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07/07/2004 Archived Entry: "He lives!"

Holy crap...didn't quite mean to go that long without a post...things got really hectic really fast though.

Anyway, 10 days after my last post (June 17th for those who don't wanna do math) my beloved Concorde met its end when someone ran a stop sign and left me little option but to plow into them. While there was very little human damage, the other driver's insurance company decided there wasn't enough value left in the car to repair it so they totalled the vehicle. It was actual a decent enough settlement and certainly more than I could have made by directly selling the car so...meh.

The down/upside of it is that I had to get a new vehicle (obviously). As of yesterday, I have a 2003 Hyundai Sonata. It has a V6, warranties out the wazoo and only 10160 miles on it. Not a bad deal overall, except the interior is black...not so fun in this climate. At least it's black cloth and not black leather. In all other aspects, a very nice car. Insurance is a bitch since my birthday wasn't in 1979, but life goes on I suppose. According to the budget even the inflated insurance costs (3x what the Concorde would have been...since I need full coverage) I'm still not in any financial troubles.

I also got heavily complimented on my credit score, it's apparently exceptional for someone of my age with a new mortgage. Sure, I know my bills get paid on time and in full, but it's nice to hear someone say you're doing a good job, you know?

In other news, work has been *psychotic* lately. As if dealing with the car wasn't enough of a hassle, I've been dealing with three different companies on a bunch of different projects. For the past two weeks, we've played host to software engineers from Canada on a few days, and they're here for a project I'm the pointman for. Wee...at least the project is getting somewhere. July the 2nd was actually the first slow day I had, but getting ready for the weekend occupied my time.

On the toy front, the new car is having a minimal impact on the purchasing power...think the budget was adjusted from 100 a month to 80. That's roughly the cost of 2 blister packs. I can still purchase two boxed sets a month, and that should be more than enough given my current rate of painting (or lack thereof). However, we do have a few images here at krinny.com of the latest product of Studio Krinny...the front, back, and off-center views of the new plastic Chaos Warrior.

I think that's enough spam for now. Perhaps the next update will come out in less than 30 days.

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