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10/28/2003 Archived Entry: "Shocking!"

OMG! THREE posts in two days! The apocalypse is upon us!

Really, I'm just bored as all hell watching the blue line go across the screen. Today marks the beginning of our grand Directory Services experiment, so I'm installing Panther on 3 iBooks and seeing how it goes. I also have the router with which to connect them all on "different" subnets...well, different logical subnets, they'll be on the same physical network.

Running on little sleep, but that's ok! Adrenaline and all that. Can't wait for lunch! Mmmmm....lunch...

Mr. Ulanti had an unfortunate accident this morning...apparently his backup battery is bad and lost most of the information stored on him during a battery switch. This is only a minor setback though, as I'm psychotic about syncing him up, so the situation will be resolved within 10 minutes of me getting home. None of the files were lost, and I got a whole bunch of programs that I'd been meaning to take off taken off, so not an all around bad thing.

Anyway, Core Combat is *officially* released now, so this should be interesting! But for the time being, I give you....ZOMBOCOM!

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