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11/05/2003 Archived Entry: "New Toy!"

As previously advertised...Planetside War Stories!! This page will be linked under "Dissent" for future viewing. I'll also add more characters as playing time warrants (a character I create just to try out the new vehicle or some such probably won't be added...but ones I like playing will be!). Draconian is the new kid on the block, going back to...ummm...Saturday. SpaceWolf was created fairly early on, but really wasn't played until August time frame. DoomEagle was July through August and GreyKnight is from May 21st (the day after launch) through July when the outfit kind of disappeared. Now I log in about once every couple of months just to see.

Yeah...not my most productive day. The big boss wanted to discuss handhelds such as the talented Mr. Ulanti, so I spent a few hours going over the pluses and minuses of the various things. Then the boss decided she was hungry and offered to take me and the secratary out to lunch...um, you don't question that, you just go! So, after that, I add a trusted site to a laptop's Internet Explorer and send an email. That summarizes my work from 8AM to 2PM...and I'll be off tomorrow and the next day and then all weekend (tomorrow would have been my brother's 30th...for those who don't know :/).

I do hate the heat...it sucks. It should *not* be 71 degrees forecasted for November 13th...just, not right. I demand my money back.

Anyway, just wanted to show off my new toy...carry on.

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Never turn down free food. Then a day of rememberence for you bro.

Posted by bearclaw @ 11/05/2003 07:58 PM EST

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