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10/18/2004 Archived Entry: "Wee?"

So yeah...been a while, but not nearly as long as I usually take. Just nothing terribly exciting going on I guess.

The Eagles have managed to not screw up a game...minor miracle there. However, even though they're unbeaten I'm not very pleased with the offense they've shown...and remarkably neither are they. Suppose that bodes well for the future.

In terms of Krinny, there's nothing terribly good to report. Spent most of the weekend more or less cloistered in my room alternately playing PlanetSide (where I pal around with a bunch of friends from that game) and drinking (or both...which is probably why I accured the highest totals of friendly fire accidents that I've had to date). Still have a few bottles of beer left, so I'll probably take care of that in the near future. Not one usually prone to this, but I just needed a break from some things. Sometimes you just need to step away from reality for a while...lest things beyond your control get to you. That's pretty much been my life lately, anything that really matters being beyond my control. I can't be alone in that, can I? Surely others feel that way about their lives...I'm not special, so I can't be unique. Or something more elegantly phrased there, I don't really care though. As I've said many times, this journal oftentimes is for little more than myself.

My parents are evidently looking at moving from where they are. Fun stuff...I guess.

Yeah...really that's about it. I just troll around various forums, fiddle with work stuff from time to time, and sit. Yeah...don't really feel like typing anything more at the moment...maybe later (in the month, at the rate I usually progress).

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