's nuptials. It was a lovely wedding (save for some off-key singing...and no, not mine...well, exclusively) though the reception seemed to be a bit off from when the food was prepared for. Ah well, still a lovely ceremony and I got to see the retirement village my grandparents moved to. Nice little place I suppose.

Feel like I haven't painted anything in forever, and that's probably because I haven't. I think I've posted more recently than I painted, which is sad. I have lots of models TO paint, but I have yet to muster the energy to clear the stuff out from in front of the table.

In other news the WoW addiction goes well. I threw together this spiffy picture to catalog all my characters. Of the 8, 5 of them are mounted or will have their mounts by the end of the weekend. I'm just short of my own guild on Mal'Ganis as I lack only an alchemist and some of the variant professions. I'm contemplating starting a priest as I've never had a healing character (as I'm a selfish bastard who is only concerned with themselves... *wink*), but I think that will wait until I've advanced the warlock to get her spiffy staff and the hunter (who was my first character and nominally my main one) to 60.

Someone once commented that I'm waaaaaaaaaay to into the "dress up" part of WoW, but I just happen to believe that a few points on a statline is no reason to go out into the world looking like you got into a fight with a clown tent...and lost. I think all of my characters are decent looking in terms of that. My warrior (the girl with the hood and death knight look) happens to have about five different outfits, some of which are designed to look cool (like that one), others designed to piss everyone else off as I wander around wearing bits and pieces from everyone else's rare sets. Watching a warrior in a Devout Robe tank for most of Lower Blackrock is quite humorous. Oh, and in case you didn't know Chanty kicks ass for giving me Misty. Scary that she farms so much she's been able to pay for 2 of those things already... o_O

Um...yeah, basically my plans for the next few weeks is to sit around twiddling my thumbs waiting for the things I've pre-ordered to arrive. I'm getting an Xbox 360 sometime in the next few months (pre-ordered, but 2nd shipment...maybe 3rd or 4th with the way M$ decided to artificially inflate demand for Christmas) as well as a copy of the WoW board game. Yes, I know...addict...but the figures are 28mm scale! That's the same as the toyz! Not that I could use them in that, but I still think it'd be fun. Only problem is I'd need some way to tell the original color since it makes a difference.

Anyway, I think that's enough craziness for now. See you in '06! (At this rate...hopefully I'll find something interesting to talk about before then)

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