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01/28/2004 Archived Entry: "Jeeeeeeeez"

Since there are certain people who keep whining about updates...here's a quick one to let you know I'm still alive.

We closed on the house...but now there seems to be some sort of mixup on what was required for the loan offer that was made. So, in addition to various other issues, it's adding ever so much joyous drama.

Cox was by today so my house now has phone, cable and Internet. My new number is supposed to be unlisted...so give me your e-mail address if you want it, and maybe I'll give it to you.

I have a new bed, a latex foam matress on a fairly nice (I think) bedframe. I have yet to sleep on it, as 99.9% of my stuff is at the old house. That may change on Super Sunday...don't know yet.

Snow storm put off any moving, and things really aren't cleaned up from my brother, so it'll be a while yet until I get things moved I'm sure.

That's the Reader's digest version...talk to you later!

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Posted by Bearclaw @ 01/30/2004 07:18 PM EST

Damn, I really hope I win my bet... I sure could use the money.

Posted by Ally @ 02/04/2004 10:33 AM EST


Posted by Bearclaw @ 02/05/2004 12:12 AM EST

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