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10/18/2003 Archived Entry: "Weekend Update, Redux"

Wow...updated Tuesday...I seriously don't remember that...thought I did that like...Monday or Sunday night. Senility is a terrible thing.

We roasted my boss Friday for his 50th birthday, that was great fun. Continued a running gag started at the roast we had for another person's 50th at the beginning of the month. At that one, a retired member of the staff stood up and was talking about the early days when they'd been working here and how they didn't remember "all these young men working here" to which the director of the department stood up and said "I didn't do it! hires all the young men!" and J Fair made the comment to those immediately around him "So you're saying likes young boys?"

So of course, at his proper roast, I start my story with "My first experience with him was as a young boy..." (which isn't true, I was actually hired by our current Assisstant Superintendent, a woman). It was great fun and the priceless quote that came out of it was: "So, it takes a woman on her knees to get your attention?" All I have to say is, yes...that'd get my attention!

My outing today was most successful (a welcome change from recent outings that took three and four attempts to get done). I got gas, money and Kasrkin models in one fell swoop, not used to being that productive. And the Roasted Chicken salads at Wawa are yummy.

Happy Birthday to Chris "Fort" Fortier tomorrow, which is also Yorktown Day for those of you who bother to know US history. This actually is a more important day than the 4th of July, for without Yorktown the events of July 4th would be interesting footnotes in history, not anything of importance. For those who don't know, it's the day that Cornwallis surrendered most of the British forces in America to General Washington, the event that effectively marked the end of the Revolutionary War. This has been your interesting fact for the day.

Oh, PS has some really cool movies out, but they're so huge it's hard to download. The "Shadows of Auraxis" series promised from Malvision looks quite promising as it's shot entirely with in-game footage. For those who always wondered what Planetside was like and why I play it so much, download the Shadows of Auraxis trailer (it's a 12MB Windows Media file...and you'll have to register to download, but it's free) and watch it. Super cool. If you have broadband and can download 106MBs, go to Planetside Universe and get the Sturmgrenadier Training Video. That one is about 7 minutes and shows the aforementioned New Conglomerate outfit attacking a Vanu Sovereignty base. It also has a pretty cool soundtrack with such notables as Ozzy, Evanescence and RATM.

Carry on Citizens, carry on...

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