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09/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Day 6"

Yes...it is now into Day 6 of the no-power situation. Granted, it has *just* started Day 6, but the fact that Krinny-kins is beginning to push the week barrier on being in the dark kind of sucks. Dominion appears to be making headway in the grand scheme, but I don't care about the grand scheme...I care about my house!!

To be fair, the number this time yesterday was about 328,000 out in Tidewater, down to about 279,000...that's a lot of thousands. Of course, I'm not ONE of those, but life goes on I suppose.

About half the schools are up now according to my capable assistant, Mr. Ulanti, who has removed the burden of thinking from me (that's a heavy burden you know). At a glance I know when we learned of a school having power and what the state of networks and servers are. Most excellent. Schools are still closed tomorrow, so we're probably going to be closed for the week. I doubt they'll have enough places open on Thursday and even if they are all open on Friday, what's the point? Of course...knowing that something is stupid is a sure fire way to get our city to do it...but it's half our high schools, a third of our middle schools and about two-thirds of our elementary schools are still down. Not the greatest numbers in the world, but a sight better than one high school, a middle school and an elementary...

I also get to feel demi-important as I'm kind of the hub for all this recovery work. I keep the upper bosses informed while coordinating our efforts with those of the Maintenance department and tracking what has and hasn't been done. In a few cases, we've known a school had it's power restored before the Maintenance department, that's how good our flow of information is... *wink*

I'm kind of stuck here until the people upstairs go home, but there's tons of homemade sushi here courtesy of P-Cho's (apparently very bored) wife as well as A/C and lights, so I'm in no hurry either. I don't get paid extra for being here, but they said should I need to take a few hours or day off here and there for various reasons, then it was fine.

Yeah, it's all good till the work day ends....kind of a topsy-turvy situation...anyway, until tomorrow! (or tonight if Dominion figures out how to plug us back in...but I doubt they will)

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LIGHTSWITCH RAVE! Tonight at my place! Air conditioning and fans ... as well as cool beverages ... provided!! :D

Posted by AnonymousJones @ 09/23/2003 09:48 PM EST

Allyson, you're so lucky you're a girl...otherwise, you're such a dork that you'd never get laid. :P

Posted by Krin @ 09/23/2003 11:34 PM EST

Oh yes I wooooouuuuuld :D

Posted by Ally @ 09/24/2003 04:11 PM EST

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