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11/11/2003 Archived Entry: "Time Killer"

Yeeeeeeeah, since I have to kill about ten minutes, why not hammer out a post?

Mr. Ulanti conked out again...I think there's something wrong with the backup battery, but since I've changed it since the last time it happened, I'll give it one more go before I start calling Dell. Again, at least I get to update my Inventory program, there were some minor bugs I really wanted to fix. I also ordered some more styli, screen protectors, another 256MB Secure Digital card and Windows Mobile 2003. Here's hoping that it doesn't screw up horribly (like 90% of the early adopters found out it did)!

As a PlanetSide war story, I must speak about the fighting last night, as it's a decent example of how PS is great. When I logged in (as Draconian...who broke 400 kills), the New Conglomerate was beginning something of a sneak attack on Forseral, one of the continents directly connected to the central Terran Republic base (also called a "home" continent, a title it shares with Ishundar and Ceryshen, fyi). They were launching an invasion from not only the neighboring contient of Searhus, but also the caverns beneath the surface. Hence, when Draconian arrived on the continent, the NC had captured two bases and had hacked into four more (10 bases on a continent, generally speaking).

Now, Draconian started at the first base linked to the Sanctuary, or Ogma (Map is viewable at PlanetSide.com). This was about ten minutes before the New Conglomerate seized the three linked facilities around it and began an all-out assault on this last major bastion of Republic strength. The combat was intense, there's no other word for it. There were probably over a hundred soldiers on each side fighting in and around Ogma, and that one base probably accounted for 90% of the entire continent's population. There were NC battletanks everywhere, aircraft strafing and bombing things, desperate Republic defenders lobbing every shell they could lay their hands on at the enemy. Essentially, the Terrans battled the NC to a bloody, bloody stalemate, where dozens of soldiers were being killed every second.

This continued for probably the better part of an hour before the tide began to turn. With the NC forces largely concerned with Ogma, forces had dropped in behind the lines and began seizing the western and northern portions of the continent back. The turning point of the entire battle was when TR special forces managed to break into Caer and seize control of the base, restoring Ogma's link to the rest of the continent. In turn, the Terrans now started cranking out *their* battletanks and from that point on, the NC were on the defensive. About two hours of bloody fighting after it had started, the NC invasion of Forseral ended in total failure.

Now, that's not to say Terran invasions always succeed, nor do our defenses, but that's what PlanetSide is about...grand conflict on a massive scale. The stalwart defense of one base allowing a counter-attack to form that secures ultimate victory in the war...classic.

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Well damn. This didn't address any of my concerns (outlined in comment on previous post). ;)

Posted by Ally @ 11/11/2003 04:38 PM EST

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