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12/25/2003 Archived Entry: "It's the holiday season..."

So yes...a long time since I updated. If you have a problem with this, I will direct your attention to the left where you will notice a large room equipped with oblong objects and recesses for your own self-gratification...please go do that. *wink*

Now that the peanut gallery has been put in it's place, I'd like to wish the rest of you (and the peanut gallery, to a lesser extent) a merry Christmas! I know most of my friends probably got lumps of coal for Christmas...so here's to Santa's oversights and technicalities!

The only news I'm typing about (as this laptop really starts to hurt as hot as the processor gets...and it's literally in my lap) is that I've put in for the ol' mortgage. An hour of paper signing to apply, and I'm told it gets worse from there. I did find it humorous that I had to sign about six different papers saying that the bank had informed me that I lived in VA, and not in CA, CO, NM, AZ, OH, NY, FL, SC or PA. Good thing banks are around to let people know these things! I have to write a letter explaining a late payment on a loan two years ago (a loan that has since been paid off I will add) and a few transfers on a monthly basis (i.e. - paying off my credit cards...which I *thought* was something that these bank people liked...). It's a formality, but still needs to be done...of course my dumb ass leaves the paperwork to write said letter at home...so it will have to wait until Sunday I suppose.

Anyway, legs being char-grilled as we speak...hope you guys have fun out there!

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I know ya got the Christmas card I sent ya.......So what if it was the same as the birthday card? Just a couple of word changes......I thought that reindeer was funny ;) Oh! Happy New Year Sluggo !!

Posted by Bearclaw @ 12/27/2003 03:43 AM EST

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