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10/27/2003 Archived Entry: "Yawn, Take 2"

Even though it's almost noon (when I started it was anyway), I'm still tired like it's 8AM. I guess that's what no coffee/little restful sleep will do to you. This week promises to be exciting, let me tell you...

First, I need to clean off my desk which since Friday has taken on the appearance of a warzone, and not the winning side. Thrilling! It's mostly paperwork that I need to organize and file, so you KNOW that's going to be a non-stop thrillfest. I think the only event to rival this will be the great Wallpaper Peel-a-thon of 2001!

Second, I have to get started on designing our "cross-platform directory services integration"...God, isn't that a scary amount of IT terms? But seriously, that's what I'm doing...a mammoth project that we hope to be in a position to put into the field by August of 2004...yeah, can we say long-term? I do get to appropriate three laptops (and a router!) to sit on my desk and be "servers"...so I'll LOOK like I'm really busy...

Thirdly, Core Combat is released Tuesday (or today...we'll have to see) so that will add a new dimension to PlanetSide. I don't know why, but I find this game oddly comforting to play...something about rampant mayhem and destruction, or maybe just the ability to be in control for once? Who knows...I do know that I am one of the damned best snipers the Terran Republic has on Emerald...ph33r krinn4y...he r00lz j00. I always mean to put war stories up here, but then I forget...plus they'd only be interesting to me I suppose...

Fourthly, Apple is coming in tomorrow to take us to lunch...yay. Chesapeake Bay Burgers...they're yummy. Plus, free food is always welcome.

That's about the only stuff I know about going on...everything else is kind of "blah" right now. I normally try to avoid talking about my friends since I don't know what they do and don't want shared with the general viewing public, so I tend to err on the side of caution. However, the situation on the female front is one that can be likened to that of the Korean War....lots of fighting, lots of casualties...next to no progress in any direction (remember, the Korean war lasted for four years, and the line that the war ended at after thousands of deaths and suffering? The exact same as where they started). Really puzzling as to what to do...and I know that my lack of a firm desicion is causing consternation among many. I don't WANT to be difficult, but I'd hate to be the reason why anyone ends up in a bad situation.

Wish I could say I'm just blowing things out of proportion in my mind, but anymore I think if anything, I'm down playing things. Anyway, I have a very messy desk and three laptops to set up...so I'll post more later.

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Apple eh? Seeeeeeeeeeeell out!

Posted by Ally @ 10/27/2003 01:33 PM EST

For free food at a restaurant with hot waitresses? You betcha!

Posted by Krin @ 10/27/2003 01:35 PM EST

Typical. So very typical.

Posted by Ally @ 10/27/2003 01:36 PM EST

Not like anybody else is around for me to look at. :P

Posted by Krin @ 10/27/2003 01:36 PM EST

btw, yes, you do downplay the situation quite a bit. It's both a good, and a bad, thing.

Posted by Ally @ 10/27/2003 01:36 PM EST

Ooooooooooh. Low blow. Cheater :P

Posted by Ally @ 10/27/2003 01:37 PM EST

Juuuuuuuuust saying...when there are no better options, you gotta use what's available! I don't like it anymore than you do. :P

Posted by Krin @ 10/27/2003 01:38 PM EST

And I'm juuuuuuuuust sayin' it was a low blow ;) I gotta leave it at that though.. 'cause I could start a whole argument with your one little comment :D

Posted by Ally @ 10/27/2003 01:39 PM EST

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