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11/04/2003 Archived Entry: "Monday, A Day Late"

Well...I *meant* to type this Monday, but that day went by shockingly fast. Not that I'm complaining, because some days lately have been dragging so slowly...

I look like...ultra-productive right now. Currently on my desk is a router (Cisco 3640), three iBooks, a Dell Latitude C610 and a Latitude C840. It's all a clever illusion though! Mwahahahaha.

Actually, this Open Directory stuff, which accounts for the router and iBooks, is really starting to tick me off. Windows is much simpler...nuff said. The C610 is our "golden" Oracle image from last year that I'm updating for cloning and distribution to students later this month. The 840? That's my normal laptop. If I really wanted to, I could add a Powerbook G4 (the 12" variety) to the mix as well. Truly, the amount of technology that is being wasted right now is astonishing. Plus, I think I'll actually need a few C610s before long, oh the mirth.

Ugh, it must have been really warm last night, because I know I didn't get to sleep until at least 5AM...I have no recollection of falling asleep, but that's normal, isn't it? Now, staying up till 5AM may be ok for certain unmentioned Allys but not so much when you have to be awake at 7AM. Plus, I'm supposed to be speaking to a class at my old high school. Joyous. I'm a motivational speaker already...isn't that like a passage into a whole other phase of life?

Started a new character on PlanetSide over the weekend....more for aggression venting than anything else. Plus, I wanted to have a vehicle driver, something I don't have in my other characters, who are infantry to the core. Since I promised boring PS minutae, here we go. There are four armor classes in PS: Standard, Agile, Reinforced and MAX. Standards and Agiles can pilot any vehicle, while reinforceds are limited to open topped vehicles (like buggies and ATVs). My favorite vehicle since Beta has always been the Lightning though, as it's one of the few vehicles that has effective weaponry that's one man only. The big battle tanks are two and three man operations...and I hate having my success limited to the ability of the guy in the turret to shoot straight (which is evidently a rare skill). After a few abortive attempts with the tank's use...I think I've got the tactics fairly well established. Last night was quite the fight, and I think the only times I got killed was when I'd get ambushed by gunships or if a whole mess of infantry swarmed towards me with decimators. Not much you can do there since you're in a light tank.

How effective has Krinny been? Well, I created this character Saturday night, only played him a bit then...and then a decent amount of time Sunday and a lot last night....3 days, 121 confirmed enemy kills. Not a bad ratio. SpaceWolf, who is on the same server, has been actively played since....August or so? We'll say 90 days. In 90 days, SpaceWolf has accounted for 1744. Do the math and currently Draconian (the Lightning driver) is on a pace for twice the kills. I do believe I've figured something out. *grin* Plus, there *is* that god-like feeling as you gun infantry down with a 75mm cannon...well, god-like until you see a Vanguard and you're running as fast as your little treads will carry you from that monster 120mm, then you feel more like a scared little girl. *wink*

Yes yes, there are tons more serious things going on right now...but as sleep-deprived as my mind is, I'm happy to remember where I work right now. Maybe more later...after sleeping....

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