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05/02/2004 Archived Entry: "Grand Opening of Krinnyworld"

So...been one hell of a long time, eh? I severely doubt I have readership at this point, so this is probably more or less for my own edification. That being said, if you ever thought that this website was about anything else, you've been grossly misinformed.

To start, the Jamaica trip was quite lovely. Despite the fact that several basic concepts have eluded Jamaican engineers (such as...straight roads...and this cryptic concept of "Road Maintenance"...), my brother did an excellent job in picking good places. If you should ever go there, I heartily recommend Sans Souci...steer clear of the Island Delights though...they're a little *too* delightful if you drink four or five in one sitting...

Also find it interesting that the coffee there can be sold for so much here. In theory, the Coffee Beanery sells Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee for $50 a pound...that's right, $50 a POUND. According to our DBA who used to have a friend who worked at such a shop, coffees, even in that price range DO sell...so much so that evidently more Jamaican Blue Mountain is sold every year than Jamaica has produced....ever. Anyway, the reason I mention this is because you can get a ticket from Richmond, VA to Kingston for $450. The supermarket in Kingston sells Jamaican Blue Mountain for roughly $10 a pound. You're allowed to bring $600 back without duty, so you can pretty easily squeeze in 50 pounds (assuming you leave that much space in your luggage). Now, in the States you could sell that for $40 a pound and if you sold all 50 pounds, you'd make $2000...which is probably going to pay for the trip and maybe even a little profit. Will this work? Probably not...but it's fun to dream...I hope my brother remembers to get a few bean bag chairs stuffed with those beans...that'd be nice.

I also learned that on at least one occasion, a member of the State Department has visited this site and had this to say to my relation: "Your brother is a little strange"...well, as any of my friends will tell you, this qualifies as understatement of the year, but I figured a little explanation was due...especially since I've never really explained the layout to anyone. If you're familiar at all with the Warhammer 40,000 mythos, you'd recognize the front image as the symbol of the Inquisition, the shadowy organization devoted to rooting out traitors and heretics, as well as the occasional alien and demon. They're not overly nice people...since they command absolute authority and can more or less do as they please...and nobody is above their remit. This site is supposed to mime the idea of an Inquistion file on yours truly, since I'm sure I'd be considered a deviant heretic. Simple? No...but it makes a strange sort of sense, which is about as good as a description of me as you'll ever find...hence, the site is brilliant in its bizarreness. Oh, and about the no resize thing...1) The splash page DOES recommend 1024x768 for that reason and 2) both of my computers run at 1600x1200...so I feel your pain...I'm just too damned lazy to fix it.

Work has been busy for once...though I do find time every so often to read a forum or play some Kings of Chaos (trust me, it's not a game that requires very much attention). I'm supposed to be getting a new laptop, but due to problems at Dell, it'll probably be another few weeks before I see it. However, I think I've managed to land in the middle of about six major projects or so...none too shabby. I'm not a key player in ALL of them, but involved enough that I can't say I have NOTHING to do with them either. My main focus though is getting the Food Service Linux machines off of my plate (da dum...CHING!) so I can do more work focused on other fields of interest.

We're testing some software from Absolute (that's a software company, not a vodka maker), and it's been a lukewarm demo thus far. I have about a sheet of issues we have with the product and the scary thing is, I'm not even hammering it that hard (see also: many projects + one week of eval time thus far). Little issues, like it's failure to detect Microsoft Office on our Macs (one of the major reasons we want it is to ensure license compliance)...and the fact that it will DETECT eTrust Anti-virus (says Anti-Virus right in the application name) but it doesn't see it as "Virus Protection Software"...and a few other minor issues. I LOVE the idea of it, and if they tell me that the demo version isn't as "in-depth" as the real one, that's fine...but so far I'm not sold and I do believe I heard mention of this being as good as the real thing.

In other news, I woke up this morning and decided to stop being a lazy ass and just get stuff together and move it. These things included the critical snip-snips (my modeling cutters), clothes (mostly the stuff I wear week in and week out to work) and my computer (the keystone to any operation regarding Krinny). That's right folks, it is officially the Kasa Di Krinny! Well, at least the things I use daily are here...which more or less means I'm over here too...still about 2/3s of my things are NOT here....did I ever mention that I'm something of a packrat?

An inauspicious start so far though...found out that the toilet in the master bathroom had something happen to it...think there was some backflow or something...really not fun thing to walk in and discover. Thankfully no other oddities with the plumbing manifested itself...though I'm glad it happened before I moved in so I could have other people attend to it (cleaning is not really a skill I've ever claimed to have or desire).

So now it gets interesting...one little Krinny against the world, as it were. Of course, I have Nimitz over here...but he's about as useful as the guy who screams "OH MY GOD WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" on the plane...during take-off. He's such a mama's kitty it's not even funny. His activities today have so far been moving from one hiding spot to another...as though he's scared to come out at all for fear of the monsters (though I'm sure I don't rank much higher on the list...if at all). Not even cat-nip and food have enticed him out and he was still jittery when my parents were over for dinner. We shall see if he grows acclimated to his new surroundings...or if he dies of starvation 3 feet from his full food dish.

Also, I find the James Randi Educational Foundation a most interesting place to visit. I suggest reading the "Commentaries"...especially if you have relatives who insist in spooks and fairies and other superstitions. Critical thinking is such a lost art in today's society. Also...if you REALLY believe you have paranormal abilities, there's a cool million dollars on the table if you can prove it.

Anyway, time to try out the new showerhead...and yes, it's already been inspected for clear water....

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