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05/21/2004 Archived Entry: "Whoops..."

So yeah, I'm averaging a post every two-three weeks, eh? Blindingly fast news updates!

Suffice to say, I've been fairly busy. I'm a freaking glutton for punishment, I tell you! In addition to the work that's already keeping me pretty busy, and there are some projects that haven't fully built up their heads of steam either, I've managed to land myself into a few more! Woo! Of course, I actually need to start finishing off some of these other ones...

On the flip side, at least I'm not sitting at work going "Man...this is a boring day..."

The house thing seems to be going ok. We had a bit of an emergency when the Klondike bar supply ran out, but luckily the local Farm Fresh was there to step in. Speaking of food, I'm getting sushi for lunch tomorrow...I've already decided this. Mr. Li's does good work on everything else, so here's hoping it's yummy! If not, Soya is excellent and not very far away...

I'm excited that Monday should see the delivery of my new Epic:Armageddon army...or at least the beginnings of the horde if my previous experience with Epic and Epic-scale games is any indication. I love the sight of gigantic armies...just wish I could put up with painting them.

Anyway, the newest version (and like, a month and a half since first annoucement) patch for PlanetSide is ready...so I'll see you all around.

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