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11/13/2003 Archived Entry: "Early Morning Sunrise"

Well, early start to the day...up at the butt crack of dawn to wish Madame Allyson a safe trip to get her mother deported...or maybe it was a license renewal...I forget, after she told me that her mom was a resident alien I was too busy calling the National Enquirer about the alien baby that I didn't pay attention.

Ulanti has been upgraded to Windows Mobile 2003! Woo! And I really didn't have *too* many problems with the upgrade...probably due to my silly habit of *reading directions* that so many people seem to gloss over. Yeah, had I not read them, I'd have been royally screwed. All is well and good now and most everything works again...yay! It's only slightly different, but much easier to use for networking...so all is well. Just wish I'd known that I'd have to completely blast him anyway...would have saved the reload I did two days ago. Bah...

This time next week Ally will be winging her way up here (hopefully). Yay! Of course, that means frenzied cleaning this weekend. Boooooooooooo. Oh well...c'est la vie. Ummmm...yeah, I'm starting to get hungry (at not even 11AM...how sad) so I'm going to like...rummage for food and/or money...talk to you later!

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Soooooooomeone's silly ;)

Posted by Ally @ 11/13/2003 06:41 PM EST

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