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11/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Blue Monday"


It's 3PM on Monday Afternoon...do you know where your children are?

Hmmmmm....what's new, what's new.

Oh! I might be buying my brother's old house. I stress *might*...but I've seen some fairly good offers out there. There was one where the monthly payment would only be like $550. Sure, it's a 30 year mortgage, but $550 seems better than $750 most days. Still all those fun things you got to figure out with that though. If anybody is a lending expert, please let me know!

Yeah, I'm still not sure about the size of said house, but...on the flip side, it is mostly furnished already and I know the people who are selling it. Plus, it's easier to have people come over to see me then.

Speaking of, one of my dearest friends says she'll be here next week! YAY! Hehe, I'm seriously happy that she's coming up, and even though we're both worrying like the guy in a hospital waiting room about it...I think she's excited about it too. At least, one would assume so since she's actually doing it. I have a whole slew of dorky activities planned, so we'll see how long she sticks around for. *grin*

The PS saga continues, as is indicated on the stats page. Can you tell I'm pushing that? For those frequent readers, you'll notice Draconian is up to Battle Rank (BR) 10 and is in an outfit now (who turns down an invite from WarB1atch?)...next one and I'm reunited with my beloved reinforced armor! I'm tired of getting pounded to shreds everytime I don't have my tank...which is like, every base defense.

The new Return of the King game is pretty cool, even if I did beat it before the weekend was over. For some reason, I like the games where you're a whirling dervish of death and mayhem. I *love* the Dynasty Warriors series, and that's nothing but "Go over here, hit attack until nobody is moving, go over there, hit attack until nobody is moving, go over there..." I can still play the game for hours on end and not be bored, I just have one of those easily amused minds I suppose.

Um, that's really about it. I'll post more later...especially if someone requests a particular topic... *motions towards comments section at bottom right of the entry*

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Well I sure would like to know about backyard astronomy. Any quick tips on how to accurately measure asimuth v inclination??

While I'm at it, when's the best time to plant a rose bush?

Best time of the year to visit a Krin??

What about the weather in Hampton during, say, the 20th to 24th??

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