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11/17/2003 Archived Entry: "Monday Recap"

So, my weekend was spent mostly cleaning. The sad part of course being that I got next to nothing actually cleaned. So, just so everybody knows: Krinny is a filthy, filthy pig! As I said to Ally it not so much of a cleaning as it was an archaelogical dig. Seriously! Stuff going waaaaaaaaaay back in there. Why was I undertaking an actual cleaning? So that the house isn't completely horrid when aforementioned Ally comes to visit.

She's a silly girl, that Ally. She's is almost in a state of panic about coming up here, and putting way to much pressure on herself. If I've learned anything about relationships (admittedly through observation for the most part, but a few first hand) is that forcing anything is going to cause problems...so I'm taking the approach of "have fun, don't worry too much and see what happens!" I know that short of her storming off, I'm going to still be friends with her, even if she is somehow concerned that I'll just toss her aside like used Kleenex...like I said, she's kind of silly in things like this.

I suppose it makes sense though. When you're in a rut of bad luck, what else do you expect but more bad luck? I know that I'm prone to that type of thinking, so I don't look down on her for it, I just wish I knew what to do to help her calm down and enjoy herself. I think once she gets here and gets into things and sees how they really are, that she'll settle right down and have fun (well....assuming Krinny is more skilled at activity planning than he is at cleaning). Since I'm not an optimist either, that should tell you all something.

First though, I have to worry about the house not being in the best of states (not that it ever is). While I know Ally doesn't really care about a spic and span house, I do think she'd like someplace to sit, which could be a problem if everyone in the house gathers in one place and the cleaning isn't finished. Blah. Of course, the people I live with don't quite get that while we've never met(Ally and I, that is), we've been friends for over 3 years and piddly crap like how clean the house is really doesn't matter anymore...we're too used to each other for trivial things to be important anymore. 'Sides, I always mention that I am a complete and total slob. *wink*

On the PS front (which I discovered that Ally actually checks the stats page! How about the rest of you???), congratulations go to Draconian for advancing to BR11 and gaining the use of Reinforced Armor and to GreyKnight for breaking the 1400 kills mark (due to the "creative" use of a Lightning tank...by landing it on the roof of a base...). Next major milestones will probably be the advancement of SpaceWolf to BR17 and his eclipsing of 1800 kills...Draconian will probably make it to BR12 (for the coveted 2nd Implant slot!) before Thanksgiving and DoomEagle will pound through 1100 kills. I might start playing one of my pilot characters more, I haven't decided. I tend to suck at the bizarre PS flight model (more a 3D ground vehicle than true flight simulators...you can't invert your aircraft, for instance), so maybe not.

Nothing else of real interest other than the shop watching these two women argue in the parking lot. We were hoping that they'd start like...hitting each other or something, but just a lot of angry gesturing and storming about. Neither of them was particularly much to look at, so it's probably for the best.

I'll see if I can come up with more stuff later, but that's all for now folks!

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Wanna know THE secret for the perfect relationship ???????

Just be yourself :)

Posted by Bearclaw @ 11/18/2003 09:45 PM EST

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