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02/10/2004 Archived Entry: "Like...a somewhat real post"

Boy, it didn't take me a whole week to update...must be getting sick or something...maybe I'm dying? Sure, that wouldn't matter to some people...but who knows?

Anyway, ummm...yeah, owe lots of money to lots of people fairly soon. Homeowner's insurance is due Monday, and I have an alarm system being installed tomorrow evening that is going to cost about a hundred smackers for activation, first month monitoring and a hardware upgrade.

Overall, I think I got a pretty decent deal on the system. Obviously, the salesman is going to tell you that you got a good deal regardless of whether or not you actually are, but here's what I managed to get with the claimed price of such items:

Wireless keypad with 2-way voice (to the monitoring people) -$125
2 Door contacts - Don't know, included in the basic free system
1 Glassbreak sensor - $160 retail, $20 upgrade from the standard motion sensor (got this in case I ever have large pets that would trip a motion sensor)
Key fob (to arm, disarm and set off the alarm remotely) - $90

Now, the activation fee is normally $99, but they had a promotion for $69. They gave me the glassbreak and the key fob, plus I only had to pay $25 for the two-way voice instead of $125. The trade-off being I don't get the two free months monitoring the coupon offered. So, in essence, to get $265 in savings, I give up $64. Of course, I'm sure these things don't REALLY cost that much...but all the same I think I came out about even...plus the fact that my several thousand dollars of posessions will now have something watching over them on the odd chance that someone should attempt to steal things...well, tomorrow they will anyway. Monitoring is about a dollar a day ($1.05 to be exact), so I can think of worse things to spend that money on.

I think I'm starting to get excited about moving now...slowly. I still don't like the "work" aspect...but hey, when have any of you known me to like work? Speaking of, I probably should do some at some point...I say that every day though.

What else what else....hmmmm....crap, I need to pay for this site too. That's going to suck. I need to find the 1099-INT so I can finish my taxes and get the refund that I desperately need at the moment. I'm not going to go under by any stretch of the imagination, but I would like to maintain certain levels of funding. The $500 in tax refunds would be quite helpful. My credit card is at about 2/3s of it's limit, and I don't like that one bit since I don't have the money to just pay these things off anymore.

Planetside still continues to kick ass. If you have a good machine (read: very good), I highly recommend it. You can still track my progress here. I might get a new site to do those stats with a little more detail, but that's fine for now, though I have a few minor characters that I don't think show up there...

Yeah, that's all I feel like babbling about at the moment, I'm sure there will be more yawns in the background.

Replies: 2 Witch Burnings

"In case" you ever have large pets???? Chelsea *is* going with you, right?? ;)

And, I told you moving is exciting. You were just too stuck up your own ass to believe it. ;) S'okay though, I definitely know the feeling!

Posted by Ally @ 02/11/2004 06:15 PM EST

OMG Please, please please please, take that last one down on your stats page. I have no idea how long it's been there.. but take it down. lmao

Posted by Ally @ 02/11/2004 06:16 PM EST

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