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09/28/2004 Archived Entry: "Whoops..."

Well, seems some emails went off into Internet never-never land and Krinny.com was off the DNS charts for a while...but have no fear! All has been sorted out!

So, where to begin...the wedding was quite lovely, despite Ivan's attempt to ruin it with torrentional downpour. Is it just me or has this been a psychotic hurricane season? Seems like another one hits Florida every week...and they invariably come up here and dump loads of rain. I prefer rainy days to sunny (more to watch), but this is a bit ridiculous.

Work is still...work. I have a fairly laid back job, more than most people considering what I make and my level of education (or more correctly, lack thereof). It pays the bills, leaves me money to play with and save, so it's not ALL bad, but it's very much the psycho level of activity or the long stretches of bouncing the rubber ball off the wall to pass time (these usually occur waiting for vendor responses before moving forward on a project or, more rarely, from when I have to monitor things more than DO things). There are worse things I suppose...

Starting up a new hobby of rifle shooting, since I spend a ridiculous amount of money on my other hobby (Warhammer) and really can't justify buying anything else for that one, might as well branch out into an almost as expensive hobby. Our DBA/Sysadmin has taken me out to the local gun club a few times and I much prefer shooting rifles to shooting pistols. Just something more satisfying about the crack of a rifle...or the absolute roar of a carbine. Mmmmm....yummy.

Other than that...not much else is new outside of video games, which has encompassed my last week of leisure time as not one, not two, but THREE titles that I wanted were released in quick succession. Kind of cool, yet kind of sucky at the same time. They're all really good (more on that later), but there's only so many hours in the day. I'm also on a (hopefully) brief hiatus from PlanetSide due to the new hobby (start-up costs on a new hobby are astronomical...) and these new games. Still a fun game, but if I'm busy doing these OTHER things, then it's somewhat silly to pay for a game that I'm not playing. Plus it was an experiment in how good Sony Online Entertainment's Customer Service is (results? Very poor).

Forgeworld is producing some kick-ass stuff that I really want...pity I can't justify spending thousands of dollars on single models...no matter how big they may be. Could do it, mind you, but I wouldn't feel right...need to win the lottery or something so I can indulge in such frivolities.

Since it's been a while, I think I'll get back into the swing of things with a review of my three new games, but since it's boring, geeky stuff...it'll be shoved behind a cut.

First on the block, Star Wars: Battlefront. Tons of commercials for this one, so it's not like LucasArts isn't trying to advertise it. Overall, I'd call it a lukewarm game. It looks good, plays fairly well even on low-ish end systems, but really the game play has all been done before. It's a good and enjoyable game, but something that you can wait for the price to come down a bit more on.

Next up we have Rome: Total War. Now, I have the first two Total War games, Shogun and Medieval, and they were both fun (hence my purchase of Rome). This one is probably quite a bit more fun from the perspective of controlling the empire and what not. My only knock on it is that you can't build what YOU want unless you have a governor there (governors equating to members of your "family"), but the governors are usually so poor at management that you lose hundreds of denarii (gold) a turn thanks to their incompetence. Doesn't seem very diginified to have a Roman noble sitting outside the city he's nominally in charge of, but that's pretty much what happens. When I need him, I throw him in, when I don't...he's camped outside. However, the joy of seeing massed ranks of legionaires with archers and cavalry behind them marching boldly towards the enemy and catapults raining destruction on castles is simply too much fun and more than makes up for any other shortcomings.

Finally, the much-awaited Dawn of War. Based in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, you knew that I'd be picking this one up right away. Having been in on the beta though, I knew in advance that the game was quite good, and the retail product is excellent. It's a bit spacious, as there's only one campaign and it's rather short, but most everyone who has bought the game has said they would love an expansion pack...which means the core game itself is highly entertaining. Truly, with the modeled action of the game, it's probably one of the few RTSes where the action is more entertaining than the cutscenes. Just seeing troops charging towards a defended ridge and watching them get mowed down by heavy weapons...mmmmm. Granted, the AI isn't terribly bright and will continue to use such tactics at the default difficulty, but having played against some of the higher level AIs, that's an isolated trait. Great, great game...good gameplay, good graphics, good sound and a very good storyline. I'm a bit biased of course, but that's why this is my opinion...

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