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11/14/2003 Archived Entry: "Freaky Friday!"

So...the tale of two Fridays...

The first 5 hours at work literally FLEW by. I mean like, before you knew it, it was already pushing 1:30 and I hadn't even eaten lunch yet. Then, about 1:45, it started to drag like all hell. Feels like the same amount of time has elapsed and it's only 2:35 (when I started).

This morning was fun though, upgrading the big boss to Windows XP and Office 2003 (btw, if you can get your hands on a copy of Office 2k3, I highly recommend it). This was followed by setting up her Mr. Ulanti, although I named her handheld "Mini-Sue" after her secretary. She got the bells and whistles model, which includes pretty much everything I have gotten for Mr. Ulanti WITH the foldable keyboard.

I must say, this keyboard is an engineering marvel for what it does. They must have locked some guy in a closet for three months and threatened his family to get a product that cool. Granted, a keyboard, in my mind, largely defeats the purpose of a handheld, but then this morning I thought of a use for such a thing. When I'm downstairs painting/playing videogames, I could just hook up the keyboard to an A/C adapter (yes, you can charge your handheld on the keyboard...refer to comment about man locked in closet) and throw in the wireless card and use AIM and MSN Messenger down there without the intrusiveness of a laptop or desktop. Why don't I do this? To date, the wireless signal does a piss-poor job of reaching downstairs, although Windows Mobile 2003 seems to be a bit more robust with such things, so the time for re-evaluation may be upon us.

I also got my toy inventory back up to where it was before Ulanti conked out...143 different records, and I'd be surprised if more than a quarter of my toyz are accounted for in that inventory. How do you spell addict again?

Ummmm....yeah...this entry killed almost 25 minutes....90 to go! If only I could just write three more entries....*sigh* Sadly, my life just ain't that exciting.

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Exciting is..........Relative ;)

Posted by Bearclaw @ 11/14/2003 07:16 PM EST

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