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02/01/2005 Archived Entry: "World of WarKrinny"

Welp...Krinny finally took the plunge. Several months ago (November), a lot of my PlanetSide buddies ran off to play World of Warcraft. At the time, I was not interested in a MMORPG, but as the time wore on, I missed a lot of the people I used to game with regularly. Penny Arcade not shutting up about how great it was also had an impact in that...

Of course, because it's Krinny, by the time I decide to get it the stores are sold out of it (even Blizzard itself) and nobody knew when they'd get more. Apparently, Blizzard grossly underestimated how popular the game would be and are holding off on any major production runs until the population stablizes a bit more. However, on Friday I was lucky enough to snag a copy while they were in stock. Installed it Saturday night...been sacrificing sleep to a large degree to play it since. It's a really fun game thus far...though I get side-tracked by relatively pointless activities too often. Like I have tons upon tons of....fish. Yes, Krinny spent literally hours fishing...in a video game. Laziness has reached a new low. However, I'm like one of the best fishermen...evar (ok...so my skill is only half the maximum...it's higher than anyone else in the guild). Rawr. I also have a pet cat in the game, named Nimitz (for obvious reasons). Never really have to worry about running out of food for him I suppose. Here's a shot of the two of us...I believe I explained the fishing pole.

Great stuff...Penny Arcade isn't lying, though obviously MMOs aren't for everyone.

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