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11/12/2003 Archived Entry: "Delayed Reaction"

Since I always deliver on my promises, we're going to do a bit of fan mail. On the 10th, Ms. Allyson wrote:

"Well I sure would like to know about backyard astronomy. Any quick tips on how to accurately measure azimuth v inclination??

While I'm at it, when's the best time to plant a rose bush?

Best time of the year to visit a Krin??

What about the weather in Hampton during, say, the 20th to 24th??"

So we will now endeavor to answer them.

1) Beats me, check www.google.com *wink*
2) 9:43AM
3) There really isn't a *bad* time except the holidays, but with enough advance warning, anytime is good.
4) Partly Cloudy, highs in the low sixties...not sure about the tail end of that though.

Keep em comin' folks!

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