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03/26/2004 Archived Entry: "End of an Era"

Kind of sad news...

Man, I remember beta testing E&B, and now it's gone...or will be soon. Kind of crummy, but then again that game stagnated quickly. Didn't matter what you did, it just kind of leveled off after a while and there was never that motivation to keep going. It was a really cool game, and I played it for about six months, but in the end it just wasn't captivating enough.

Hope PlanetSide doesn't go under too...they're almost a year old now, and I still love playing it, but I wonder if other players are getting bored. Time will tell I guess.

Yeah...that it for now, just killing the time until I have to take a new computer out to one of the elementary schools and then go home (slightly early...shhhhh! hehe). But really what's the point in driving back downtown to then turn around ten minutes later to drive back over where I just was? That no makey with the sense...so yeah...not doing that.

I've been in a very moody state for the past few weeks...last night I was really mad...and now I'm very sad. Wish I could get positive emotions in the mix.

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Oh really now..we all know the only reason that game was big was the voice talent. Luric... was that his name? Hawt.

But you can listen to that voice repeat the same things only so many times before the fun wears off. 'Tis a shame.

Posted by Ally @ 03/29/2004 11:06 AM EST

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