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01/14/2004 Archived Entry: "Indeed"



Really don't know what to say, which nothing short of a miracle as I usually can't be made to shut up.

The house stuff I guess is some sort of coming together. Closing should be sometime by the end of the week. Wee.

Work is getting better...we interviewed a bunch of people for a position today, my first stint on the other side of the table. Very interesting experience...and I think I hit another life stage in doing it. There was a young man who interviewed who was almost exactly like me when I was trying to get a job. Isn't that a life milestone when you're sitting there going "you know...he reminds me of me when I was younger..."? It's like, bleh...I'm not THAT old...I should be like, the age of certain bear-shaped reader before I start whizzing by these things.

Yeah...I think that's all the more I'll make you suffer through for now.

Replies: 3 Witch Burnings

Your writing style tells me that you are about my age. Or is your life THAT boring ?

Posted by Bearclaw @ 01/15/2004 07:31 PM EST

HELLO!!??? Look at the date on this postie, mister!!!

Posted by Ally @ 01/21/2004 08:06 AM EST

What this Krinny needs is some metamucil and geritol :P Have a bran muffin Krinny !!

Posted by Bearclaw @ 01/24/2004 02:01 PM EST

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