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02/13/2004 Archived Entry: "Moving right along..."

I want I want I want!! Think of the joy that Krinny has brought to you all over the years...isn't it worth that much? Come on...you know you want to...

My boss is out sick again today...so you know I'm just being Mr. Good Worker and getting everything I need to done...uh huh...and did I mention I have a very nice bridge I can sell you?

Eventually I will get to punting the piece of *%#@ Linux OS to get it do what I want...but blah, I hate it. Linux is a fine OS, but when you have to set it up for non-computer people to use, it's the most awful OS ever designed. You *have* to know what you're doing with it...which makes it hard to prepare it for people who have no idea.

Playing around with Army Builder again...now that Warhammer and 40k have received updates (40k hadn't been updated since October prior to the update released on the 2nd of this month). It's fun to see how large the armies would be if I'd ever actually sit down and paint them...

I was going to talk more about that but I got sidelined trying to track down a $4.95 difference between my records and my bank's...not that I'm complaining as the bank says I have the additional 4.95, but I want to know where the error was made.

*Update* Found a transaction in checking that was already listed (correctly) on my credit card. Mystery solved (would have been solved a lot faster if I could do math).

So anyway...yeah...I'm going to go try and get this machine to work like it's supposed to. Might post more later...might not.

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