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10/07/2003 Archived Entry: "Yo yo yo!"



This weekend wasn't very restful as we drove up to PA for my grandmother's 75th birthday. That wasn't a bad thing, but spending 1/4 of one's weekend in a car is kind of...sucky. I then had my model clippers in my jacket which I promptly left at work the next day...d'oh!

Useless fact of the day: it takes a half an hour to strip a Cadian Heavy Weapons team box from unassembled to empty sprues.

I might post more later, but that's all for now kiddos...

Replies: 6 Witch Burnings

Wow !! *cough* You really don't have a life, do ya ?

Posted by Bearclaw @ 10/07/2003 08:32 PM EST

I have to give credit where credit is due though -- at least Krin didn't resort to posting old boring IM quotes as filler for his blog. :) I am tres lazy.

My lower back hurts. Anything I can do to whip that back into shape? I'm dying here people... DYING!!!!

Posted by Ally @ 10/07/2003 08:53 PM EST

Yes ally...cross your arms across your chest (assuming they can reach around that...) and have someone lift you up and bounce you until your back cracks...or you could go to the doctor...whichever.

Posted by Krin @ 10/07/2003 10:14 PM EST

NVMD! I know what the problemo is!

Carry on...

Posted by Ally @ 10/08/2003 05:50 AM EST

Was it constipation?

Posted by Bearclaw @ 10/08/2003 08:20 PM EST


Posted by Ally @ 10/10/2003 04:36 PM EST

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