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10/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Freakin' Friday"

So yes, a new post. Why? I don't know...I mean, it's not like I'm obligated to post...I obviously don't care about traffic since I don't, you know...offer anything useful here. I guess this is more just a vehicle for my own laziness...a cheap cop out to the inevitable question "So what's going on with you?" Now all I have to say is "Go check the website." Marvelously simple.

A lot of stuff has gone on recently, but the majority of it is work-related and, as a consequence, incredibly boring to anyone who's not in IT. Verizon took us out to lunch on Wednesday, and I do enjoy eating at the Surfrider (both for the food and the...ummm....well, serving wenches is a bit undignified, so waitresses will do). Truth be told, if any of you guys were to come visit, I might have to take you there...the Cheasepeake Bay Burger is the best (unless of course, you don't like quality crab cakes atop a cheeseburger...in which case for shaaaaaame). Only downside to the place is there's no sound dampening, so it's REALLY LOUD. But did I mention I love Vendor Visit Days? Think I might have also wesealed a celluar card for one Mr. Ulanti to "try out" and see if it's something worth investing in. *wink*

If you didn't figure out from the cryptic reference in my last post, I have acquired Cadian Heavy Weapons teams. They're evidently a very hot item as World's Best has none (and they had other things released at the same time, so I'm inclined to say they had them at one point) and I know I personally bought 2/3s of Jersey's stock in such items. The kit is a modellers dream as it gives you fifteen heavy weapons. The catch? They only give you six crew members (need two per weapon technically) and three tripods and three bipods (different ones used for different weapons).

The Krinny el cheapo solution? The missile launchers (hehehe, funny story...in a game it's said you're supposed to call them rocket launchers...if you say missile launcher then 9 times out of 10 you'll miss, as missile contains the word "miss"...rockets always hit ) look fine if you attach them to a standing Cadian soldier. I'm still working out how to make the one guy hold the *ridiculously* oversized missile and his own lasgun without looking TOO stupid. I also plan to get some Forgeworld Mortar bunkers and try to combine them with some normal troopers. Of course, I may decide mortars are completely useless and not waste the time on them, well just have to see. So far as the other weapons go, they'll help make some cool terrain if I ever reach that point.

One of my brother's friends is coming home this weekend, so maybe I'll have someone to go out and have dinner with...or at least someone "in the flesh" around, which would be a nice change. Most of my friends (even ones from high school and college) all live hours away and coordinating schedules is a pain in the ass. The people I miss the most are naturally those who are farthest away, but c'est la vie.

I'm looking over more ways to blow money, so I'll let you people get back to your business now.

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