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04/13/2005 Archived Entry: "News in a Slug...or delivered by one anyway"

So yes, Krinny...once again...with a prompt and timely update. Hey, I'm still under the "one a month" situation, go me.

See, the underlying reason for the slowness of updates is pretty simple. Imagine you run a news site. Now, imagine that nothing happens. That'd be a sucky news site, wouldn't it? Well, there's the underlying reason behind the suckitude of Krinny.com. I suppose I *could* get a life, but they seem to be so much of a hassle and bother.

In a bit of actual news, I'm bound for Vegas next week. Woo-woo. Some Microsoft conference that work is sending me to...leave Monday morning, return Friday evening...work pays for everything but alcohol (which isn't hard to get in a casino) and...um....that's it really. Yeehaw. Granted, sitting in a conference for 8 hours or so a day is going to suck, but it's better than spending that same 8 hours staring at a screen here. Change of scenery...except I really hate travel. Dunno why, but I cannot stand going places...as soon as I get there, I generally want to go back home. Think it's because I'm so used to having A or B at my ready disposal that it's hard for me to not have them available. Bleh.

Ummm, Happy Birthday to Idris if she reads this. I found her LJ (thanks to the ATF...er...um, guild...yes guild...named ATF...not the government agency spying on her), seems only fair that she reads my equivalent (Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here). Don't worry if you're terribly bored or unenthused, that's the general feeling around here...right after "wtf?"

The WoW-ing goes well I think, though I need to stop being lazy in the game. I know, I'm lazy everywhere else, why not in WoW? Only 7 levels from the top on one character...just so hard to get people to play with me. *sniffle* Playing one of the harder classes to solo with isn't helping either. I'm supposed to take the beating so someone else can do damage, but...um...when that person doesn't exist...so much...lil toughter. C'est la vie. When I get really frustrated I just go farm easy to kill stuff, then mail the supplies to my alternate characters. As a result, some of my characters have insane skills and gear for their level. My warlock, in particular, has 4 rare items and skills to make equipment for level 40+ characters...as a level 22. Insanity, just insanity.

That's all for now folks, please step up and to the left.

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