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10/02/2003 Archived Entry: "Ahhh, yes..."

Ah...where to start, where to start...

Yes, it's been a week since I updated...as I so often say: deal with it. If you people paid me better, I might post more regularly (though I guarantee you that you would all be horribly, horribly bored...at least more so than you are now at any rate).

Work has been kind of...meh. Thanks to various and sundry reasons, the guys who have taken over day to day support of Windows have fallen massively behind where they would like to be, and the vast majority of the blame actually rests on other people who decided they knew how to do things better and left us to clean it up. Still, since they don't realize that such things really aren't my job anymore (the work in my current position keeps me occupied) I get to hear about it. Ah well, I just try to shield the guys (who are busting absolute ASS) from the whining.

Cisco class is finally winding down, as I think we only have a chapter or two remaining. Ended my slump of 70s and 80s with a resounding perfect score yesterday (closest score was 81). We have another week of that class thanks to Isabell...woo.

Speaking of, 12 month employees of the school system make out like freakin' bandits! The kids and teachers need to make up 6 days of school...and the dates they picked were all days that 12 monthers had to work anyway, so there's no loss to us. AND for those who were at work while schools were closed, there's supposedly going to be more money involved...yay!

I also got a new desk...like, an actual desk, not a glorified workbench. This will look nice in the office I suppose I will someday have. You know you've made it when you have a desk...lol. I'm a desk jockey! Yay! It is really cool though and I have a place to tack things up...so all you girls send me pictures! Preferably of you looking good in some sort of wholesome situation! (Note this is one of the few times I don't ask for scandalous pictures....so take advantage of it!)

And we should also have Cadian Officers and Heavy Weapons teams out today....yay! Off to go blow insane amounts of money! *grin* Yes, I'm an addict...but at least I have something to show for it!

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Did you know that the next Friday the 13th is in Feb of 2004?

And so ends your piece of random information you really didn't want to know for October 7, 2003.

Have a Nice Day.

Posted by Ally @ 10/07/2003 03:37 AM EST

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