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11/06/2003 Archived Entry: "It WORKS!"

YES! The new PS statistics page WORKS! Now, the only problem with it is I don't know what PlanetSide really counts as a "kill". For people who caught it yesterday, you'll notice that Draconian has 37 more kills than he had yesterday (he's still on his 40 kills a day pace)....however, I *really* don't remember killing that many people...I remember closer to like...25. I do think that PS counts vehicles as one kill, plus another for each occupant (so a two man buggy would be three kills: 1 for the gunner, 1 for the driver, 1 for the buggie itself), which Draconian is much more proficient at taking down. It may also be counting wall turrets...which is something that any intelligent tanker blows up so as to keep them from shooting him. However, they are fairly easy to get under and shell to pieces, so that's kind of a gray area...

Now with SpaceWolf, who went up by 25, I know those are all good, clean infantry kills. Smacked the absolute crap out of some people as a sniper and then knocked off some Surge/Jackhammer nutcases in a facility...guess they don't get that running really fast in a three foot area really doesn't help dodge bullets...more of an outside thing. GreyKnight also saw some limited action, think he killed three...

Got the new Game's Workshop "Return of the King" game...really neat stuff there. I'll try to remember to post pictures of the Warriors of Minas Tirith after I get some painted (look for that about the time RotK comes out on DVD... *wink*). The new video game for Return of the King comes out today, so I might pick that up on my day off.

Speaking of, Happy Birthday to my brother Doug...hope wherever you are that you're having fun! We all miss you, but we'll see you sooner or later...and don't be offended if I'm hoping more for later...I found a site about my brother for those who didn't know him...The page is very nice...and done by his friend "Twinkie"...yes, that is what people call him...to his face. Like I said, very fitting tribute.

That's all for now folks.

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