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06/07/2004 Archived Entry: "Blinding Update Speed"

Woo! Yes! The updates are rolling now!

Really, it's due to real lack of news from the ol' Krinny...because news would imply that I had a life. As anyone who has talked to me for more than two minutes can vouch for, me and having a life are someone along the lines of oil and water...or Nazi and Communists...or any other pair that don't really belong together.

Really, not a whole lot has changed since my last post. I've gotten a few projects pushed away, a few projects added...life goes on I suppose. At least I'm not bored...

Moving proceeds at a pathetically slow rate...as in...I really haven't moved much more over. My dad brought a vanload of stuff by last weekend...and that stuff is still more or less where I moved it into to. Yes, much like my updates, the move proceeds at a dizzying pace.

I DID get some new Epic: Armageddon models and I'm very satisfied with how they're turning out. The new style vehicles are very cool...and I'm even liking the "updated" infantry (it's really the same as last edition...but all the marines I have were from the edition before THAT). If you'll pardon the reflective moment, this is really a full circle journey for my hobby pursuits. You see, my original Space Marines (circa 1989) were Blood Angels (back when they were actually orange, not red) and I painted up a bunch of Epic models in their colors. However, I ran out of that paint and needed to paint another horde of models, and the color scheme of my own Marine Chapter was formed. Back then I was like...12, so I wasn't really great with names so the name for the Chapter is kind of dinky, but I keep it nonetheless as a homage to their "illustrious" heritage. During high school, I kind of drifted away from the hobby, and then about six months after I left college, I decided I was going to buy a copy of Space Hulk (an unfortunately now discontinued game...if you saw the original Aliens movie, that's a fairly accurate description of the whole game) and I decided to paint up the Terminator models in it as my own marines. This is turn lead to the purchase of a Tactical Squad box set, which expanded their colors to include gold trim. About six years (and hundreds of models and tens of thousands of dollars...hehe) later, the game that started it all is getting done up all over again. It's great! Granted, I don't know how the HELL I did all those models back in the day, because it took me the better part of an hour to do the detail work on 25 marines...yet I remember having literally hundreds of Marines and vehicles painted up before.

My model buying has slacked off of late, partially due to unexpected funds being drawn away for other small projects...however, I am eagerly awaiting the release of the new Chaos Warriors (who look SWEET) in two weeks. I have models I haven't even opened yet...so I should probably stop until I finish at least one more army in each game. We'll see how well that goes...

Anyway, that's about all I feel like blabbing about for the time being...I'll see if I can get some more interesting news for the next update...in July... *wink*

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