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10/27/2003 Archived Entry: "Oh yeah..."

Almost forgot, J Fair...one of our illustrious shop techs, is now engaged. Now, here's a question for you...should he keep his current name and be Mr. Farries or take his girlfriend's name and be "Mr. Steele". I think he should go for her name, I mean...Mr. Steele, that's pretty cool.

T-Diddy's little brother also started working today. With his addition to the shop, there are now two unmarried people that work in here. Him and me. *sigh*

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You know, there are actually quite a lot of unmarried people in the good ol' US of A. Some guys even embrace their bachelorhood. Not that I'm saying Krin should... I'm just saying.

Posted by Ally @ 10/27/2003 01:53 PM EST

Despite my extreme success at maintaining it, I'm not a big fan of being alone. :P

Posted by Krin @ 10/27/2003 01:53 PM EST

Oh, really? Couldn't tell :P I'm not fond of being alone either... and you see where it got me, eh?

Posted by Ally @ 10/27/2003 01:54 PM EST

INDEPENDENCE.......It's what our nation was founded on. I, for one, LOVE it :)

Posted by Bearclaw @ 10/27/2003 06:59 PM EST

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